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Monday, October 20, 2008

Good Morning! Please welcome the award winning erotic author, Helen Hardt, author of Seduction in Seoul

Halloween – the Perfect Time to Unleash your Fantasies!

Dayana, thanks for having me today! I’m thrilled to be here, and I’ve enjoyed hearing from all of your other guest bloggers.
This is my favorite time of the year. I love the fall, with all its vibrant colors and woodsy fragrances. And smack dab in the middle of beautiful Autumn comes the mysterious Halloween. On this night, we dress up and masquerade as someone or something else. Who can resist playing along? For just a little while, our fantasies take over and... Well, ahem, Dayana does have a PG rated blog.

In my Scarlet Rose release, Seduced in Seoul, the hero, Dylan, engages in a masquerade with the heroine, Allison. Though he doesn’t wear a mask, he plays a naughty little game with her, pretending to be something he’s not. His pretense encourages Alli to play a game of her own, and she reaches inside herself to explore her secret fantasy – to be a sexy-talking seductress. Here’s the blurb:

The last thing Allison Sanchez expects when she arrives in Seoul is the Asian god waiting for her at the airport. Right away it's obvious he can't understand a word she says. But body language is universal, and Allison soon casts aside her inhibitions in favor of engaging in one of her secret fantasies with the hot chauffeur. Talking dirty during sex takes Allison to an all new high until she discovers her exotic lover is only half Korean--and her brother's American roommate.

What happens when Alli discovers Dylan’s deception? You’ll have to read the story to find out ;)

Halloween gives us the perfect excuse to play a little. Back when my wonderful husband and I were dating, we went to a Halloween party. When I found out he was dressing as a 1920s gangster, I decided to play along. I found a short, flapper-style sheath, some fishnet thigh highs, a sequined headband, and I morphed into a gun-toting speakeasy showgirl. Underneath I wore...oops, PG blog again. Suffice it to say, it was a memorable evening.

Have you ever engaged in some lighthearted masquerade fun? Or had a particularly memorable Halloween costume? Tell us about it in a comment. Tomorrow, I’ll draw a name from those who commented and send a download of Seduced in Seoul to the winner.

Thanks again, Dayana, for having me, and an early Happy Halloween to you all!


  1. Hi, Helen, love the cover for your book and nice blog! Good luck!!

    Waving hi from another TWRP author!

  2. Wow! I knew you were a party girl! LOL Nice excerpt.

    When the kids were small we made a big deal out of Halloween. The small grade school they attended had a fun night and several years we used my husband's walking floor trailer (the 4 inch metal slats in the bottom of the trailer moved a few inches at different intervals) to stage a haunted house. We'd dress up to be the guides through the haunted house. It was a lot of fun.
    Now, Halloween's just another night because we live where no trick or treaters come.

    Fun Post!

  3. When I was a child in the UK we never did the Halloween dress up or trick or treating... I think I missed out!!

    I also love fall in the UK - it still doesn't feel right to be heading into summer at this time year (I'm in Australia now!)

    Helen, congrats on the huge success of Seduced in Seoul - it's a wonderful story!

  4. Hi Helen, Nice Post. So you are one of those "All Hallow's Eve" girls, I see. I love this time of year too. A witchy time with candles and mystery all around. I could even try a spell or two... Or at least one of my heroines might!

    And as you know I dearly love Seduced In Seoul. If anyone hasn't read it yet, now is the time, so go check it out at TWRP --the wilder side.

  5. I loved your Halloween party story, Helen. I haven't dressed up in too many years to count. Do love decorating the house though. And my collection of Halloween-themed earrings is staggering! LOL

    October is my favorite month, and of course, Halloween is my favorite holiday. In the fall, the temperature's not too cold yet, the leaves are so colorful, and what better time is there to curl up with a juicy book? Or even better, skip the trip to the mall and curl up with your Ereader and Seduced in Seoul instead. It's a hot story not to be missed!

    Great post! :)

  6. Hi, Helen! Your party costume sounded like a lot of fun. Your story sounds intriguing too.
    The last time I dressed up for Halloween was years ago and I went as my favorite creature of the night. A vampire.

  7. Thanks to all of you for stopping by, and to those of you who mentioned liking SIS, thanks so much for your support!

    Terry, thanks for the compliment on my cover. The credit goes to cover artist Angela Anderson, who does amazing work.

    Paty, dressing up to put on a haunted house for your kids sounds like so much fun! I'm sorry you don't get any trick or treaters now. I love handing out candy.

    Christina, do you not have trick or treat night in the UK? I didn't know that.

    Kaye, I love how you described Halloween -- "a witchy time with candles and mystery all around." I don't think it could be said better!

    Cari, I love Halloween earrings, too. I agree, Fall is the perfect time to curl up with a juicy book!

    Susan, I love vampires -- I bet your costume was gorgeous!

  8. I miss that daring run from house to house. Back when you could trick or treat and actually eat the popcorn balls people made and gave out. The only bad thing was my father stealing all the best stuff while I was sleeping. Finally I got smart and would hide what I liked best.(grin)
    Great post Helen!

  9. Hi Helen,

    Seduced in Seoul is a fabulous, sexy romp. A great fantasy and escape.

    Have I ever had a memorable Halloween costume? Hmm, yes,as a grade school kid. My mom made this (yes, made lol) this skeleton costume and painted the bones onto it. It was stiff and really hard to wear, but it one first place at my school's annual competition.

