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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween


A Blessed Samhain

May your tricks or treats be safe and your lost souls be blessed.

***Today is your last chance to qualify for the "Halloween Free Read" gift bag. For details please visit my website and click on the contest button. Looking forward to drawing a winner tomorrow evening.***

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Author Spotlight: Faith V. Smith, Paranormal Romance

Please welcome Faith V. Smith, creator of the Bound By Blood series and a dear friend of mine. I believe with her are a couple of very hunky Vamps to keep things interesting:)

Hello, Faith!

Hey, Dayana. Thanks for having me today. Can't wait to get started. Our last get together was such a hoot!

I know. It was a lot of fun and so steamy with those big vampire hunks you travel with, LOL I don't suppose they'll be joining us today, will they?

No, sorry. They had other obligations. To be honest, Dayana, I think we wore them out last time.

LOL That's a good possibility. Well, let's get started then...

Tell me about yourself. What makes you angry, happy, sad, snoopy dance?

Angry:When people don’t seem to listen, and when I can’t fix something myself.

Happy: I am happy when I’m peaceful.

Sad: Sad, well thinking of things I could have done that might have changed things.

Snoopy Dance: When the blessings come in from above.
When was the first moment you felt comfortable saying, “I am a writer?”

I don’t think I have a first moment. I’ve always thought I was a writer since I penned my first poem in my teens. If we had to define it, it would be when my first 3 songs I wrote were recorded.

Wow, Faith! You wrote songs and got them recorded? That's pretty impressive. What kind of songs?

Southern Gospel songs with soul and some where you just had to tap your feet.

Sounds fun and inspirational. What type of stories do you like to write and why?

I try to write stories that give hope, are full of sensuality, and make readers believe anything can happen.

Where did you get the inspiration for (your current book)?

A Romantic Times Book Lovers Convention in Kansas City. The Vampire Ball that Heather Graham threw.

How many manuscripts had you written by the time you had your first publication?

3 full.

Do you have an upcoming release?

Dunbar’s Curse, the second book in the Bound By Blood, The Legends, my vampire series will be out March 19th 2010. Miles is a great character, and I love how he loves the heroine, Hope.

Where can we find your upcoming reItaliclease? When will it be available?

The Wild Rose Press, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and others. March 19th 2010.
Dunbar’s Curse, the second book in the Bound By Blood, The Legends, my vampire series will be out March 19th 2010.

Tell us about your Hero. Do you have a favorite, if you’ve written multiple books?

I think my first hero in my medieval. He’s not had his place in the limelight yet, but I’m hoping. So please don’t tell my vamp boys. They might get upset…lol.

Your secret is safe with me, no worries:) Now I think I'd like to hear a bit about your current release, Kensington's Soul. Zacke is one hot vamp. I know I've met him up close and personal:)

Vampires can be such sensual and titillating creatures when it comes to what they want or whom they want. It’s been my pleasure to tell one such vamp’s story in Kensington’s Soul, Book 1 of the Bound By Blood, The Legends series with The Wild Rose Press.

Zacke was an excellent vampire, hot, edgy, tormented and determined to protect the woman he loves while he tries to redeem his soul. In Dunbar’s Curse, Book 2 of the same series, Miles is a vamp also driven by emotions. He wants what he is sure he can’t have and when he gets it, he is frightened it will be snatched away.

Please enjoy a short blurb and excerpt. Zacke and Miles both will be here to field any questions from curious and intrigued readers.


Erotic dreams haunt Dr. Hope Morgan. The man who makes her burn with desire is only a figment of her imagination—or so she thinks until she meets him at a party. She fears she is losing her mind and flees the handsome stranger but finds she can’t seem to get him out of her heart.

Miles is over four hundred years old and a bit long in the fang department to fall in love. But when the child he rescues grows up into a beautiful and sensual woman, he can’t keep his heart or desire under control. When Hope’s life is in danger once again, he moves Heaven and Earth to protect her but wonders who will protect her from him.


She stepped off the bottom step and almost tripped over an uneven patch of floor.

She aimed the beam of light at where the window should be. What on earth? A bookcase blocked out her expected light source. Miles was the only one who could have done that, but why would he?
The cold penetrated deeper, spurring Hope toward the furnace. Her foot caught on something soft but unyielding. She stumbled and ended up sitting on the something. Her hand recognized the contours of a mattress. A mattress that should have been stuffed in a corner, not lying out in the open.
Once again, she sent the light spiraling over the basement, but nothing else seemed out of place. She brought the beam back to shine on the mattress and a body.
Her heart beat triple time before she recognized the body resting on its side, a scant two feet from her hand. Miles! Why was he sleeping in the basement and not upstairs? Her hand reached out toward his arm. Should she wake him or let him sleep? Common sense won—he had to be freezing. He didn’t even have a sheet. This time her palm brushed his sleeve before she gently shook his shoulder.
A hand caught her wrist in a cruel grip.
She bit back a cry of pain.
A second later she was flat on her back—Miles’ face above hers. But not the face she loved. His eyes were so dark they were almost black. His beautiful lips were drawn back in a snarl. A snarl that revealed one-inch incisors. The hand that held her down sported claws.

