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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Good Morning!

Finally, our Southern Florida weather has chilled. We are enjoying upper forties to the the mid fifties temps at night and mild mid to upper seventies during the day. How nice is that? But, you know, I still miss the Northern climate at this time of year. The holidays, to me, should be dressed in Fall tradition for Thanksgiving and snow for Christmas! That's just the way it is. But, in the same token, sitting on a nice warm beach has its merits too:)

Anyway, it seems, though the economy is less than desirable, we are on the crunch to finish the preparation for the upcoming holiday celebrations. I know mine will be slim to cautious this year but isn't the whole point of this season to share time with family and friends? Hasn't it gotten way too commercial when you have the Christmas/Holiday merchandise stalking us before we've even celebrated Halloween? Maybe we could all sit back this year, not stress over the money we don't have and give thanks for all the love we do have. Time spent with family and friends in my heart is more valuable than a shiney bauble or new Blackberry--it's time most preciously spent, isn't it?

That said, as we approach the year's end and think of goals for next year, why not talk about what we accomplished this year. Share with us the goals you have met this year.

I do want to give a HUGE congratulations to Catherine Bybee who contracted not one book this week but TWO! You go, girl! I, for one, would like to hear all about that. Please drop by and do just that, Catherine.

I have completed three publications this year, myself. Quite an accomplishment for me since its been three years since I pubbed my first novel. Curse of the Marhime came out in September and I've contracted and completed the edit process on Bestial Cravings and Eternal Obsession with The Wild Rose Press which I do not have releases on as yet. But the fact is I did it! Yay!

Please take today to share all your accomplishments with us. Let's toot our own horns for once. Let's celebrate our successes:)

Have a wonderful and productive day!



  1. Congrats on those 3 accomplishments.

    My husband received a *paid for* Blackberry through work. I'm green. I want one! Gosh, I could check my e-mail anywhere... He said he'd buy me one. I just can't let him spend that kind of money, monthly! Gadz. It's expensive.

    We're also experiencing the same temps here in the Houston area. I can still wear sandals. LOL. But it's a nice change from shorts. ;) Have a fabulous day.

  2. Lucky Skhye and Dayana to be having such nice weather! Here in the northeast-- we are very cold and slushy.

    Congrats on your three stories, Dayana. And about the season, you voiced my thoughts exactly. We've lost the true meaning of Christmas. Family is the most important thing-- not buying or receiving gifts.

    Aside from a few flash fiction stories (including a mini tale) I've written three novel length MS this year. I've edited three more (or in the process) And I have two shorts in the wip realm. So that's where I am.

    And congrats again to my group cp Catherine Bybee! Two contracts in a week. Great!

    Have a wonderful season!

  3. You just gotta love 'Google Alert'!!! Wow, Dayana, thanks for the plug. hehe

    This week has been an emotional roller coaster. After waiting forever for the contract fairy to arrive in my in-box it happened twice in one week. My third completed werewolf story sold to Red Rose Publishing on Tuesday and a first person erotic short sold to The Wild Rose Press on Sunday.

    And then get this... I opened my box this morning and my full length time travel submitted to the Feary Rose Line over at TWRP is being sent up the line for review. Holy Cow!

    All the while the fires burn within a mile of my home... hence the roller coaster ride. Not to worry about that, the fire department is doing a fantastic job of putting it out.

    But boy oh boy, what a ride!
    I guess I need to get serious about a web-site, huh?

    It is a very thankful Thanksgiving this year. One for not going up in flames and two... WHOO HOO I'M GOING TO BE PUBLISHED!

  4. Hi Dayana, and congratulations on your success this year! I'm about to start reading Curse of the Marhime, and I'm looking forward to it! It's next on the ereader.

    Kaye, wow. You've been rolling! And Catherine, too. This is so exciting!

    I got my first ever contract in June, for Seduced in Seoul, which is available at www.wilderroses.com. It's part of the Destination Pleasure series.

    My short novel, Blood Wolf, won the Black Rose Got Wolf? contest and will be published next year. And just a few days ago, I was offered contracts for two more erotic shorts for the Destination Pleasure series.

    I've done quite a bit of writing this year, about 200K. This month I'm in the throes of NaNo!

    Catherine, keep yourself safe from those fires!


  5. The one thing I do miss is looking out the window on Christmas Eve and seeing all that pristine snow. It invokes so many feelings in my mind. Christmas isn't Christmas, without snow. Trying to picture a holiday like that when it's eighty degrees out is impossible for me. I admit it, I'm out, I miss snow!
    Perhaps you think I'm crazy, well you can always put a coat on when you are cold, but what can you do when you are overheated?
    My main goal is always to be a better person, only my peers can tell me if I have accomplished that.

  6. D~
    Excellent post. Congrats on your 3 books and also to Catherine. You deserve a Woohoo! Helen, congrats on your new contracts as well. Can't wait to read them! Yes, it is an awesome feeling when you get mail that says, "I'd like to contract your work." There's nothing like it. It brings everything to fruition, your labor of love, your dreams and stomps on your anxieties.It also gives you a kick in the panties to get back to work and allow your imagination to take you farther than your dreams.

    My book, Eden's Black Rose, has yet to get a release date, but I'm hopeful now that the snow is falling:)
    I'll be sending my sequel to the TWRP some time next week. Just busy tweaking out about 10,000 extra words. So I can't count! Last week I was up 40 K. It's getting there!
    As for my fair weathered friends, if you look out my window at this exact moment, it's very white and very pretty. After my son's soccer game tonight, I might be singing a different tune.

    Christmas should be all about family friends and not, 'What did you get?' But, so many get caught up in that cycle that the true meaning of the Holidays gets tossed out in the wrapping paper the next day. It's sad that people feel they have buy love instead of give it.
    As for my holiday, I'm hoping for a quiet one with my family. The only thing that could go wrong would be if my daughter's dog takes down the tree or tinkles on it:)
    For now, Happy Thanksgiving*

  7. So many stories so much writing. I congratulate you all for doing so well. Helen, ouch, 200K my fingers ache thinking about it.

    But I totally agree, it's this season is about people not things and the greatest gift is just the company of being together.