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Thursday, October 23, 2008

A new day upon us and Great News!

Good morning, everyone:)

Callie will be giving away a Black Rose Got Wolf? T-Shirt here this month. She will drop in sometime today and tell you how you can win the shirt.

Meanwhile, don't forget about the other contests running this month. The Halloween mini story contest-for more detail view my website at www.romawolftales.com and of course, we have the prompt story I posted the other day which needs a clever ending. For a new twist on that one why not work the prompt yourselves with a fresh story as well? I will also offer a surprise treat for the best story you can come up with using, "Three days passed before." Looking forward to seeing what you all come up with.

To recap: Halloween Mini Tales contest, finish my 'Three days passed' prompt or create your own prompt. Happy writing and good luck!

Watch for Callie some time today. She will pop in and give you the details on how you can win a Black Rose Tee.

Have a wonderful day!



  1. Good morning, Dayana,

    I posted my prompt ending. And am readying my mini entry.

    Have a wonderful autumnal day!

    Blessings, Laura

  2. Your blog posts have been just great Dayana!

  3. Good stuff, Dayana,
    So many of us are counting the days until the Got Wolf? Contest winners are announced.

  4. Can't wait, Dayana! I'll be checking back.

  5. Ooh...Ooh! That I'll wear with pride. Black Roses Rule!!

  6. D~
    I have too much time on my hands.

    The first time she caught a glimpse of him, it was as if someone hooked battery cables to her now perky nipples and jump-started her. Her heart wasn't the only thing revving up. Suddenly every little comatose hormone in her body stretched and tickled her from the inside out. His hot chocolate brown eyes cast her a sweet glance when he noticed her glazing him over. His crooked smile left her licking her lips. When he removed his shirt she couldn't peel her wanton gaze from the heavenly physique he held. The little patch of brown curls that ran from his chest south, below the belt made her wish the Red Cross took blood from the femoral vein instead of the old arm. Then the pants would have to go. There was something she could sink her teeth into.
    What a pleasant surprise. Who would have ever thought waiting in line at the blood bank would give her a lasting memory to carry her throughout the long, dreary day and well into the night?
    Laying in bed she could do nothing except wonder where he was... or who he was. An eternity passed since her body had the caress and affections of a man. The longing and desire that had been denied her hurt. She ran her fingers across her flesh imagining it was he who explored her secret caverns. Having icy fingers burn her skin that fantasy quickly melted away.
    Kayden didn't even remember dressing or leaving her home yet there she stood, back in front of the building that said, "Give life, give blood," waiting like a love-struck teenager for him to return.
    The same nurse from the previous morning slowed to a stop in front of her. "Dear Lord, what brings you out at this ungodly hour? Are you hungry?"
    She had no idea how hungry she was, but not for food.
    The nurse took her by the arm and pulled her inside to the warmth of the building. "You're colder than a iceberg. Sit and I'll get you a cup of tea." A hand atop each shoulder and the nurse pushed Kayden into a cold, fake leather, reclining chair. "What brings you here again so soon?"
    How stupid did Kayden feel now? She obviously couldn't tell the woman she was stalking the young man she'd seen yesterday. The little woman in a floral scrub set handed her a cup of steaming brown water. Kayden's stomach coiled. Kayden shoved her body from the chair. "Thank you for the tea, but I've got to go." One step and her world went black.
    "Miss Kayden?" The nurse shook her. "Kayden, wake up!"
    About to vomit, Kayden brought a hand to her mouth. Her arm felt heavier than normal, lethargic. Upon inspection, a thin plastic tubing ran from her hand to a pole holding a bag of fluid that dripped like Chinese water torture into her. Every drop of liquid that titrated into her system reacted like lava burning through her vessels.
    "What the he--" Vomit projected across the room.
    "Don't worry. Happens all the time." The nurse answered matter-of-fact as she went into autopilot cleaning the mess. Kayden leant forward holding her head, hoping the room would stop spinning. The whirling, blinding lights increased and then flashed. Everything came to a complete standstill.
    Three days passed since she'd seen him. And here and now, she decided it wasn't enough time. Three hundred years wouldn't be enough time.
    "Miss Kayden?"
    The sinfully beautiful man's voice purred her name. She went to speak but found her tongue clamped to some sort of device.
    "Cat got your tongue?" He laughed. "Kayden, my sweet Kayden, we've been looking for you. You've been a naughty girl, stealing all the blood donations that we need thanks to the likes of you and your kind." He undid the silver protractor, removing the sharp needle from her tongue. The pain reminded her of having her private lips pierced a few years back. She could have done without it.
    "PEON," Kayden spit out.
    "That I am, Madame. Preternatural Enforcement On-sight Neutralizers at your service and your service has just been discontinued. He winked as he drove the stake through her heart.