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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Well, its Election Day! Get out there and VOTE! In the meantime, I have a very special guest today...

Please welcome Lady Vampire 2U otherwise known as Lady V to her friends. And I am so glad she considers me 'friend' The Queen of Darkness, herself, here she is!

Good morning, Dayana! Thank you so much for inviting me here to blog with you today. It’s a real honor because I am pretty new to blogging. Or taking blogging serious, anyhow. Although, I have had my blog up for a few years, it was in a pretty bad state. The truth was, I just didn’t take blogging seriously and my posts didn’t have that draw that seems so prevalent in others. There are some great bloggers like yourself and sad ones, unkempt and inactive ones, like mine was. And because my passion was not in the posts, I would go months between logging on to update it or post something new. Friends and family came by my site, of course, but just for moral support.

What was I doing online while I neglected my website? Entering contests!

I am huge contest fanatic, and I search the internet for contests constantly, especially those with books or bookstore gift cards as prizes. While I’m entering these contests, I was constantly emailing my fellow contest lovers with the locations of my finds. And then suddenly, it just hit me that my life could be a thousand times easier if I just posted all these locations in one place. My blog was the answer. One friend told another about my blog and suddenly I was busy posting any contest or giveaway I could find of interest. My blog suddenly became fun to update. And I really enjoyed the people who visited then came back to tell me of their wins after signing up for one sweepstakes or another through my blog. I realized that winning a contest was fun but I got a lot more satisfaction out of helping others win. And that’s how my blog and it’s slogan “All contests all the time” was born.

When people ask me if I enter all those contests and sweeps I post about, I tell them the truth. Yes. But the real prize is helping others win as I said. I enjoy promoting authors and their books. I’ve been lucky enough to be contacted by several authors who liked that I blogged about their contests. Do I post about the contests for extra entries in contests? Sometimes, but not very often. The truth being I was going to post it on my blog anyhow so why not get another entry into a contest. And when I win, I do share. Friends and family share my winnings. I give away books and different things all the time. Just last month, in October, I ran my first online contest on my blog and gave away five prizes. Then a few days ago, I teamed up with a fellow blogger and friend online, Crystal Adkins, for my first giveaway with a friend. In December, I plan to run another giveaway so I hope anyone reading this and new to my blog will come back to enter that contest.

Thanks again, Dayana, for having me here today. And in appreciation to those of you who stopped by to read this post, I’m giving away a brand new copy of Overnight Male by Elizabeth Bevarly to a lucky commenter. Just post and tell Dayana and I what the best prize was you ever won online. If you’ve never won anything, then let us know what you would really like to win if you could. And don't lament money because heck, we could all use more of that!

Thanks for dropping by.

Lady V
Lady Vampire's Lair


  1. This is a real find, a real prize, Lady V -- knowing that I can find contests in one place, your blog, Contest Central. Enjoyed your post. I've never won anything on line but I've never entered. This opens a whole new vista for me!

  2. Wow, congrats Lady V on your first guest appearance! I started out the same way as you just entering contests. Then one day I figured why just read reviews on books, why not have my own review site and contests! So here I am today, growing slowly!

    Anyway, the best prize that I ever won was the very first one. That is what got me hooked! It was Jeri Smith Ready's Wicked Game! I was so excited to see my name on there!

    Have a great day ladies!

  3. I'd have to say the best prize that I've ever won online would have to be the book "Her Warrior Slave" by Michelle Willingham... she personally signed it for me with a sweet note and everything which i wasn't expecting at all... she was guest blogging on the eharlequin site... so i hung out all night and chatted... it was so much fun!

    Congrats Lady V on your very first guest appearance! I love your blog!

  4. Hey lady vamp! I had no idea you were going to be in the spotlight today LOL! I hope we do get a lot together for the Christmas giveaway, I'm sure it'll be loads of fun!

  5. Funny you should ask about online contests, because I hadn't won any, though I comment often on blogs, until a few days ago on Halloween. I was hanging out with the Roses during the 24 Halloween Ball chat in The Wild Rose Press chatroom. During that chat, I won two Faery Rose books, one by Sky Purington and one by Reece Herring. I'm looking forward to reading them!


