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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Wow! What a month! Also an update on the Halloween Mini Contest Reviews.

Whoa! November 1st is upon us. October is gone in a flurry of haunting activities, TWRP's Paranormal celebration, and Halloween. Done - Kaput! for another year!

Before I ramble on about my day after Halloween, I'd like to congratulate the winners of all the various contests and activities. It has been an honor to host TWRP's Black Rose Paranormal activies and post the Got Wolf Winners. Thank you TWRP for allowing me to do it! I only hope I get the opportunity again next year. I want to thank all my guests this month who helped to make this such a success. Every one of the posts was top of the line and chock full of information we can hold on to. And thank you all, everyone, who took the time to visit and hang out here all month. I would love to see you remain permanent lurkers.

My day...

Well, I spent the day putting all the Halloween decorations away--can I just tell you it was quite a lot of stuff. I retrieved every light, decorative item and extension cord from outdoors then came inside to do the same. And of course, you have to clean, as well, and yes, you've guessed it, as I put Halloween away, I tugged out the Thanksgiving items. Soon enough I'll be peppering in Christmas decorations.

I haven't forgotten about the Halloween Mini storie either. I am beside myself trying to make a decision. They're all very good and just imagine, even with the limitations I put on the story guidelines the entrants all managed to cram a viable beginning, middle, and end with a wonderful plot thread into each little romance story! I've got to tell you, we have some very talented writers amongst us. I am determined to pick a winner tonight, and I will forward all the remaining entries to Callie Lynn Wolfe because they are that good! Perhaps they can be expanded to be free reads at The Wild Rose Press or even shorter pieces for the Black Rose line. What do you think contestants? Would you like that?

Anyway, please be patient with me. I promise to post a winner tomorrow.

Oh and anyone who know LadyVampire2u or Renee Knowles, please have them contact me so I can get them their prizes. Thank you!

Now I think I'll go have a wonderfully relaxing bubble bath and mull over those Mini Tales once more.

Good Night!



  1. I'm around even though I don't post a comment as much as I should. Thank you so much Dayana for picking me as your winner! I am so happy that you liked my story ending! I've emailed you.
    And congrats to Renee too!

  2. Hi Dayana - Renee is a friend of mine so I'll email her and let her know she's a winner!


  3. That's great that you received such good entries, Dayana. I'm sure it’s hard to choose. And of course, everyone is holding their breath... Good luck picking a winner.

  4. Your blog this month was the best Dayana. Every author gave us insight and lots of great books to look for.
    I will always read your blog.
    Thanks sweetie, you're the best!

  5. Oy! I had the same day minus contest entries to judge. I often wonder why we decorate for holidays. You know, it would be different if my husband would help clean up the decorations. He did buy me a storage tub. Have a wonderful bubble bath. I'm heading in to soak my aching feet! Skhye