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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Loops and blogging Continued...

Thank you all for piping in yesterday:) I suppose maybe I had been thinking all wrong about the loops. Some very good points were brought up. I surmise that the purpose of these loops is to promo and keep a proverbial finger on the pulse of what is going on. Information. I guess we all want recognition when we say something, some physical proof that someone out there is listening, LOL

I tend to like to bat things around. Sound off, so to speak, and hear what others have to say, so I expect others are of the same mind. I will look at the loops in a new and different light from now on.

Mary, in reference to your thoughts about blogging. Though it is wonderful to have confirmation that people are, in fact, following my blog in the venue of comments, I tend to post because I just want to talk about my journey in the writing craft. My experiences whether they be positive or negative, good or bad. If I can help a frustrated writer or newbie along the way through my experience than the time and effort of keeping a blog is well worth it. If we can share the 'how toos' with others who are traveling the same path trying to reach their own dreams and goals, isn't that a wonderful thing?

Besides, I love playing with all the gadgets and clipart, LOL I like to find new ways to present my thoughts, ideas, experiments, and of course my promos. And best of all, I love to host guests bloggers. This gives others who perhaps don't necessarily have blogs, websites, etc. the chance to spotlight themselves and the flip side is it gives YOU the chance at having their followers drop by and check your blog out.

Over all, I will continue to strive to make this blog worthy of all who visit and if no one ever comments again, I will continue to take up my tiny piece of cyberspace.

Here's wishing you all a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving!



  1. Dayana, I hear you. But tell me you aren't a bit thrilled that someone comments. It's a bit of validation, it makes you smile.
    I sometimes wonder when I am reading blogs if the purpose for blogging goes way beyond promotion. For some it's an outlet, for some, yes, a tool, others just like to talk,(grin), but no matter your reason you like to know someone read it.
    For me it's probably all of the above. And believe it or not I like to read others blogs when I have the time. You meet a lot of nice new friends that way, and don't have to dress up for it!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Dayana! I hear you on the need to share your thoughts, but comments are always appreciated. :)

  3. Amen, Mary. I don't have anything to wear to town these days. At least, hanging on the internet lets me do so in pjs. LOL. Blogging is tough. I've been posting reference book blog posts for months. It's actually a way for me to document my personal reference library in case of a hurricane... But it does attract people looking for information.

    I'm off to chop chop chop. Time to make the dressing...
    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  4. Jeez, the one day I didn't get to your blog, Dayana, and what a topic! First of all, thanks for giving voice yesterday to some things I've also felt in terms of loops. It's nice to be welcomed. But some newcomers get 20 welcomes! Uh, I didn't. It made me think. Did I do this wrong? Is there proper post etiquette? Do they maybe all know each other? Is it really only one person with 10 different names?
    Some loops really do resemble the cheerleading squad, which I never never ever would be caught dead in!
    I read every post on a particular loop. I lurk, vote for books, check blogs and websites, but rarely will I post a comment. The few who were kind enough to welcome me are the posters I pay attention to. I even read their books, when I'm not editing and angsting over my own!
    Blogs are powerful things. Loops should have promotional value as well as be a professional place to disseminate (yikes! No spellcheck!)information.
    Just ignore the recipes - unless it's a cooking loop, of course!
    Very intersting topic, Dayana.