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Friday, October 10, 2008

Tamelia Tumlin, Take a Walk on the Wild Side

He’s dark. He’s dangerous. And he’s irresistible.
What makes women swoon over bad boys who possess that dark dangerous edge that can take us to the point of no return and back again? That one layer of taboo we just can’t seem to resist no matter how hard we try. Whether he is a vampire, a werewolf or simply the lone biker who lives by his own set of rules, it doesn’t really matter. Our legs turn to noodles and our hearts beat erratically just at the mere thought of him.
Women claim they want a man who is sensitive, a man who understands them and a man who promises security. But, do we really? If given a choice between the dependable sexy guy next door and the mysterious sensual stranger with a hint of darkness bubbling just below the surface, who would you choose?
I think it boils down to a woman’s need to feel safe, secure and protected. Certainly, the guy next door can provide this. And on most occasions he does. However, with the guy next door, the thrill of the unknown doesn’t exist. There is no real chance of not getting what we want. We know exactly what he’s all about and though we may sometimes love him for it, taming the guy next door doesn’t create the same shiver of excitement and euphoria as taming the mysterious bad boy does. Bringing a dark, dangerous man to his knees gives a woman a sense of power. To know that she and she alone has the ability to make or break him is a rush like no other. It is also his ultimate declaration of true love.
Obviously this sounds callous and calculating-almost as if we are toying with them-but, in reality these are the men whom we fall for the hardest and these are the men whom we will fight for the most. Why? Is it because we are vindictive and just want what we can’t have? Of course not! It simply the fact these are men who are our true soul mates and our equals. For if we are going to give our hearts to a man-any man paranormal or not-then we want to make positively sure he is worthy of it. And who could be more worthy than the arrogant, sexy hero who just realized he can’t possibly live without us?
You can find many examples of this logic in the romances we read. No matter who or what the hero is, underneath his cool exterior lurks something dangerous and irresistible. Something we just can’t help fall in love with each and every time we pick up a romance book. So, for a chance to take your own walk on the dark side, pick up some of the Black Rose’s from The Wild Rose Press and fall in love over and over again. I guarantee you shivers, thrills and a sense of victory everytime.

Romance Author, Tamelia Tumlin
For Better or for Worse
Blind Love


  1. Ah, you have attempted to answer the great mystery of sexual attraction. In anthropological (as well as all behavioral-science) circles, studies show that during ovulation, a woman tends to go for the wild furry dark guy... It's genetic. All that other rationalizing the rest of the month is culturally-induced, nurture. Doesn't it stink being forced to rise above and beyond most of the time? ;) Excellent, post, Tamelia. Skhye

  2. Hello, Tamelia,

    You presented and reasoned the perfect dichotomy. We grow up--en mass--under a societal conditioning that leaves many truly igornant of our true nature. Too many end up in relationships that faulter because they don't understand their true wants and needs.

    Too many women ensnare the wrong men, end up in divorce court, and spend the better part of the rest of their lives rueing what they never understood in the first place. And sadly too often, through no fault of their own.

    Great post!!!!


  3. Wow, Tamelia! I agree with Skhye who by the way somehow beat me to the punch this morning, LOL Welcome to my blog and thank you for such a strong mind-bending post. And so much truth contained within it. Women's psyche is an amazingly deep and intricate thing. No wonder men just can't get a grip when it comes to figuring us out. But on the other hand, don't you think that men navigate through the chase in much the same way?

    We use our feminine wyles to trap that bad boy but isn't it the challenge we present to him that essentially seals the deal, so to speak. Men as much as women enjoy a challenge. Isn't the whole mating thing a perverse game of wits? Of course you've got to toss in that deep sensual attraction, those pheremones that mark us and draw us to one another. But in the long run, I believe the chase and finally the capture is the best part of this hunt and to quote Tamelia, "bringing that elusive 'bad boy' to his knees," quivering, is an added notch on the old lipstick case:)

    Just some things to ponder for the day.


  4. Great post, Tamelia!
    I have to admit, I fell head over heals for my now-husband when he picked me up for our third date on his motorcycle. Something about those bad boys!
    And we've been married now for 26 years. LOL.

  5. Hi Tamelia, very interesting post! And your comment, too, Skhye. I hadn't heard of those studies before, but they do make perfect sense. Funny to think that we really haven't evolved that much since our cavewomen days.

    And Susan, my husband rides also -- a Harley -- and boy does he look hot in his black leather riding gear!


  6. Hi, Helen!
    Mine's graduted to a Harley too in his later years. Can't take the bad boy out of him no matter how old he gets. LOL.

  7. Thank you all for such lovely comments. I wrote this blog piece very late one night and then had a sense of panic the next day thinking I may have rambled due to being sleep deprived. I'm so relieved you all "got" what I was trying to convely. :) Now, if we could all find our own "bad boy" and bring him to his knees. :)