Now sit back, enjoy, ask your questions, and have a good time!



Faith started her journey to publication when she joined the Romance board at iVillage.com, where she has long since become a community leader. She has written book reviews for Bridges Magazine, MyShelf.com, and for the past six years, Romantic Times Book Reviews. She also pens a column for a local magazine. Her path veered into editing and marketing for a small press before she joined The Wild Rose Press staff. Her dream of having her own work published is a blessing and an honor. Faith resides in the south with her daughter Amanda, memories of her now angel husband Rick, and a special zoo crew of furry babies.

Please visit me at www.faithvsmith.com, www.faithvsmith.blogspot.com,
I’m also on Twitter! http://twitter.com/FaithVSmith
And visit my fan page on Face Book Access it through my blogspot.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

As Promised, the October "Free Read" Contest Question...

...and the question is...

What is the relationship of the caped ghoul in my Halloween short read, located on my website, between the main characters, Rachel and Paula?

For complete details on this contest and any other activities, please visit http://www.romawolftales.com/ and click on the "Contest" tab at the top of the home page.

The short of it is jot your question answer into an email and place Halloween Free Read Contest in the subject line. The shoot it over to gothscribegirl@aol.com. Good luck!

Reminder: Please jump below and read my post of yesterday. I've posted an important link to a petition against ebook and internet pirating.

Thank you for dropping by and have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Some News! And a petition you don't want to miss. Help stop the Pirating of our work

Two weeks ago I was solicited via email and asked if I would like to write a Halloween story for the magazine to be published in Yareah Magazine, which is a bilingual electronic and print magazine! I researched and sent a inquiry back to be sure they were legit and low and behold, they are. I have a short Samhain piece coming out November 1st in the magazine titled "One Blessed Samhain." If anyone is interested in taking a look, you can go to http://www.yareah.com/ and download or purchase a print copy.

Next I wanted to mention something that I am strongly opposed to which is the pirating of ebooks and other forms of digital works and did a couple of blogs on the subject, if you remember. Well, Michelle Flagg brought this letter and petition to my attention and I'd like to bring it to yours. Thank you, Mickey!

Please visit http://www.copyrightalliance.org/letter/index.php?&thankyou and drop your vote in. Someone mentioned that you may receive a call for dollar contribution after signing the petition. Let's hope the signatures are valid without contribution.
Hope you are all doing well.

Oh and don't forget. I will post the question on Saturday, October 24 regarding my posted Free Read Contest, winner to receive a Halloween Goodie Bag. If you haven't checked out the details nor read my quirky little Halloween story, please visit www.romawolftales.com for details.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Author Spotlight: M Flagg, paranormal romance

Please welcome Michelle Flagg a good friend and peer paranormal romance author. Her series is AWESOME! I've read Retribution! and look forward to the next book.

Thanks for having me here, Dayana. It’s always such a pleasure to visit with you.

Tell me about yourself. What makes you angry, happy, sad, snoopy dance?

I’m a left-handed Virgo who loves chocolate. That just about covers it! Been blessed with a wonderful family who brings happiness and joy to my life. I tend to snoopy dance a lot, and the only thing that truly ruffles my feathers are mean-spirited people. I don’t tolerate bullying, either in the classroom or out of it.

How many books have you written?

3 – Retribution! is my first release. Consequences is also contracted with TWRP, and Inheritance, Book 3, has not yet been queried. All are full-length novels.

What are some traditional methods of marketing you have used to gain visibility for you and your book(s)?

I’ve done pens, postcards – the usual. Also, I spread the word about my work on blogs, Facebook, and anywhere anyone will listen.

What are some unique methods?

Recently, I was interviewed on blog talk radio. Now that was a very strange feeling. Taking out ads, even short news releases to a local paper have worked really well. The latter led to a fantastic invitation for a book signing at a busy coffee house. I sold well over 30 copies of Retribution! I’ve been invited back there for a Halloween book signing, but this time, I’ll be joined by Noble Blood’s author, Linda J. Parisi. Two Black Roses in costume! I’m so looking forward to it J

Oh blog radio is strange. I had an interview with Paranormal Palace last year and was so nervous, but you know? The host was so warm and friendly we ended up talking like we were longtime friends. BTW I listened to your interview, Micky, and it was great:)

When do you write (daytime, nighttime, on your lunch hour, before the kids get up, after everyone is asleep? In large chunks of time or stolen snippets?)

My two children are in their 20’s, and I totally give kudos to authors with little ones around. I don’t believe I could have written one sane word while my two were small. I usually write on nights and weekends. Some Saturdays, I’m so involved in the characters that the day fades to black before I realize it. Being a teacher, snow days have me jumping for joy and raring to write. The ambiance of a blizzard just thrills me!

