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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Please welcome the Mistress of the Darkness herself, Callie Lynn Wolfe, Senior Editor of the Black Rose Line, The Wild Rose Press!

Good October Morning, Everyone. I will say this blog is really a busy one. Great job, Dayana! We are proud to have you sponsoring Paranormal Month at The Wild Rose Press and appreciate all the hard work you've put into getting this together.

Yes, I am the Mistress it seems of the darker side of the Garden. And I am surrounded by wonderful Dark Goddesses who know their stuff. We are hungry to get our teeth and nails into your 'edge of the seat' submissions.

Got Wolf? was a great success, and we have obtained many fabulous submissions of which I plan to offer a chance of publication through the regular submissions process. Yes, I do have the winners, but no, I can't share them at the moment. You'll just have to tune in on Halloween to see if YOU won:)

Thank you to everyone that participated. Your stories were exceptional, and I will say from the editor standpoint, extremely well written.

A bit about our line...

We encourage sexy, sensual vamps and weres-the hotter the better-though we like to see submissions containing other mystic entities such as withches, warlocks, demons, etc. We love the different twist on the same old lore. Vampires don't have to be invisible in mirrors. Shifters don't have to turn on the full moon. Sure the moon may drive the magic but we like to see that unique twist to the stories that only your imaginations can develop and run with. Maybe your vampire is truly evil but has a soft spot for your heroine and she calms the beast within. The Hero can be evil and dark but the reader has to still love him, get it? The Hero or Heroine doesn't always have to suffer remorse for what they are. They can thrive yet still be lovable. My point here is think unique. Give you stories different twists. Give them humor, give me the totally unexpected plotline.

I am very happy to be here today. Thank you for inviting me, Dayana. I'll drop by later. Right now I've got to run.

Callie Lynn Wolfe


  1. Woohoo, my editor is Mistress of the Darkness! That means I've gone to the dark side... Why do I feel like my name should be Luke? So are there any extra Black Rose t-shirts? All I want is a Black Rose t-shirt, for God's sake!!!

  2. Fancy meeting you here, Callie Lynn! Loved working with you, and my new submission is on the way. Love your take on those creatures of the night, too.

  3. Good morning, Callie,

    It is great to meet you and learn what it is that you expect of potential authors. WRP author Faith V. Smith shared the Got Wolf? contest info and I worked to make the deadline. Unfortunately, one particular plot point just wouldn't give up its ghost!

    BUT, I grew quite fond of the characters, and have since discovered the secret of that trickly little ghost, and want to see them to fruition.

    And Hello, Skhye, I appreciated your post! I will speak more on that at a later date.

    Have a wonderful Autumn Day!

    Blessings, Laura

  4. Ooo, I like that name: Mistress of the Darkness! Thanks for visiting, Callie. It's great for editors to take time to get to know the readers and authors.

  5. Callie, what a fabulous blog! Really enjoyed hearing about what you're looking for - and I can't wait to hear the results of the Got Wolf? contest!

  6. Hello Callie,

    What an informative post. It's great to hear from the darker side!
    You clarified what you want to see so well. Thanks for sharing it with us today.

  7. Hi Callie, (Mistress of the Darkness), nice to see your great blog. I'm gonna, one of these days, tap into the evil in me and write something darker. And I assure you, there's evil lurking in my warped mind that might just make a good story. (grin)

  8. Hail Mistress of the night,
    Hello my dear editor. I giggle every time I try to call you that. I think of the eccentric woman, Elvira, with her jet-black tresses and more cleavage than I could ever pay to have a plastic surgeon implant... but that's neither here nor there. Awesome blog. As always you are informative, patient and to the point.
    I do have a question for you. How do you feel about having more than 1 couple in a story? Flip-flopping between them to get the story across? Or would it just be better to split the book (again) and write a 3rd book?????
    Ok, I've got some magic potions I have to go pass to my consumers. For without them, their dark sides and nightmares really do become reality.

  9. Vampires and werewolves are so sexy! I love Black Rose. Thanks for all the great submission guidelines, Callie!


  10. Hi, everyone!

    Thank you for all your comments and I'll try to answer each one of your questions.

    Skhye, hmm...maybe Dayana could be persuaded to see if she can have one for a contest prize.

    Hey, Susan! yes, please do get me that new sub. I can't wait to take a look at it:) Eternity Waits was such a pleasure to edit and a wonderful story of love, sensuality, and faith!

    Laura, I look forward to your story as a regular submission when you finally get that plot point worked out. Sorry you never got it in for the contest but hey! you can sub it any time.

    Hi, Judith. I love being available to the readers and authors. My mailbox is always open. Anyone is welcome to email me anytime with questions or comments.

    Thank you, Cari and Kaye. Oh and I can't wait to give those winners names out, Cari. I am so excited about and for the winners. And as I said, anyone who didn't make the finals should be proud because all the stories were great in their own way.

    Go for it, Mary. Get that evil twin at the computer and write that dark story with that hot, sexy, vamp or were. Or maybe a witch, warlock, demon, ghost? Let's get the evil child busy, shall we?

    Hey, Jacke! and Helen:) you're both welcome and regarding your question, Jacke. I don't have a problem with the plot threading to weave two couples but be sure that your are not weaving two separate stories together. What I mean to say is that the couples should also have a common thread that builds the story to climax and conclusion with some type of learning curve that ties them to the central plot. Make sense?

    Thank you all again for hanging out here with me today. I've had a ball.

    Thank you, Dayana for having me.

    I look forward to receiving subs from all of you so get to work! *grin*

    Callie Lynn


  11. Hi Callie Lynn, I hope I'm not too late to post...been a bit busy with my vampire, but I have to say I'm with Skhye. Let's hear it for a Black Rose T-shirt. As Mistress of Darkness, it is an honor to be in your court. Great post!

  12. Hey, Mickey. How is the handsome Michael Malone? How are the edits going?

    I'm working on the T-shirt. Let me get with Dayana and the powers that be at TWRP. Might just be able to scarf up one for a prize.

    Will be in touch.

    Have a wonderful night and say a hardy hello to the Champion and his Guardian for me.

    Callie Lynn:)

  13. Darker the better -- thanks for that info! I need one of those Black Rose t-shirts as well. I'm glad I'm a member of this Darker Side.