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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Good Morning:) Well, it seems that we are entertaining a different and very traditional craft today. The art of preparing the perfect holiday meal. Many will be watching the traditional parades to welcome in the Holiday Season. And of course, football is a must, while others will enjoy the company of family and friends.

Whether you are having the celebration of Thanksgiving at your home or going out to share the meal at another's please have a safe and wonderful day.

I will be sharing my holiday among family and friends. And I am not the hostess so I will get to enjoy it all the more this year! It's a good thing too because my oven has gone on the fritz this week and had I been the hostess, things would have been quite a mess:)

Ah well...

Aside from having to go out an buy a new wall oven, things are good. After all, the oven is a retro sixties appliance! It is original to a house built in 1963, and in my eyes that is amazing in itself. Things just aren't made that well these days. It definitely has served its purpose. And, hey, maybe it just the heating element. If I can actually find the part, I may be lucky enough to get what? Another 45 years out of it, LOL You never know, maybe it will outlast me.

Have a wonderful day and be safe.



  1. My husband fixes everything. Yes it saves money, but I'll never get a new one of anything. (Although these days who can afford new stuff.) I have the original appliances they put in the house 1962 when the house was built. I even have an old Maytag washer.
    I swear these things are gonna out live me!

  2. We put up the Christmas tree. It's actually 14 years old and looks the same as it did when we bought it. Talk about quality. My father walks up to it every year and says "Wow, you bought a real tree!" LOL. I'm glad my three-year old insisted. I feel like the hardest part of the holidays is over. Unless my oven was on the fritz... I hope it's an easy fix! Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday. My alarm clock is set.

  3. I hope your Holiday was awesome. Enjoy the weekend.