Now that is something I truly miss from my life in New Jersey. Snow days were always the best.

Do you write every day? Or when the muse strikes?

Nope – I’m strictly a ‘when the muse strikes’ kind of gal. I can edit most anytime, but the creative process of writing only happens when the muse makes an appearance.

Ditto, Micky. Me too!

Where do you write?

Ah, I love this question! There’s a small eating room at the back of my home. The table becomes a perfect desk, the view, an entire wall of window. My laptop faces open space full of greenery. There’s a really neat forest on my left. Deer, fox, groundhogs, bunnies, chipmunks, and various species of birds are often present. I love the feeling of solitude in the midst of Mother Nature when I write.

Oh that sounds wonderful. I am so jealous. I grew up venturing through forests and loving nature. I miss it. The flora and fauna is so different in the tropics.

Do you put pieces of yourself or your life in your stories?

Yes. I think most writers do. I also put pieces of my family’s lives in the characters as well.

Again, I tend to do the same thing. My first book a crime suspense has a lot of my father in it:)

What is your least favorite thing to do as an author?

Jeez, can’t I have more than one?? Making the query letter perfect, penning a thrilling synopsis, shameless self-promo… The uncomfortable tasks one must accomplish if we choose to entertain others with our creations. If it helps, writing the book is what I like best.

Tell us about your Hero. Do you have a favorite, if you’ve written multiple books?

Michael Malone is a tall, dark, and handsome vampire with moral conscience and tons of depth. Reclaiming his soul after 200 years of lusty kills changes him. Michael’s complex disposition makes him fun to write. His arrogance hides a very caring (but metaphorical) heart, and devotion to Alana, my heroine, never wavers.

As I've told you on numerous occasions, I love Michael and Alana. They are just amazing. And the strife they muddle through is so well written. All your characters are so very well fleshed out, I felt as if I knew each one of them. You guys really must read this book.

Are any of your characters modeled after people you know?

Bits and pieces of the good people in my life show up in each of my characters. Thorn, the empath who helps Michael, is a combination of three wonderful men that I have the pleasure of being related to. I love each one of them in a different way, and Thorn is a tribute to their persistence and importance to me.

What do you do for relaxation?

Very little. No lie… I’m wound pretty tight.

What TV shows do you watch? I never miss Bones, The Closer, or Mad Men. I’m a sucker for drama and complex characters.

Oohhh, I love Bones as everyone already knows.

What type of music do you favor?

Being a music teacher, I find different types of release in different genres. I’ll escape into my thoughts with Bach’s Cello Suites or anything Chopin. But I get equal satisfaction out of Santana, Janis Joplin, the Beatles, or Louis Armstrong.

Quite diverse taste, Mickey. I tend to do Alternative and Classical which totally on two different ends of the scale, LOL

Do you use music as a motivational source when writing?

Nope. Never. My head starts analyzing the piece and I slip into the musician and out of the writer. I prefer total silence when I write.

Fun question (possible blackmail material down the line, LOL) What is the most uncharacteristic thing you have ever done? Please, no censoring? I have no qualms about placing a content warning on my blog!

I gave up a tenured teaching position to study acting in London and traipse around Europe when I was 26. For five months, I lived without a plan, without a care in the world. Anyone who knows me will attest to that being the most uncharacteristic thing I have ever done!

It's been a pleasure having you here today, Micky. I look forward to reading Consequences and please do get Inheritance submitted, woman!

More about M. Flagg:

Mickey brings the joy of music to hundreds of students every week in an urban K-8 school. Named a Distinguished Music Educator at the 2009 Yale Music Symposium, she also accompanies a church choir on Sundays and writes paranormal romance. Retribution, her debut novel, was released in 2009. Book 2, Consequences, is also contracted with The Wild Rose Press. Living in northern NJ, she shares her home with her children, a rescued, bright-orange Main Coon who only bites her ankles, and a very sweet JRT who doesn’t know he’s a terrier. Her novels can be purchased at http://www.thewildrosepress.com/ as well as various sites on the web. You can contact Mickey at http://www.mflagg-author.com/

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Author Spotlight: Sheri Lewis Wohl, Paranormal Author

Please welcome my good friend, paranormal author, Sheri Lewis Wohl. Thank you so much for coming to spend the day with me today. I, better than anyone, know how very busy you are, Sheri. Tell us about yourself. What makes you angry, happy, sad, snoopy dance?

Hi Dayana. Well, I live in northeast Washington State with my husband, two really big dogs, and a little calico cat. I’ve lived here most of my life, which is why the majority of my books are set here. What makes me both angry and sad, is intolerance. I mean, seriously…why can’t we all just get along?? What makes me happy is time my family (including the four-legged variety) and I usually reserve snoopy dancing for things like book contracts, great reviews, and royalty checks! Oh yeah, and I definitely did the snoopy dance when my Masters Thesis on a vampire story was nominated for outstanding thesis of year at the university.