  6. I got addicted to winning books online about a year ago, and since then I've probably won 15 or so of them. Just won another one yesterday. Nothing better than a free signed book, IMO. :)

  7. Lady Vamp,
    You've got a unique idea for your blog. Hope it does well for you.
    I too was a loser (in contests anyway) until recently. I told Helen Hardt my exploits of a Halloween gone amuck when she hosted one day last week with our gracious host Dayana and I won her book, Seduced In Seoul. Confession time... I was a virgin to erotic books until I read it. OMG! Helen, I loved your story.
    Very juicy read. I think I spent too much time in Catholic school to write like that.
    Anyway, Lady Vamp, have fun with this. Love your picture!

  8. Hey Lady V,
    Fun post, I appreciate your honesty! I love your blog, besides the contests you share with us, you have the coolest pic's!!! The best prize of late that I have won is an Amazon gift card from a giveaway on Bitten By Books with Mark Henry. Yet truthfully, any time I win - that prize is the best prize!
    Of course I'd love a copy of this book!
    Thank you so much!
    darbyscloset at yahoo dot com

  9. Hi Lady V
    I visited your site and then came here. It's great to know about both blogs.

    I would love to win a $500 gift certificate to either Barnes and Noble or Amazon so that I could buy every vampire or paranormal or urban fantasy book that I could find. It will never happen of course, but I can dream.

  10. Hi Lady V,
    I think we are friends on something, maybe goodreads.
    The only prize's I have ever won on line were at TWRP Halloween chat. It goes so fast, however, I guessed numbers and got very lucky. I won a free digital copy Valerie Everhart's, and also one of Beth Caudill's, books, dragons at their finest.
    And when I was a kid I won a box of 200 Fifth Avenue Candy Bars, from a contest on Kaptan Kangaroo.
    Nice to read about winning, I'll be looking for those contests, you'll hear from me!

  11. Hi Lady V!
    I don't need to be entered, just popping by to show some luv at ya. :) I love your blog and check it frequently. You're on my blogroll too.

    I love entering contests as well. I never have any luck with anything else, so when I win a book(s) online, it's really exciting for me. I just won a prize of 6 books the other week, so I'm stoked about that. I'll be jumping up and down when it gets to my mailbox! LOL

    I want that Publishers Clearing House 10 million dollars already!!! I've ordered from them and sent in many many entries. Now that would be sweet. :)

  12. My favorite win was an autographed copy Servant: The Awakening by L.L. Foster sent to me from Lori herself for a chat I was in with her :-)

  13. Hi Lady V. I'd rarely won much of anything until I started entering book contests, nice to know I can be lucky at something, lol. Best I've won was a $50 GC for a bookstore, and I spent that in about 5 minutes, lol. The other was a $50 GC for an online shoe store and I got a really nice pair, and that was actually from a book publisher, or I probably wouldn't one. Sure would be nice to get a $500 GC like someone just mentioned, I have a huge book wishlist!

  14. My favorite thing I've won is books, any books. I have found some great blogs visiting these contests. I haven't had my own that long but I've gotten great advice and ideas from lots of people. Thanks for your contest.


  15. personaly i like the author goodies, cause heck cant get them no where but on here or the conventions

    im always sending to auhtors sase;s or where they send for free cause they .well they just do lOl

    but of course, i wouldnt be reading, if i was entering contests
    and winning some

  16. Thanks for all the great words and compliments everyone. I so wish I could make all those wishes come true and give everyone their most wanted prize. If I win the Lottry here, I will do that for sure but as things stand, I'll cross my figners for you and hope you win a lot of great contests coming up this year and into the next.
    The first thing I won online believe it or not was a boombox. LOL. Arrived at my house without any prier notice. But my favorite contest prize win....well I can't pick one because I've been pretty lucky and have won many things that have personal meaning to me with what the author wrote in a book or the emotion behind the prize itself, etc. In fact I'm thinking the friendships I've formed after winning some of those contests are the best prizes I could ever recieve.