    I don't think I can honestly remember any of my other costumes. But Halloween would be the perfect time for some masquerade fun...

    Congrats on all the success of Seduced in Seoul!


  10. Okay, how embarassing! I meant, of course, "won" first place. :) That's what I get for trying to type holding the baby...



  11. Hi Helen, I enjoyed reading your post. Here's my Halloween costume nightmare. I dressed as Minnie Mouse complete with huge ears, whiskers and really cool makeup. Got pulled over. The cop couldn't stop laughing. Didn't get a ticket, just a chuckle and a warning. I can't believe I shared that!
    Mickey Flagg

  12. Hi Helen,

    Your blurb sounds enticing. I'll have to get a copy of the book. Halloween has always been one of my favorites and to this day, I don't understand why it's not a national holiday. Would it kill the government to give us a paid day off to go play dress-up and indulge in mountains of chocolates? Seriously!
    I have a halloween horror tale for you. It began when I was 9. While I was stuck in school my mom whipped up a costume for me. I came home and she told me I was going to be a Mexican. She'd bought me a sombrero with all the little beanies dangling in my face and then gave me a poncho to throw on. The poncho was my baby blanket... now holy and useless after this night ended. Traumatized took on a whole new meaning. She painted my face with black marker. Why? I'll never now, but I looked more like a football player when she finished. She wouldn't let me wear my new sneakers because she told me that my old ratty Keds with the toes busted out would look more authentic. She handed me a withered pillow case the moths had obviously enjoyed and shoved me out the door telling me I had an hour to scrape up as much chocolate as my dad could eat.
    I left on a mission dragging a pinata of a dog behind me. Problem began when I lost my friend. We lived in a large development with all the homes looking like the next one. Then it began to rain. My open toed sneakers did nothing for keeping the water out or the heat in. My blanket hung on me, well like a wet blanket. I was thoroughly lost, crying and had black marker covering my entire face. I knocked on one last door and the woman took me inside (a direct NO-NO from a parents point of view) but I was lost. The woman called my mom and she came and got me. Not only did I get in trouble for 1) being late, but 2) going inside a strangers home and to top off my night I had blisters on my feet, had a wicked allergic reaction to the marker and my face hived up, but the last straw broke when I realized all my candy got soggy.
    I still dress up for the occasion, just not in ratty sneakers or black marker. And instead of begging around the block, I took over my dad's official post and eat my kids candy.
    Best of luck with your book, Seduction in Seoul.

  13. I loved when I was a dark fairy a few years ago. It was a gothic costume with purple wings, purple gloves, false eyelashes with bulb-tipped ends, a wand and a black floral headband. It was the coolest!


  14. Mary, I had to laugh! My dh and I have been known to steal the Snickers out of our sons' bags...

    Renee, it's great to see you over here! Your skeleton costume sounds great. Believe it or not, I used to make my boys' costumes when they were younger. They always looked so much better than the store bought stuff.

    Mickey, I'm laughing even as I'm writing this. I'll have to remember to keep some Minnie Mouse ears in my car. Might help the next time I get pulled over for speeding!

    Jaclyn, that WAS a Halloween horror tale! But I'm glad it didn't turn you off of the occasion. It's great that you still dress up.

    Deidre, that dark fairy costume sounds beautiful! Perfect for Halloween.

    Thanks to all of you for sharing your Halloween stories. I enjoyed reading every single one.


  15. Hello, Helen!
    Welcome:) I'm so glad to have you here. I must grab myself a copy of SIS. It sounds not only provacative but a steamy fun read. I can't wait to get my hands on it. And yes, Angela is wonderful, isn't she? She did Curse of the Marhime cover as well! I love her and her talents for the perfect cover art. Yours is very enticing:)

    Everyone who knows me knows I love Halloween. It is my ultimate holiday. I deck the house, I start in early September! Pulling out the silk fall foilage, the autumn colors and decorations, and of course all my ghouls, jack-o-laterns, black spider-web tablecloth and mantle runner, and all kinds of other items I've picked up over the years. I dress the house inside and out.

    Best costume memory:
    I was very young. Maybe 10 max. My mom made me a gypsy outfit. A beautiful ankle-length very colorful skirt, a white peasant blouse, a beautiful silk sash and giant silver hoop earrings! She made up my face with makeup--My first time ever!--sprayed my long blonde hair black--wasn't a particularly good idea as it took her forever to get the black hair paint out of my hair-- and decorated me with bangles of bracelets and beads.

    I thought I was the most beautiful gypsy girl ever. LOL and you wonder why my stories revolve around gypsies!

    BTW: Favorite old-time movie: The Golden Earring with correct me if I'm wrong with Ray Milan(sp)? don't remember the female's name.

    I've been dressed up many ways over the years but that was my personal favorite. I will never forget it.

    Happy Halloween, everyone!

    And I am so glad you all keep coming back to share pieces of yourselves with me. I hope to see you well into Christmas and the New Year. I will always have lots going on here, so please stay tuned in.

    Helen, best of luck to you and thank you again for dropping by today. I will definitely be in touch after I read SIS.


  16. Hi there, everyone! Thanks again to all of you for visiting me here at Dayana's yesterday. I've done the drawing for the download of SIS, and the winner is...


    Jaclyn, please email me at helen@helenhardt.com, and I'll get that to you right away.

    Happy October!


  17. Hi Helen! You don't have to put me in for the drawing, since I already have and love Seduced in Seoul. Just popping in to say hi. Great post!!