Wow, congratulations, Sheri! That's wonderful. I'd love to read your thesis sometime. That sounds very intriguing. And the contracts, great reviews, and royalties tend to make me happy as well:) Tell me do you write to make a living--you know for the money--or for the sheer love of writing?

For me, it’s both. I have always written because I just flat out like to write. At the same time, making money is the ultimate ideal. My goal is to not be just a writer, but a professional writer who puts money in the bank. Nothing wrong with shooting for the New York Times Bestseller list.

Oh I have to agree with you there, Sheri. I would love to sell to a NY house and be on the New York Best Seller's list. Wait...isn't that every writers' goal and dream.
What is your favorite holiday? And why?

Well, as a writer in the paranormal genre, it’s go to be Halloween. There’s something so intriguing about the concept of the veil lifting between the world of the seen and unseen. That, and for one night getting to dress and pretend to be whoever or whatever you want to be. Yes, indeed, definitely All Hallows Eve.

As you and everyone else who knows me is aware. Halloween is my ultimate time of the year. LOL So I definitely can understand where you are coming from here. Now I have to do a shameless plug here, *grin* The one author who celebrates this holiday the best, in my experience, is Sharon Donovan, bless her soul. I just spent all day Tuesday with her and Oliver at the Haunted Mansion and I will tell you, it was AWESOME. I am going to take some lessons from Sharon for next year. Watch out! I'm going to start planning now.

Do you write every day? Or when the muse strikes?

I write every day. I don’t wait on the muse because sometimes, old muse forgets to show up! When the muse does show up, I tend to write a little more and for a lot longer.

oh good for you for being able to be scheduled. That just work for me. I envy you and authors like you. I have to wait until the muse hits me in the head, otherwise, the page will remain blank.

Are you someone who can write on demand? Or do you have to stew and coax an idea before you sit down and write? Or maybe you write when the muse knocks you upside your head, like me?

I can pretty much write on demand. I think I learned the skill from a combination of work in the office, college, and grad school. Bosses and Professors aren’t really inclined to wait for a muse to appear, if you know what I mean. I’ve carried over the ability to write on demand into my creative side as well.

Where do you write?

Everywhere. I do have a home office though I find I do most of my writing on a laptop that I carry with me everywhere. The few times I didn’t bring it along, I was lost!

Where did you get the inspiration for (your current book)?

I got the latest idea when I was sitting in Sunday services at the Washington National Cathedral. I was in D.C. for the Romance Writers National Conference and had some time to kill before I was to fly home. I walked up to the Cathedral and was in time for the morning service. It was wonderful and as I sat there…voila…the plot for my next book hit me.

Interesting, a cathedral? Hmm...You got me curious:)

What is your least favorite thing to do as an author? Allow me to clarify: query, write a synopsis, write a blurb, market, you get the picture.

I HATE to write the synopsis. It’s not just a mild dislike either. We’re talking heartfelt detest. I’m never happy with them and no matter how much time I spend on them, I never feel good when I’m finished.

Seems to be the common hate amongst writers. Maybe I'll put a poll up and test this out, LOL Tell us about your Hero. Do you have a favorite, if you’ve written multiple books?

My favorite hero so far is Adam Bell, a shape shifting Spokane Indian from my dark paranormal trilogy at Loose Id. He’s one those guys who’s sexy, tough, insightful, and calm. And, when he says “I love you,” he means it. I recently had a reader ask me if I was going to write a fourth book in the series because she wanted to see more of Adam. Of course, I’m also very fond of Jason “Bigs” Bigelow, the hero in my latest paranormal romance. Bigs just has a way about him that makes you love him.

What type of music do you favor?

I’m pretty much a classic rock and roll girl. Anything from Janis Joplin to Aerosmith. Throw in a little blues now and again, and I’m happy.

Do you use music as a motivational source when writing?

No, not music. I have a tendency to put movies in when I’m writing and the kind of movie I put in usually tracks with the kind of book I’m writing. I don’t really watch it while I’m working but I listen. Sort of subliminal motivation.

You know, movies inspire me and I also utilize them in my research. I like to watch a movie like Van Helsing and describe the shifter change, or maybe Blood and Chocolate and describe the imagery of the hunt. It's sort of a writing lesson to me. To create what I am watching on the screen, so to speak.

Fun question (possible blackmail material down the line, LOL) What is the most uncharacteristic thing you have ever done? Please, no censoring? I have no qualms about placing a content warning on my blog!

