A Prepublished Novel in the Process of Revisions and Rewrites

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Have you ever been caught in a quandry as to where you wanted to take your story?  The characters fall silent and no matter how you think, consider, review, study past events nothing seems to surface? Nothing just feels right?

You've got a beginning, some solid threads and ideas even some scenes written yet can't seem to move forward?

Well, it seems that's where I am and have been for some time now.

Frustrating yes!

But I am one who can not by any means force myself to write.  So I wait... and wait... Mull things over and try to be patient as I know that one of these days the muse will once again knock me upside the head and then I will be in the zone.

Point I am making?  I guess I am trying to say that when your writing seems to be at a standstill and you feel like perhaps you should toss in the towel. Don't!  I do speak from experience.  I once shelved a project for three years before I moved on. 

I sincerely hope that is not the case now but life does tend to toss us odd curves at times.  So... We'll see. I have several projects at different stages and hopefully inspiration will settle in and I'll tie at least some of them up real soon. Like this year would be good.

Until then, I will mull and consider and jot things down. Move on, I chant.  It will come...

Thanks for dropping by:)


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Whew! is it hot!  Summer is upon us and with it hurricane season.  Amazing how fast time flies.  Graduations are in full swing and school's out for the summer.

Spent the day doing computer housekeeping.  Should be writing but hey... The old files need to go, you know?  I cleaned and backed up all files onto disc from the desktop and next project will be the laptop.  You know its been years--in fact, I have never cleaned the old files off that poor desktop. 

One reason I got motivated was my husband utilizes that system so I thought it would be nice if I freed up some space for him.  You would not believe the stuff I had on there!  Whoa!

Felt wonderful to get rid of all those things I just thought about getting rid off. LOL  Yesterday, joined the neighbors in a yardsale. Made $45.00 I didn't have when I awoke yesterday morning and got rid of a lot of stuff that had been hanging out in the garage for months.  After the sale we took all to the Goodwill drop nearby and voila! no more gazing upon that stuff.  Then I really got motivated and cleaned out the linen closet!  Can you stand it.  I have a whole pile of sheet sets that I never use ready for the next garage sale.  And whatever is left will go to my vet's office, who never have enough of those type of creature comforts. This really feels good *grin* Could you tell?

I have been procrastinating on this stuff for so long... What made me suddenly move on the dormant thoughts?  Don't know.  Just suddenly motivated. A good thing, I'm sure. Next weekend is the closet. Can't wait.  The garage will be on the To Do list when the heatwave breaks which should be around October, LOL

Anyway, overall a very productive weekend.  Still working on plotting RWT book II. But life happens, you know?