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Friday, October 24, 2008

Please Welcome Linda Nightingale, Author of Black Swan Coming Soon at The Wild Rose Press.

So you wish to become a Black Swan?

Then please allow me to introduce you to darkness. My name is Lucien St. Albans and I am, quite simply, the most powerful vampire in the world. I am Chief Councilor of Les Elus, the ruling body of our kind. I very rarely partake of Black Swan offerings but you, my dear, are different. You spark my imagination…and other things.

Brush your hair back off your neck. Close your eyes. Excellent, your heartbeat has segued to my slower beat and you wear the scent of arousal as well as a healthy fear.

There will be a little sting as my fangs enter the vein—pain is part of pleasure—then only bliss. If we were to have sex, which we won't tonight, I would give you my blood as I took yours and we would see satisfaction from both sides of the mirror—male and female. I would feel your excitement and you would feel my need until the mirror shattered.

But for now I'll take my kiss on your smooth, satin wrist. Don't be afraid. Look into my eyes. Yes, they are red. Red is the color of passion.

Beneath your sweater, your nipples have peaked. With my mouth locked to your wrist, you writhe from pentacle to pentacle of pleasure, and other than my lips, I have not touched you.

When you scream in ecstasy and I have drunk my fill, I will release you.

"Oh my God." Breathless, you cling to me. "I—oh—I…"

That is what it means to be a Black Swan.

Vampires can make the claim, "I'm always up for it," and make good the promise. Before the night is over, if you are a very good girl, I'll introduce you to my friends Morgan and Tristan. We could get into you.

Sign up sheets are available in the foyer by the fountain. I'm joking—you've already joined this select society.

I try to find a "representative" of my characters. The photo is how I imagine Lucien.

Black Swan, coming February 25, 2009, from The Wild Rose Press:
Suffering from a broken marriage, Carol Langston meets Tristan McLaghlan at a Black Swan party. Black Swans are mortals who willingly barter blood for the sensual ecstasy and euphoria vampires give in return. To Carol, this looks like the real thing until her handsome vampire runs away from her and his true nature. Separated by miles, divided across two species, can their love survive?


In high school, my favorite teacher allowed me to write stories instead of book reports. Like other teenagers, I wrote dark, soul-searching poetry. When I showed my literary jewels to an editor at the local newspaper, the erudite critic shattered my dreams and put my writing career on hold for over 20 years. In the interim, I bred, trained and showed Andalusian horses. My magnificent stallion Bonito was twice national champion and won countless under saddle classes. I've seen a lot of this country from the windshield of a Dodge Ram truck towing my horse trailer.

I have two marvelous sons. I'm a legal assistant, love fast cars, pianos and men with long blonde hair!

My work has won several unpublished awards including the Georgia Romance Writers Maggie Award, and Cardinal Desires was a semi-finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest.

Me on the half shell.

Please answer the following question to win a customized Black Swan mug: Who stars as the Earl of Rochester in the wonderful movie The Libertine? First correct answer in the comments wins. Be sure to leave your email address so that I can contact the winner.



  1. Wonderful post! *Fans myself* I definitely need to sign up for this one.
    For the contest Johnny Depp plays Rochester in the Libertine movie of 2004.

  2. Great introduction of your story!!! I love love love extremely deep POV. I wish more people wrote it... Have a fabulous day.

  3. LadyVampire wins! I'll email you and get your addy to send the mug. Thanks for dropping by and meeting Lucien!

  4. Wow, Linda, this sounds like a dark and sexy read -- right up my alley! Wonderful post.


  5. Oh my, my, my... *bushing my hair away from my neck* Well, that was very effective.

  6. Lucien is as cool, suave, and elegant as always, Linda, and the story of Tristan and his Lady is a great one.

  7. I never thought I'd ever say this Lucien, and I really mean it too, bite me!

  8. Oh, boy, that man can bite me any day. I keep begging and he keeps refusing my old blood. He likes them young!

  9. All I can say is, oh my!

    Great post, Linda!

  10. I read this post with interest. Liked the fact that the character was doing the talking. Lucien seems to be an interesting but rather arrogant fellow.

  11. Thanks to each and every one from Lucien and me. So glad you could drop by and save his ego. :-)

    Black Swan releases 2/25/09. Lucien would be most happy to introduce you.

  12. Hey, Lucien, thanks for dropping by. You certainly took the limelight away from Linda. It's so nice to meet you finally up close and personal.

    I myself prefer the furry beast within as my love is a shifter but you are not without your feral attraction. I can smell the pheremones in the air so thick and sensual.

    Niko, specifically, does it for me. When he touches me it like stepping into a puddle while touching a live wire, LOL Talk about a wake up call. There is this current that passes through us that just lights every part of my being. Get my own beast moving, I'll tell you.

    Let me give you a little glimpse of my wolf. He is tall, lean, and fit--athletic I guess you would call it. Light unruly shoulder length hair, hazel eyes that bleed to amber, a dimple in his chin with a lopsided boyish smile that is all too sexy. But then you wouldn't care about all that would you, Lucien?

    Anyway, as you rule the Black Swans, my Niko rules the pack. You see, he is the Alpha male so with all else, his strength is unwavering and in case you didn't know, my sexy vampyre friend, we wolves mate for life. Once we bond it is forever. We don't flit from one mate to the next. Our beasts meld and dance into one each time we make love forever tightening the bond our souls share for eternity.

    Oh wait... There's Niko now. Hey! Lucien, don't break too many hearts. At least, you've met one woman who can call you friend and not swoon before you begging for that sensually painful kiss of yours.

    I wish you well. And may you find that special love someday. The one that can tame your lust and your beast.

    When you do you will know it. It is the most wonderful feeling in the world to finally know your soulmate.

    Take care, Lucien. By the way, I'm Pita. Pita Sedgwick and this is Niko Ionesciu.

  13. Hi Linda,
    Great post. What a coincidence. I am a TWRP author like you,(Vintage) and a manuscript of mine also made it to the semi-finals of the Amazon Break Through Novel Award.

  14. Nikko sounds sexy. I love the shoulder length hair! I love werewolves but can't seem to write them. Way to go Dayana. I can't wait to read more about him.

  15. Margaret, what was the title of your entry? I'd like to take a look at it. Mine was Cardinal Desires. Was yours a romance?

    Did you notice that no romances made it to the finals? Hum

  16. WHOA!
    I'm hooked and can't wait to go to bed tonight and dream myself into the heroine's role. And your POV put me into the story completely. Excellent!

  17. Hey, he can suck on my neck any day! ;-)

    I am very excited for the release of your new novel. I predict you will see much success with it. Keep on blogging about it!

    To your continued success, Linda!

    ~Cheryl Kaye Tardif
    Canadian suspense author