It’s got to be the flaming breasts. We are big car people and every year attend numerous functions for car enthusiastic. This past summer we had a large gathering at our home. Later in the evening, one of our friends (a very artistic fellow) took his collection of Sharpie pens and drew flames of varying colors on the chests of willing women. Sort of temporary tattoos. I, being pretty conservative in that respect, kept saying no, no, no, every time he asked me. Finally I gave in and spent the rest of the evening with lovely red and black flames erupting out of my tank top! My husband was floored and that’s putting it mildly. I’m sorry to say (not really) there are no pictures of the flaming breasts for blackmail purposes.

Oh, Sheri! I am so sorry you didn't take pictures, LOL How about the skull collection? How is that fairing? My black rose centerpiece is as beautiful as the day I got it what 3-4 years ago? LOL I am now pining for a black rose wreath I saw at Target.

The skull collection is coming along nicely. Wild Bill Whiting, the Oregon artist who makes the ceramic skulls, does fantastic work and I pick up a new one each year at the Portland Swap Meet. Though the swap meet is a huge collector car event, Wild Bill always brings the skulls. I drag the hubby over to see him (right after I pick up my latte) and we get the skull purchase done before a single car part is looked at.

Newest book Blurb:

Adrian Meade is on the run from her rich, powerful, and vengeful ex-husband, so she creates a new identity as Anna Koch to keep herself safe. Tired of running, she has no sooner put down temporary roots in Spokane, Washington, than she finds herself in the midst of an unexpected romance with her landlord, Jason “Bigs” Bigelow, and also confronted with the century-old mystery of a missing boy. Full of dark secrets, she keeps Bigs at arm’s length until their fiery passion becomes too great to deny. Love, lies, and a ghost complicate Adrian’s life even more than it already is. As secrets begin to crack and mysteries begin to unravel, the line between the past and the present fades. Can Bigs keep her safe from an evil that transcends time or will he lose the one woman who has finally healed his heart?

Buy it Now: http://alturl.com/u354
Watch the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vfMzxXsQYdQ

More about Sheri Lewis Wohl

A reader since I could pick up a book, my goal in grade school was to read every book in the library. I didn't quite make it through every book, but I came darn close, and thus my love of literature was born. I started writing in high school and have continued through today. I didn't follow my muse to college, at least not at first. Instead, I floundered around and managed to complete a degree with concentrations in Psychology, Communications and Women's Studies at Eastern Washington University. But, the pull of the written word wasn't done with me yet, and I went back to school to complete a Masters in Humanities through California State University. With a thesis on Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu's vampire tale "Carmilla", it was a gothic writer's dream come true.
Today, I'm still writing and reading a ton of books. With the advent of electronic publishing I can carry any number of books in my PDA. I'm never without a touch of fiction. I live in Eastern Washington with my husband Steve, a German Shepherd named Falco, a St. Bernard named Shaggy, and a rescued calico cat named Halle.
I'm a member of Romance Writers of America, EPIC, the Transylvanian Society of Dracula, and The International Order of Horror Professionals.

Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm very excited to shout out that I will be hanging out at Sharon Donovan's Haunted Mansion tomorrow. Please drop by and join us. Oliver is such a hottie and the atmosphere is phenomenal! Don't miss any of the tricks or treats Sharon has in mind.

Also, please don't miss my Free Read contest. I will be asking a question toward the end of the month for a fabulous Halloween gift bag. For details on this contest and all upcoming events, please hop over to my website and click on the contest link.

Hope to see you all tomorrow.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Good Morning! Just a quick note to let you all know and invite you over to Faith Smith's blog today. Faith and I are gabbing over champagne and chocolates and we may even have some special hunky guests dropping by. Isn't that right, Faith?

Have a wonderful weekend!


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Author Spotlight: Catherine Bybee, Paranormal Romance

Hello everyone. Please welcome Catherine Bybee, my good friend, paranormal romance author and promo guru.

Whoo hoo, I’m playing at Dayana's! What fun! This is so awesome considering last year at this time I was pining for that coveted ‘Got Wolf?’ T-Shirt that Callie was giving away last year on your blog! I’ve come a long way, baby.

LOL Yes, you have! Great having you here, Catherine. And if I remember correctly you did win that T-shirt.

Thanks for having me, Dayana.

You're very welcome. We did have fun last year, didn't we?

Where did you get the inspiration for your current book?

Soul Mate available at the Red Rose Publishing, was inspired by a weekend in Sequoia last summer. Once the family nestled into the RV for the night, I sat outside watching the full moon poke through the hills and thought it would be a great place for my next werewolf story. And oh, Dayana… I found a whole new excerpt just for your blog. Wanna see it?

Oh sure, I'd love to see it:)

Okay, here ya go.


“Damn it, Pierce. Where the hell are you?”

“How do you know my name?”

She sounded angry and close.

“I looked you up.”


Her voice shifted directions.

Nick swirled in a circle. “I told you I knew you from somewhere.”

“We've never met, Murdock.”

“I know, but the department has photos of you.”

Behind him a twig snapped. He spun around in alarm.
Ice blue eyes spit cold fire from beneath long pale lashes. Kari was literally a foot away, and he hadn’t heard her.


