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Monday, October 6, 2008

Here's Rhonda!

Thank you for such a lovely welcome Dayana! I'm so glad to be here today with all of you. I"m ready and willing to answer any and all questions. I'll pop in and out throughout the day so be patient if you don't see your answer immediately. Once our blog session is over today, you can always email me directly at rpenders@thewildrosepress.com and I would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

As some of you know, October is Paranormal month at The Wild Rose Press and we are celebrating both the Black Rose and Faery Rose lines which is our "light and dark" paranormal. We welcome your submissions but also encourage you to pick up one of our stories and see what makes the garden's fantasy lines truly out of this world. We have hotter than hot vampires, sensual ghosts and spirits and some creatures that even I'm not sure what they are!

No matter what your choice in paranormal romance you'll find what you love in our garden.

I look forward to your questions and thank
you Dayana for having me here.

Rhonda Penders


  1. Hello, Rhonda! I know I have an opportunity to nag you each week on Tuesday nights at the WRP chat, but I don't bombard you with questions because that place is smoking busy... I guess I have a chance here. ;)

    What are your top three favorite novels? And, I know you write cowboy stories. Do you have a favorite Sphaghetti Western? I'm a big fan of Clint, myself. Then, there's Sam Elliot.

    Thanks. ~Skhye

  2. Wow top three novels. That's a tough one. I"m not usually a fan of historicals but Jude Devaearux (I just butchered her name) - wrote a book called LEGEND which was a time travel that I adored, of course it was set back in the Old West and that was a really good book. I have it in my camper on my keeper shelf. My other favorites was a seris called The Rock Creek Six - about six gunfighter buddies written by an author team - can't remember but both were named Lori. Awesome series and also set in the old West. Modern day cowboy stories are harder to find. I'm partial to Roni Adams series - To Tame A Cowgirl is out now and her second one coming out in December.

    Thanks for not asking about werepenquins Skhye!


  3. Well, it was all I could do not to mention those little fanged birds... But I didn't! ;)

  4. Hi Rhonda,

    Can you think of an area that's unexplored we as writers should check into? For example, a western vampire novel (I think someone has done that). Any ideas for us?

    Also, do you have time to write these days?


  5. Hey, Rhonda!
    Thanks so much for stopping by today. And it's extra special because anyone who knows you knows that vampires are not your favorite item. It's so great to have you here almost all to myself, LOL

    I was reading the comments and I have to say to Skhye that I just love Sam Elliott as well, though I'm not per se a cowboy fan but Sam, well... He is a hotty:)

    Let's see...
    I guess the question I'm going to ask of you is what do you do when your not running TWRP. What interests? What are your hobbies or fun things to do?


  6. Back during the Great Depression movie producers were surprised by the turnout in the movie houses as people looked for a few hours to escape their troubles.

    Has the publishing industry seen any noticable increase in readership; as people struggle to economize?

  7. Okaaay! Clearly I forgot my manners.

    I meant to say hello and it's good to meet you Rhonda. I also meant to relay how I'm new here and was introduced to TWRP by Faith V. Smith.

    Thank you for the time you're spending here today.

    Blessings, L.L.

  8. Hi Rhonda, I just thought I'd pop in to say how thrilled I am to be associated with TWRP. You guys rock!

    Oh, and Skhye, I LOVE cowboys and I LOVE Sam Elliot!


  9. Oh Rhonda, I loved the Rock Creek Six Series. My favorite one of all of them was Cash's story! I have them all on my keeper shelf. I came to the series late and had to comb used book stores to complete the set! Love those cowboys!

  10. Hey everyone. I'll try to answer each of your questions here and I"ll do my best to pop back again later tonight or early tomorrow morning if you have more.

    Linda - Writing time is very limited. To be honest, the summer is my favorite time of year because we camp a lot and there's no internet which forces me to spend hours writing and reading. I do a lot of catch up work on my writing during these long weekends. I am trying very very hard to get a book or two out each year; I'm blessed in that I have several written that I simply need to edit and tweak. I am working on a WayBack, Texas anthology that should beready to come out in early '09 so that will be fun. But yes, writing time is limited these days.

    As for Black Rose ideas. I am the last person to ask as its not my favorite subgenre but I would think anything that will draw a reader in, whether its a Black Rose or any other line is going to be a good thing to submit. That sounds generic but honestly write a good story and you can't lose no matter what. My mother was a huge Dark Shadows fan in the day so maybe something along those lines could be revived?

    Dayana asked about my own interests/hobbies. I love to read of course but I also like to cook and bake when I have time. I'm an avid camper, I love the beach as well, horseback riding although there's never time for that anymore, and being with my kids. I'm a Mom above all else and I find the years slipping past too fast with my sons.

    I.I. how is the economy affecting sales is waht your question is. So far so good. The one thing people still do when they are broke is read. Its relatively cheap entertainment and its a wonderful escape method. Especially romance where there's always a happy ending. So yes I find its true that in bad times, sales for books go up.

    I love being here with all of you and sharing our thoughts and ideas. I wish I could talk more about vampires and shapeshifters but I know you ladies are far more experienced in that area that I ever could be. I leave that to you experts.

    The Rock Creek Six - you got it, Lori was a brilliant author in bringing us along through the first 5 absolutely hating Cash only to make us fall hard for him in the last book. Brilliant, my hat off to that writing team.

    I"ll try to pop back later ladies, sorry gotta run.


  11. Dark Shadows? Did someone mention Dark Shadows? Whoa! Can I just tell you that was the only soap I ever watched. I used to run home every day from school to watch that show. Quentin, Angelique, Alexis, Joan, Barnabas, Roger, Carloyn, Maggie, and we can't forget Jeff and Vicky. And that dastardly Trask! I have books and VHS tapes--46 of them to be exact, LOL.

    Anyway, I think I may just have to come up with a great contest theme for the New Year! Hmmm...Yep! Stay in touch, guys. We are going to revive Dark Shadows. Let me mull this over for a bit:)

    Thanks, Rhonda. I'm going to have some fun reminiscing and creating a really fun contest.

    Hey, did y'all know that Johnny Depp is supposed to be filming yet another remake of Dark Shadows? And he's playing...yes, you guessed it:) Barnabas!


  12. Johnny Depp in Dark Shadows?
    Sounds good to me, Dayana! That was one of my favorite shows, too.

  13. Love, love, LOVED, Dark Shadows!

    I don't have extended cable any more, but the SciFi Chnl used to run double episodes at noon, and they were just as good to see as the first time around. Yes! My only favorite soap as well.

    I tried watching Passions a few years ago, and it didn't grab me at all. Nice try, but no Dark Shadows!!!!

    Johnny Depp? A yummy Barnabas indeed!!!!