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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More thoughts on gaining exposure on the internet.

Well it seems July has about flown the coop. Time certainly does fly, doesn't it. I noticed that, other than the guest spots, visits/comments have slowed noticably this month. I am one for keeping my website and blog current and fresh, so it's a little disappointing when you don't see much traffic. I'd like to discuss how to get more traffic to our respective internet venues.

Catherine Bybee spends hours and hours on this very subject. And I for one am heeding her words. I have joined Coffee Time, Facebook, My Space, Twitter, keep blog and website freshly updated, as I mentioned above, and try to get to other blogs and loops to leave comments. That is a challenge in itself I have found as there are only so many hours in a day. But interacting is so very important, so I will continue to work on getting around the internet to other blogs and loops in hopes that those people will do the same.

I will also experiment with Catherine's suggestion to read and review other author's books. I have done reveiws, albeit, under another pseudonym and on a more professional level. Though being in the position that I'd like to see reveiws written by my readers, I definitely can return the favor. Nothing like a peer kudo on your book cover!

I was recently approached via email by a marketing company whose name I will not disclose who claims to be able to get my name and books out to more than 5,000,000 readers within my writing parameters. Hmmm... I thought. What's the ticket on that? So, I sent an email inquiring they send me more information as I send no personal information over the net such as phone number, address, etc. EVER! They did respond and the lowest circulation which I think was something like 500K was almost $600 and $800 for circulation to one million then up to $2100! Hellooo I'm still considered a starving artist at this point in my career! That ain't happening:)

Anyway, just some thoughts to toss out there.

Cari Quinn will be dropping in tomorrow to discuss more on getting our names circulating out in cyberspace. She will be discussing branding, website etiquette and graphic art. Please come by and check her out.

Talk soon. Any suggestions and ideas you have are more than welcome on the art of making internet noise:)



  1. First: OMG.. Me? okay. I'm a bit of a internet geek! And lets face it, when you're waiting for 'the call' or in my case... 'the e-mail' you need to do something to get your mind off of what ifs.

    I do hope that anyone reading this who is a writer understands that you simply can't put an e-book out there and expect it to do something without you promoting it... and yourself.

    Thanks for the kudo's, Dayana. I do hope it translates into more readers writing killer reviews for you. Because even if you and I never become the next Nora... we still want people to read and enjoy our books. And here is the thing, folks. How will the author know you enjoy their book if you don't tell them.

    Jenna Petersen, Avon Historical author, wrote my very first erotic book I've ever read... Everything Forbidden.. OMG... Burned dinner over that one! My lovely hubby smiled and ate while the kids pissed and moaned. I wrote Jenna that very night and told her she owed me a steak dinner. She wrote me back the next day and said she'd had a rather crappy day and boy didn't I make her smile.

    To me it's the whole 'pay it forward' deal. Something not done often enough.
    So... pay it forward. My challenge to all... Pay it (whatever it may be ) forward.

  2. Hey, girl. I understand. Our group blog takes a lot of time. I haven't updated my website or Facebook or MySpace in ages! Of course I don't have a book to sell yet! My friends have blogs and I can't remember to check them often enough! Then there are the strangers who want me to check their blogs. I am soooooo far behind!

  3. Well said once again, Cathy. I read L. Rosario's Captive Fantasy(erotic, paranormal) and was so caught up in it I was a captive myself! I ran not walked directly to the review board and told everyone what a wonderfully HOT read it was with well-fleshed, lovable characters and the author was one I would read forever:) She responded with a warm thank you for taking the time. I will not soon forget her or her book.

    And no, since my first book pub I have strived to get my name out there. You definitely can not sit back and wait for fame.


  4. I hear you, Mary! And love being a member of the Pink Fuzzies. Thank you for stopping by and taking time out of you busy day:)


  5. Promo is HARD. But it's necessary. A time suck. Blech...

    But, I do my best to find at least a little time each day to update Facebook, my blog, twitter and then a little blog-hopping.


    Plus, it's a way to relax a bit, too.