A Prepublished Novel in the Process of Revisions and Rewrites

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hello?  Is there anyone out there?  Just nod if you can hear me...

LOL Well, it seems I have disappeared yet again.  Ugh! I have been so busy that I find it hard to manage all my projects again of late.  Looks like I may have to brush up on my time management skills.

Valentine's Day has come and gone, my 27th wedding anniversary celebrated with a quiet dinner at home. We had planned on going out but decided we'd rather just relax and enjoy in the cozy comfort of our home.

Two months have come and gone of the new year, and I really haven't accomplished a whole lot of writing but I have accomplished some really big things.  Mostly on a personal level. Some in other aspects of my career.  My point? 

Well, though sometimes we don't have anything to really flaunt or visibly put out for all to see, like a new book accepted for publication, or a release coming up, a booksigning, etc. it doesn't mean the things that go on behind the scenes aren't just as important.  All the planning, organizing, reorganizing, scheming, stolen minutes to jot down new ideas, maybe toss out bits of a new story.  All these things essentially will fall together into something bigger and productive.  

That's where I've been.  I write a little bit, add something to this work in process and brainstorm on that WIP, jot down some new idea and maybe toss out a few thousand words of a new story.  Whatever disjointed direction I go, I rejoice that my imagination is alive.  My muse determined.  The next story that much closer.

Gotta get back to work.  Be back soon.  Gotta get the Author's Spotlight back on line.  I've got some wonderful authors lined up in the next couple of months and I've got quite a collection of disjointed and partial story ideas lying about.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Slipping into oblivion: How important is visibility?

We're going to leave the ghosts, asylums, and other paranormal entities behind for a bit.  I wanted to talk about something of dire importance to anyone who depends on 'visibility' to survive in this cyber world we live in.  We all know that money, for most of us, is tight and our only venue promo and advertisement is the internet.  So how to keep a consistent presence across the net is a big challenge.  I have inadvertantly tested this and found that slipping into the oblivion is so very easy to do and unfortunately, you sink fast! 

Over the last several months, I've noticed even my most dependable followers have moved on.  It is not a good feeling being alone and unheard, especially for a writer.  My views and comments on this blog have dropped drastically and are non-existent on my website. So what is the problem?

  • Updates.  This is something that is a necessessity, and I do religiously keep up with. Fresh conversation and topics draw your readers and show them you are out there. So, I know I'm okay in this department.
  • Topic/Content.  Maybe my topics are uninteresting to others?  Could be an issue but I wouldn't know that unless someone said "Hey, you're boring the bejeebers out of us, already!"
  • Visibility. Bingo! This one is a biggie.  I have been so tied up with other responsibilities that my overall visibility had dropped excessively.  What does that mean?  Well, for instance, I have not spent the time needed to visit other blogs, give interviews, hold contests, author spotlights have slimmed out, and hold the occasional give-away to drawn interest.  I have attempted to visit my favorite blogs in the last couple of weeks and comment but I suppose because I cannot do this as a daily routine my visitations may be lost in the mire.  I am only able to follow through on this on a weekly basis.
  • Loops and Blogs. Another major problem for me is finding the time needed to remain visible on the loops and blogs I belong to.  Whew! this is a major challenge for me. I have attempted to incorporate one morning a week to do this.  But again, it seems futile as I don't really see any gain from this.  Not complaining.  Will keep plugging and keep working at it. Solutions are hard won especially with life biting at your heels.  Everyone has one and all the demands that come with it, so I'm not alone. Were there an easy solution, it would be a perfect world, would it not?
  • New Material/Releases. Another huge obstacle.  I have been pulled from my personal works for sometime now.  I haven't been able to write except in limited spurts of time, nor am I the type of writer that can force the muse, so much of those times may produce nothing, nada, blank pages... I will say that I have no less than five/six projects in different stages!  I just need to sit down and get them going. More likely--get them finished!  New releases regularly are the key.  Each new project, its promo, etc. bring potential new readers and bring back your faithful followers.  Without fresh material flooding the saturated market, you are guaranteed a nosedive into oblivion.  Trust me, I know...
Well, that said, I am going to pull out one of those projects I mentioned and get to work. As Nike says: Just do it!