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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Callie Lynn's Back! With the info you've all been waiting for!

Just how do we win the Black Rose Got Wolf? T-Shirt?
Hello again, everyone:)

Here's what we're going to do. I've got one T-Shirt, and I am willing to offer it up for a prize. And after considering this all day long, I've got the perfect plan. We are going to have a Wolf Trivia Contest which seems fitting for the season and the wolf theme of the Black Rose Got Wolf? Contest and will consist of questions posted to the "October Events Update" sideboard of this blog randomly through out the next week. I will post the first question here at the end of this post. Email the answers to me at callielynnwrp@aol.com. Please do not post the answers here on the blog. If anyone does it will disqualify the question. Place Wolf Trivia and the quesion number in the subject line of your email(ex. Wolf Trivia Q#1) All those who answer the questions correctly will be placed in a drawing. I will pick the winner on Halloween which is next Friday. The winner will be posted on this blog on Halloween night at midnight.

Here's question number one:

Wolves are most active during what times of the day and what is it they most often do at these times?

Good luck! I look forward to your answers.


Callie Lynn Wolfe
Senior Editor
The Wild Rose Press, Black Rose

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  1. Your blog has really gotten so great Dayana. I hope all this effort gets you the huge book sales that you deserve! And I really mean that.