A Prepublished Novel in the Process of Revisions and Rewrites

Monday, December 1, 2008

It seems the holidays are upon us once again...

Wow! Does time fly or what? I hope you all had a productive Thanksgiving weekend. How was your Black Friday? I, personally, steered clear of the mad shopping rush and always do the day after Thanksgiving. But this year, it is for more economical reasons. I don't know about all of you but the green stuff in this house is extremely tight.

I'm surprised at the media's announcement that the Holiday shopping numbers were better than expected. With the financial strife and so many still projected to loose jobs, etc. I would have thought Black Friday this year to be a bust. Well, obviously there is a steady flow of money within many people's grasp still. Good for them. Me? I'll just hold on to what I have. Credit cards be damned, the mortgage still needs paying and I for one will not any longer rob Peter to pay Paul, LOL Lesson learned one too many times already.

I spent my weekend cleaning and decorating. Nice quiet home time. Nothing like it. Don't you just love how cozy the house seems with all the holiday lighting and greenery?

Once I get the holiday preparations under way, I am gearing up to settle in and do the revisions on Dancing on the Edge, the novel I'd told you about earlier. This was my first published work that I recently requested my rights back from the original publishing house. I do have some interest generated in the novel so my goal is to get it cleaned up and ready for submission hopefully next month the latest. Not much to do really but it's funny how your writing skills grow. I look at that book now and see things I would have done differently, LOL

Another project I'd like to cover over the holidays is getting Roma Wolf Tales Book II under way. I have begun it but it is nowhere near done in first draft. These are my two priority goals going into the new year. What are your goals? Have you thought about that yet? Why not share them with us all. They don't have to be writing oriented. They can be anything. For instance, I plan on getting myself into a regular exercise routine. I have lost my discipline over the last several years and find other than the regular job which I am up and about, I sit in front of this laptop more time than not. Which as all of you realize doesn't help to tone the derriere in the least!

I look forward to hearing all about your New Year's goals and resolutions. And by all means have a wonderful Monday.



  1. Oh, yes, exercise -- even if it's just walking the dog. I need to get away from the computer ;).

    Another goal I have is to submit, submit, submit! I have an aversion to submitting. I'd much rather be writing. Actually, the aversion is to rejection, LOL. But to succeed in this business, we need to have our work out there, on as many desks as possible. (And those twelve agents who rejected J.K. Rowling are kicking themselves now, aren't they?)


  2. Hey D~
    Happy monday. I know those two words don't usually go hand in hand, but so far, mine's been descent. I went to work to find my desk bare. Love that!

    Black Friday has become a tradition with my kids and I. Doesn't matter that we're basically broke, we go out for breakfast and get little things for each other. They bought me two books, Laurell K. Hamilton's new vamp book and Karen Marie Moning's. And no-I didn't peak, I picked them out! But they did hide them on me:(

    As for the rest of the holiday-I blinked and it was Monday! We're all decorated for Christmas and the tree looks so pretty. I love being the first one up in the morning and having a cup of tea in front of it.

    Goal? GYM? OMG! UGH!!!! I need to. My girlfriend is a saint for not giving up on me. Theory is, it takes 120 days of repetition and consistency to change bad habits. Wish me luck coz I've grown roots from sitting too much.

    Writing goal? I've got 2 books done, 1 almost finished and two I want to start writing. I need more hours in a day. Anyway, have a great week. Gotta clean out the fridge.

  3. I avoid Black Friday like the plague. When I hear of people being trampled to death in shopping malls I cringe and wonder what on earth has happened to our society. Personally I think this huge shift in our economy will have a few 'good' side affects. The biggest one would be for folks to start living within their means. Lets face it, our credit card lifestyle is what has dug the hole we're in.

    My goals are quite lofty for 2009. I have three stories itching in my brain that need to be written. One is the third part of my Time Travel books. Now that TWRP has contracted book one, I need to get serious about editing book two and finishing book three. Not that these others are contracted, but I'd like to think they have a chance at publication now that book one is under edits. I have two Scarlet ideas swimming in my head... one which is already started and the other is knocking on the door and demanding attention. Ohh.. and I've an idea for yet another werewolf story. But he's just not as loud as the others right now and will just have to wait.

    Oh, and I need to get a web-site up and running. And three book trailers to put together. Ahh gee... I'm tired just thinking about it.

  4. I love deocrating and agree that the house does seem very cozy. I haven't made any resolutions but your post made me start to think!

  5. I just don't feel holidayey, not without the fire, the snow, the ambiance and yes, the cold.

    Black Friday, even 50% off couldn't get me there at 5:00am. Am I the only one who hates shopping? Give me a good catalogue to order from!

  6. No Black Friday for me. There isn't any way I am going to fight the traffic and the crowds out there. I decorated over the weekend and really enjoyed that. Thanks for sharing.

    Oh, yeah, I've been submitting some things and waiting patiently on responses for other proposals. At least, I'm not pulling my hair out worried about the ones I already sent.

  7. Hi, Dayana! I'm with you on the Christmas shopping thing. We overextended ourselves last year and are still paying off those presents, so won't be spending much this year. As for goals, my main goal is to finish the first draft of my first ever science fiction romance. I'm almost halfway there already. I also want to write and submit a short story for a TWRP Christmas anthology. But that's just the beginning. I'm still working on my goals for the rest of 2009 and hope to have my list completed soon.