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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Werewolves, Gypsies, and Curses, oh my!!!

Curse of the Marhime is my first book in a planned series of Shifter tales that cross the normal realm of werewolf stories. I wanted to created a different world for my shifters. They are every bit beast but have a tighter hold on their human traits as they mature their furrier side. In the first book, we watch Pita Sedgwick grow in many ways. She must jump many hurtles after discovering many new facets of herself.

Being a first book, I worked very hard on the set up and imagery which I feel is so very important for a reader. Readers must feel as if they are interacting within the story. I utilizes scene setting and a strong battery of senses in my writing as well as characterization. My goal has always been to place my reader in the scenes. Make them feel, see, smell, stress over the unknown, get claustophobic in tight places, LOL, feel fear or anxiety at the proper moments. All this is so important in our writing.

World building in paranormal is an important thing as well. These creatures of legend and lore must be accepted within the tale's world as bona fide entities among humans. I spent many hours on the internet reseaching my settings, Romania and Montana, particularly the Northern Rockies. I researched the Roma people, otherwise known as Gypsies, so extensively that I found many interesting things I'd never known about the Roma peoples. One such fact is that the term 'gypsy' is frowned upon in present times. The politically correct references are Roma, Rom, or Romani.

I was also fortunate enough to find that a good friend, David Hayes, Author of The Bratwurst Kidnapping, spent several years working in Romania and was able to give me details and the flavor of the place from personal experience. I also stumbled upon other sources that actually live in Romania.

Writing paranormal romance is wonderful in the fact that it is so much less demanding because you use your imagination more that fact. That is why it is called fiction, but never think that you don't have to research and make the story as close to the realms of true life and accountably as possible. Because readers want to feel these stories are 'real.' They read to lose themselves in fantasy. They read to get away from the stresses of life. So it important to always make sure your stories border reality yet tempt the reader to step into a new realm of magic, mystery, seduction, and mayhem.

More later, time for this author to get ready for the day job, LOL

Have a wonderful day everyone.



  1. I love paranormals, they take you somewhere else, you can forget your troubles and be in a new world. If you can imagine yourself there, you have written a good book in my mind.
    You know how I love imagery!

  2. D~
    Good evening, Mistress of the Web/Blog. I do agree with you whole-heartedly. There is nothing better than being swept away into a realm where infinite possibilities await your every turn to leave you feeling like it's you beside the person in your story. I love the element of surprise, whether it makes me turn on the tears, giggle until more tears leak out or worse yet.... No I shouldn't go there. Later, that's a subject for off the beaten blog:) Fiction is one of the best ways to relax and unwind, especially paranormal romances. We want/need a hero/heroine to spruce up our mundane existences and get that fairy-tale ending, knowing at least at the end of the day, someone will get their HEA because by the Goddess, with all the drama going on in the real world I need an escape hatch. When I started writing my book I submerged myself so deeply into the world I created for my characters there were days when I woke up uncertain whether I was back in England traipsing about or picking up my alarm clock and catapulting it across the room. Knowing you, I'm positive your book will transport me to another dimension where weres and shifters rome and Roma travel wherever the winds of change take them. I'm looking forward to reading your book. I want the hard cover autographed copy thank you:)

  3. Hi, Mary:) Yes, I do. You are very good at creating breathtaking settings as I know first hand and your book, Tripping Through Time will attest. When is TWRP release date? Have you gotten it yet?


  4. I enjoyed your speaking to the power of research. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    Blessings, Laura

  5. Hello, Jack! Thank you for dropping in. Yes, I agree! I read and write for escape from the every day issues, pressures, and stresses. I, too, can get lost in my scenes. My favorite thing is when the characters actually take over and run with the story.

    Has this happened to you? They will not allow me to go where they do not want to go! Also, there are times where I seem to live and breathe the story. It stays with me the characters become surreal and follow me throughout my days.

    Yes, we writers are a tad eccentric:)


  6. Hey, Laura. Research is so important to making the story special and realistic. And research is fun because you learn so much about things you'd maybe never even think about. Does that make sense? LOL

    I'm getting tired. Think it's time to shut off this laptop and hit the sack.

  7. Good morning D~
    Oh have I had characters steal the scenes, and give me their two cents worth. Lucian, my hero, my silent love, threw me down the stairs in a dream one night because he didn't like a scene I'd written him into. There I am lying in a heap of collapsed bones at the base of 15 stairs and he's at the top laughing, brushing his hands off like I'm rubbish. Then he goes all vamp on me and before I can wake up and scream for help he's on me. Then I had all the more reason to stay asleep:) I believe dreams are a giant part of writing too. I don't know about you, but there are nights I feel I get no sleep, my mind is on overdrive. I'm in and out of bed up and down writing. I love it when I'm sitting there writing and the next I'm a fly on a wall while all my guys run ramped with their plots. This is the most amazing part of my life and I love it. Ok, I slept in today. Had the Damon puppy with me the past 5 nights and he was a bed hog, snorer, cuddle-bug. Last night was too quiet. Oh well. Off to work. I'm having lunch with my schizophrenic homicidal story writer. Maybe I'll be back chatting with you later... maybe I won't.