“Your parents.”

A flash of pain sparked and went away almost as quickly.

“The FBI was interested in their murders?” She took a step backwards.

“The case is studied due to the weapon of choice used by their killers.”

Kari’s eyes cast to the ground. “Wolves,” the word came out on a sigh.

“The file said dogs.”

“I was there; they were wolves. The police have a hard time listening to details.”

Nick watched as she straightened her shoulders and stared him in the eye.

“Any more questions, Agent Murdock?”

“Yeah, one.”

Kari cocked her head to the side and said, “Shoot.”

“How did you know the missing girl came to us?” Nick didn’t blink, didn’t breathe while he waited for her response. He watched for subtle changes in her stance and eye contact that would give away her feelings. A slightly twitching left eye gave him what he needed.

Ooooh, that certainly got my curiosity stirred up. And I have to tell you that cover is HOT! I have Soul Mate on my laptop queued for reading. Unfortunately I've not had a moment to myself since I bought it on release day! I am definitely closing myself off this week and delving into this book, Catherine, which brings me to my next question, why do you write?.

Because I have to or the voices in my head would drive me crazy! LOL… Which is in part true. I have so many ideas and stories floating in my head that if I didn’t start putting them on paper, I’d have gone a little nutty.

Really... *grin*
How do you come up with your title and main characters’ names?

Names are hard for me. I try to pick names that are easy to identify with. What I mean by that is if you have a hero named Malcom or Francis, it might be difficult to read the book without laughing. I also work with whatever time period I’m writing about or nationality.

Interesting theory and you're right, Malcom or Francis for a hero just doesn't work for me either. I have a hard time picking character names myself and agree about the story backdrop. You're not going to call a character Pedro if your story is based in Romania, LOL

Where the title to my stories aren’t difficult at all. So far, all my contracted books have titles that truly ‘fit’ the story.

Titles are a challenge for me. I never like the titles and am always alert for a better fitting one as I work through the story.

When do you write (daytime, nighttime, on your lunch hour, before the kids get up, after everyone is asleep? In large chunks of time or stolen snippets?

I write whenever I can grasp an hour or two without an interruption. Three years ago this month, I injured myself at work and found myself at home in front of the computer all the time. Not having the ability to do my day job because of my injury has afforded me time to write whenever my family isn’t in need of me. I guess you could say I made lemonade out of a bowl of lemons.

Oh, I am sorry about the injury but a lot of good has come of it. I guess there really is a silver lining in every black cloud, huh.

What is your least favorite thing to do as an author? Allow me to clarify: query, write a synopsis, write a blurb, market, you get the picture.

Query’s are easy for me, as are the blurbs and marketing…

Umm... you state the obvious here, Missy. Stop bragging, LOL I, of all people, know how wonderful you are at marketing:)

I don’t know a writer who likes writing a synopsis, and I’m in that boat. Funny, I can write a 400 page 100K book but a 5 page synopsis has me breaking out in hives. But the thing that makes me crazy as a writer is waiting. Waiting to hear from a publisher, waiting for edits, waiting for release day, waiting for reviews.

Oh I can relate to that. I have to agree but I do try to move on to other projects to keep my mind off the incessant waiting.

How many books have you written?

Hmm, lets see? There are two full-length books in my hard drive that may never see the light of day because of the edits needed to make them marketable. Two full length time travel’s – Binding Vows and Silent Vows. Redeeming Vows is 1/3 finished.
Soul Mate is one of three werewolf stories. I have three erotic’s written, Kilt Worthy, Kilt-a-licious and Batteries Not Included. One ghost story and my newest WIP is a full-length paranormal I’m not quite ready to yak about:) So what is that, 11?

Wow! not too shabby, Catherine. BTW I read Kilt Worthy and absolutely loved it.

Do you have an upcoming release?

Well, notice I didn’t talk about my other two werewolf stories above? While my first two werewolf stories didn’t win in the Got Wolf? Contest, they did both receive contracts. Before the Moon Rises is waiting final galley, and I should be able to announce a release date soon. When I completed BTMR, another story was kickin’ around in my head for the brother of my hero in BTMR. So Richard’s story, Only for You is twice the page length and that will be coming on the heels of Before the Moon Rises.

But the big news for me this year is my full-length time travel, Binding Vows, the first in my trilogy will be available in paperback and e-book December 4th 2009 from The Wild Rose Press. This is the book of my heart. The first book I attempted to publish. I can’t wait to hear what the romantic world thinks of Duncan and Tara!

Thanks again for having me here today, Dayana.

Oh, Catherine! Thank you for being here. It has been great gabbing with you. I hope to have you back again soon:)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Treats for Tricks - Contest and Drawing

Evening all!

