A Prepublished Novel in the Process of Revisions and Rewrites

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wow! it's way too quiet. Where is everyone?

Well as many of you have noticed, I have been very busy with visibility. Something that for us fledgeling authors is so very important. Without the funds for broad advertising, agent representation, or that dreamed of sale to a large New York house we are at our own mercy.

So what do we do? We put our name and brand on any and every venue we can. We collect people as 'friends' and resources to utilize and keep our names in the proverbial limelight. We help each other by doing blog visits, interviews, and just plain word of mouth advertising.

I am not the highest skilled computer techie-type person but I can eventually figure my way around most venues. If I can't I have Catherine! LOL But I will warn you, everything takes time and patience. As many of you know I recently signed up for Twitter(easy), My Space(full day project for me), and Facebook(not complicated).

Now while we're busy trying to get aboard all these networks, other venues are
slipping by the wayside. I have slacked the last couple of weeks on the loops, blogs I frequent, and writer forums. Yikes! It all takes so much time and effort to keep visible, when does a writer take time to...write?

Well, remember a few months ago I did some time management blogging? Well, here is where scheduling your activities, updates, writing time, real life all come together. Maybe not as good as on paper but you can tick things off as you accomplish them and feel good about it. I make lists and notes all the time containing things I need to do or did do so I know where I left off. I have a household day planner and and writing day planner and index cards and even spreadsheets coming out the ying yang. Yeah, I know sounds like a chaotic mess but it is an organized chaotic mess *grin*

Today I plan on mapping out all the projects I need to deal with and handle and I will whip out a completed short titled, A Jersy Tale, and get it submission ready. It needs some reworking and lots of heat:) Started out as an imagery project for a class I took and turned into a story long ago. Blew the dust off it last year and did some revising and now I will finish it. I'd like to have it out and hopefully sold by fall. Perhaps even released next year for Halloween. Now all I have to do is make it happen:)

Wanted to remind you all that Michele Flagg will be hanging out here tomorrow so please drop by and visit with her. She is the author of Retribution! the very hot vampire series, The Champion Chronicles. Don't miss Michael Malone. He is one stacked vampire.

Have a wonderful end to your weekend.



  1. Hi Dayana. This is my first full day to relax in three weeks! Thought I'd pop by and see what's happening here. Thanks for the cool promo. Looking forward to tomorrow after another torturous morning (a human interest story for a future day).

    Thanks again for the mention.

  2. You know that I get exactly what you mean. It's just a bit more work for those of us who cannot afford to pay to promote.
    I think everyone is on vacation. Which is good since I have to write.
    You know, I have to!
    Can't wait to read the blog tomorrow, looking forward to it Mickey! I'll be here!
    Dayana you are too organized. I'm lucky if I can find the notes I wrote so I wouldn't forget. Hmmm

  3. Hi Mary. Boy do I agree with you about those notes. I buy stickies now. Big lined post-its all over the place. I hope that tip helps, and I'm looking forward to seeing you here tomorrow.

    Dayana, with all this organizational abilities - are you sure you're not a virgo??

  4. It is quiet out here in online land isn't it? It's the vacation thing I think. And then RWA was this past weekend. So many are there too.

    Great promo tips, Dayana.

  5. Oh my, I'm the baromiter (sp) of promo? Okay... I'll take the title. I personally think you're doing fantastic with all of it, Dayana. Most of all I'm happy to hear your getting new work ready to go out on its own. Without that... all the rest means nothing. In my humble opinion anyway...

  6. Thanks, guys for dropping by to keep me company:) I agree with Kaye and Mary that many people are away and at play.

    Cathy, you honestly have been a motivator for me. I appreciate you immensely, LOL I actually sat down and worked a 1500 word short to over 3500 words(and this was just the first two scenes!) yesterday and came up with a very interesting story thread/plot to lengthen it further.

    Funny how you can whip an old piece out and fly with it.