I've been very busy as you all know. This is my time of year. I've been decorating the homefront and today I've updated my website and am very excited with the Halloween setting I've created. I've also finished and distributed notification of my October newsletter. Whoa! Yes, my bum is quite sore at the moment from sitting in front of this laptop all day.

Anyway, I have a special treat offer this month. I have posted a Halloween "Free Read" in two places today, and I am offering a special Halloween gift bag to a one lucky winner at the end of the month. If you've ever won one of my gift bags or baskets you will definitely want to see this through:) How do you win, you may be wondering?

all you have to do is visit my website or Dayana's Happenings to download a copy of my newsletter and read my Halloween free read. On October 24th I will post a question that you will only be able to answer if you've read the story. You will have one week to post your answers. I will have a drawing on Halloween for the winner and announce the winner on November 1st. Don't miss your chance. I will post a reminder every couple of days after the question is posted.

Any questions you can always reach me by commenting here or emailing me: gothscribegirl@aol.com .

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Author Spotlight: Isabel Roman, Paranormal Romance

Please welcome Isabel Roman to the Author Spotlight today.
Hello, Isabel. Thank you for joining me today.

Thanks for having me today, Dayana!
How do you decide on your books’ topic?

I decided on my four book paranormal series by looking at what has been done and not doing that. Druids have mostly been done in medieval or ancient stories, I haven’t heard of one taking place in Victorian England and America. ‘Course my four books series was originally a three book series until I felt horrible for poor Isadore and had to give her a story of her own. *G*

Oh, I hear that. Sometimes, I find that secondary characters jump out and beg for their own stories. I have two sequels in the works now because some characters just need to have their own day in the limelight.

HAHA, see how that happens? With other books, I think about what I’m interested in and build a story from there. Sometimes it’s a story in a place I’ve always wanted to write in. Sometimes it’s based on what fits in that time period.

Oh yes, that makes sense, Isabel. I try to write about what I know and what I love. I also like to experiment with different settings and create worlds with descriptive imagery.

What works best to keep you focused and on track?
Deadlines. It’s the one surefire way to keep me focused. There’s nothing like a looming deadline, and by that I mean 2-3 weeks away, to keep me focused and on track.

Do you write to make money or for the love of writing?

What? I’m not that shallow. *G* I’d love to be able to support myself in the manner my day job keeps me supported through writing, but for now, I write to breathe. And for that future of supporting myself.

I definitely agree with you. I am writing for my future as well. I’d like to eventually retire and write. A dream at the moment but dreams are made to come true, aren’t they?

Yup! I’m right there with you. :)

When was the first moment you felt comfortable saying, “I am a writer?”

Is that like the line from the first Mummy movie when Evie says “I…am a librarian.” Then passes out? LOL, sorry, that’s what it sounded like in my head when I read the question. I love that movie and that line always cracks me up. As to the “I…am a writer” bit, I’d say after I got my first review. It had nothing to do with validation on MY part more like on others. I now had a great review in hand, someone I didn’t know who read my first book and LOVED it! I mean what more is there? Sure, I loved it, but a complete and utter stranger? It’s what I wanted and now had. It was after that, that I felt more comfortable in telling people, though I don’t often introduce myself as such. Usually it’s my day-job title that I use, but more people know I’m a writer now than even 6 months ago.

Very well put, Isabel. I’d never thought of it quite that way but reviews do sort of validate your success when they are positive. On the same token, what if that first review was a bad one? Would you have not written again? Or would you have said, “Ahh… It’s just one person’s opinion.”

Well, I don’t think I would’ve brought out the sack and ashes, but it may have been close. Then again, despite that, I think I would’ve kept on anyway. Write to breathe and all.

Where do you write?

At home. Pathetic but true. I have a home office with a great desk, a spiffy new computer, and a great set up that I love. And a soon-to-be bathroom, with luck in three weeks. Though I have written well on trips, I’m most comfortable and get the most done at home.

Why would that be pathetic? LOL Most of us write at home in a makeshift office atmosphere or bedroom corner. But I do take my laptop when I travel because I never know when I might want to work. Also, I am never without a pad of paper. I write longhand as well at times.

I take my laptop, too, cause you just never know when that idea that’s been percolating will become full blown. I really look forward to those moments!

How do you come up with your title and main characters’ names?

With tedious effort. I hate titling my books, and naming my characters is always a chore.

Ho Boy! Do I have to agree with you. I hate this process as well.

But I do take the time to carefully name them because I want names I like for the type of character I’m building, be they the main hero and heroine, secondary characters, or throwaway walk-through ones. They also have to reflect the country or their family’s country of origin.

Again, great advice. That is why I think it is so ‘tedious’ because a lot of thought go into both titles and naming the characters. You want both to stand out and say something about the story. Make lasting impressions, etc.

What is your least favorite thing to do as an author? Allow me to clarify: query, write a synopsis, write a blurb, market, you get the picture:)

Synopsis. I know so very many people who say the same thing but here’s my example and I will willingly bow to anyone with a worse horror story.
The first time I wrote a synopsis to send out with a completed story it took me 12 hours on a Sunday. With no breaks. 12 hours in my chair, pacing around, banging my head on random walls. 12 freakin’ hours!!
It was the single most excruciating thing I’d ever done. I still have nightmares about that Sunday.

Oh my! Not my favorite thing either. So much is riding on a synopsis. You are trying to sell your book, your writing, and your soul here. So much pressure. It’s amazing how much work goes into the fun of sitting down and crafting a story. The only fun in the entire process, honestly, is writing the story, isn’t it? An author learns pretty quickly the real work begins when the story is done:)

YES! I agree, writing the story can be loads of fun.

How long did it take you to get your first project sold? And was the project your first actual completed manuscript?

Yes, it was my first actual completed manuscript though I had an incomplete one before I may never look at again. This one (Murder & Magick) took about 8 months to sell to Ravenous Romance. With revision, with cutting, with changes to the plot. (I’ve since learn to plot each chapter and character arc, so they take me a lot less time to write.)

Are any of your characters modeled after people you know?

No, but I have had people ask that they (their names at least) be put into a book. One even wanted a glorious death in a gunfight. I’ve used aspects of TV characters, movie characters, things I like about a person or a movement of body someone does. But 99% of my characters are fictional.

What TV shows do you watch?

What, you haven’t heard about my NCIS addiction? LOL, I’m very serious about it. If it’s a Tuesday night, don’t bother. I’m watching NCIS. It’s one of maybe um…no actually it’s the only show I’ll make it a point to watch every week and whenever it’s on. Other than that, mainly sci-fi stuff.

Oh, I’ve got a couple of those and actually it is my only time I really sit and relax other than my nightly exercise program of walking or bike riding, LOL. I watch Dark Blue and Bones with a ‘don’t bother me’ aura radiating from me.

Thank you so much for dropping by today, Isabel. Now before you run, I do know that you have a wonderful story titled, Shadow State, coming out this month in the Black Rose Got Wolf Anthologies, which release this month at The Wild Rose Press. Why not tell us a bit about it?

Shadow State is a favorite. I don’t know if it’s the storyline, the characters, the setting, or all three, but I really do love this story. Set in 1934 Germany, just after Hitler’s governmental coup, Night of the Long Knives or Nacht der langen Messer, the Arminius Clan realizes they’re no longer safe in Germany. This is a new war, a new way of looking at enemies, and they know they’re a prime target. Then one of their own is taken by the Nazi’s and experimented upon.

It was a real eye-opener researching medical knowledge in the 1930s. For decades, Germany was the place to study science and medicine, so my heroine, Elsa, is a research doctor at a prestigious Berlin hospital. I learned a lot about my wolves and Nazi experimentation during this time, and used it. I also used the Nazi fascination with the occult, since that’s well documented and easy to add in.

Excerpt: (I debated a humorous part or a sexy part, and of course came down on the side of sexy.)

“Have you decided this is our moment?” she asked.
He pulled away just enough to see the eyebrow raised in amused question. But he could also see how her blue eyes darkened, could feel her breath coming in gasps. Could smell the change in her scent.
Trailing his lips along the back of her neck, he breathed her in. Another growl escaped him, louder and stronger, establishing his dominance over her. When Elsa growled back, his cock hardened further.
Yes, this was his mate.
Nipping her shoulder, Christoph was only slightly surprised when she entwined her fingers with his and moved them slowly up her body. Cupping her breasts through the thin silk of her blouse, he felt the harden peaks push through her clothing. Her entire body shuddered when he pinched her nipples.
“Christoph,” she murmured.
Turning her, he slammed her against the bookcases. Mouth on hers in an instant, he took hold of her hands again, pinning them above her head. She tasted better than he imagined, and when she kissed him back, all thought fled.
He had to have her.
A loud crash jerked what little attention was not on Elsa back to their surroundings. Christoph spun to scan the library, Elsa secured behind him. He saw no one. The faint scent of Peter, however, lingered in the air.
He was going to kill his friend.

Books and Purchase links:

Murder & Magick: http://www.ravenousromance.com/fantastica/the-dark-desires-of-the-druids-1-murder-and-magick.php?flypage=0

Sex & Subterfuge: http://www.ravenousromance.com/fantastica/the-dark-desires-of-the-druids-2-sex-and-subterfuge.php

Desert & Destiny: http://www.ravenousromance.com/fantastica/the-dark-desires-of-the-druids-iii-desert-and-destiny.php

Temptations & Treachery: http://www.ravenousromance.com/fantastica/the-dark-desires-of-the-druids-iv-temptations-and-treachery.php

And my bio: A mostly historic, oftentimes paranormal, definitely racy romance writer with a love of movies. And NCIS.

My website: http://www.isabelroman.com/My blog: http://authorisabelroman.blogspot.com/