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Thursday, July 9, 2009

The first guest blogger of the month is with us today...:)

So grab your coffee or beverage of choice, sit back, and please give a warm welcome to my friend, Faith V. Smith, author of Kensington Soul. Faith, thank you for stopping by to gab today.

Hi, Dayana!

Thanks for having me. Today I wanted to discuss the pull of attraction between:

Vamps And Me!

Ever wonder what it is about a tall, dark, or even blond vampire that makes a heroine go completely weak in the knees? Well, as an author and an avid reader, I have to tell you it’s got to be the mysterious air they have. The I’ve been around and know what I want attitude and when they want you or the heroine...lol, it is fascinating.

I’ve never been a fan of vampiric movies. I’ve always been too scared to open my eyes when it comes to the gory parts. So, what possessed me to start a series with vampires?

Well, it started with a dream and I entered the bit I wrote into a contest, which I did not place, but I continued to write Zacke and Miranda’s story in Kensington’s Soul. In the meantime, I’d been an avid reader of Christine Feehan’s heroes as well as Angela Knight’s books and Sherrilyn Kenyon’s. The more I read the more I fell into the plots of these books. I think we all fantasize about men who will love us as we are, make us feel we are the only one, and take us away from all the inhibitions we’ve developed over the years.

Face it, if we say no and they convince us, then it’s their fault right? Any who, I would love to hear from you about your love affair with fangy heroes of romance. You can reach me at my website: www.faithvsmith.com.

In the meantime, please enjoy this excerpt from Kensington’s Soul.

He stood still, afraid to move
in the deafening silence.

He could hear her heart beating within her chest. He wondered if she could hear the racing of his own heart.
“It must have been the wind.” Miranda’s words broke the quiet.
The disappointment he heard in her voice prompted him to step forward. He stopped himself before he reached the bed and took her in his arms. It would do no good to frighten her to death. Calling back his concentration, which had scattered to the four winds upon hearing his name, he whispered a comfort prayer. He completed it with an urgent command for her to sleep.
The sun’s rays now crested the treetops. He needed to be gone. But still he didn’t move. He waited until Miranda slid back down in the bed and her breathing relaxed before he allowed his desire to overcome his common sense.
He approached her slumbering body. The purity of her face, still marred by a score of tear-tracks, looked beautiful beyond belief. Although he felt the rays of the sun heat his skin, he had one more thing to do: a safety prayer to keep Gabriella out along with any henchmen she might send to do her dirty work.
That done, Zacke leaned down and brushed her lips with his own. The sweetness pulling at him threatened to drop him to his knees. He fought the urge to lie at her side. It would mean his death—but to die in Miranda’s arms would be worth the agony.

About Faith V. Smith

Faith started her journey to publication when she joined the Romance board at iVillage.com, where she has long since become a community leader. She has written book reviews for Bridges Magazine, MyShelf.com, and for the past six years, Romantic Times Book Reviews. She also pens a column for a local magazine. Her path veered into editing and marketing for a small press before she joined The Wild Rose Press staff. Her dream of having her own work published is a blessing and an honor. Faith resides in the south with her daughter Amanda, memories of her now angel husband Rick, and a special zoo crew of furry babies.

Visit her at www.faithvsmith.com


  1. So anyone out there who would like to talk about vampires?

    I'm here and more than ready to discuss what you want to see in your paranormal tales of romance.

    If you are a writer, tell me what makes you write about these creatures of the night.


  2. I love vampires - when they're well written. They're classy and smart and sensitive under the surface - the perfect hero characteristics - except they're sort of the bad guy.

    Makes for an interesting twist. Kind of like good girls liking bad boys.

  3. By the way, I love the blurb!

  4. Donna I love that you loved the burb! It was fun writing. I agree, I think it's good girls liking the bad guys...lol. They are hot, sensual, and just plan exciting.


  5. Hi Faith. Your excerpt makes me want to know more. Will have to check this one out over the summer.

    I'm fascinated by the concept of having a world of knowledge from watching centuries pass in a vampire. Good vs. Evil is always a thrilling theme - even if it's the evil within that the vampire fights. I think it translates to the demon in all of us, the choices one makes. A well constructed paranormal world skirts reality to intrigue the reader. And as Donna said, that bit of bad boy underneath makes for good drama. I enjoyed your post.

  6. Hi Mickey,

    Good to see you here. I agree, there has to be some sort of intrigue. Sure, there are bad vampires and not in the bad boy gotta love em type of way, but just evil.

    I prefer the ones who are trying to right wrongs, make the world a better place, etc. I also think that as a woman I would want someone like that. The guy that can melt your bones, make you believe everything is okay, but let you be yourself...lol.

    I do hope you check out Kensington's Soul, I would love to know what you think. I believe that is the only way we can grow as authors, to listen to what others have to say as well as what's in our heart.

    Take care!


  7. Faith, I read Kensington's Soul and loved it.
    Now let me share why I think authors write about creatures of the night. Maybe it's about their mystery, sexuality, and although they're immortal -- their vulnerability.

    ~~~ Eliza M

  8. Thank you so much Eliza,

    I'm glad you liked KS. I agree there's something so touching about their hidden weaknesses. I guess it's like they want to be strong all the time but they have
    hearts that can be broken too.

    BTW, I love your work!


  9. Oh. Forgot to mention it. Your website is gorgeous!

  10. Thanks Mickey! Rae Monet is the website mistress...lol. She is talented beyond belief!

    Stop by any time to see me!


  11. Faith~
    Hi. There's two things that attract a man to me. The first are his eyes. They have to be able to captivate me and turn my mind to mush. The second is he has to have a killer smile and a little flash of fang goes a long way and coupled with a set of baby blues.... need I say more? That's why I love vamps.
    Your blurb is awesome. I just added Kensington's Soul to my read this summer list. Hope you enjoyed your day.

  12. Hey, Faith! Sorry to be so late in hopping on. Been a long day. Just got to sit down and check out what's going on.

    So what's in the future for Kensington, Zacke and Miranda? Are we going to have a sequel and what of the hot partners of Zacke's, Miles and Hawk?

    Pre tel, woman! I wanna know:)


  13. Hi Jaclyn,

    Thanks so much for stopping by. Sorry to be so late in answering you!

    Eyes are good. For me it's hair...lol. I want clean hair, I love a bit longer hair on a man. I love the way it can tease the collar of a dress shirt. Of course my vamp's hair is a tad longer.

    Fangs, yes! A peek gets your attention...lol. I'm so glad you want to read Kensington's Soul. It was fun writing and as always as an author you want your baby to be loved by all...lol.

    Nice meeting you here!


  14. Evening Dayana,

    No need to apologize! I understand completely. I'm thrilled to be here!

    Yes, Zacke & Miranda's friends, Gideon, Dunbar, and Miles all get their own stories.

    I'm excited to say, Dunbar's Curse, Miles' story of romance is with my editor now. I'm waiting with bated breath, hoping she will like it!

    I was wondering, how do I go about giving away my prize? Do you do that?

    Thanks again for a lovely opportunity and day!


  15. Yeah Dayana,

    Yes, I will be around today and looking forward to giving away a PDF of Kensington's Soul.

    So pull up a chair, readers and let's talk vampires!


  16. Hi Faith! I think what makes the vampire character good is the writer. If she/he can create and convey a well done story/character then it's got to be a good read! I loved your excerpt and blurb and do look forward to reading your stories!

  17. I like the deep POV from my vamps. A talented writer can capture the reader and have her tilting her neck to the side and saying "Bite me"

    Oh... maybe that's just me. LOL.

  18. Hi Kaye,

    Thank you for the comp! I hope you do like the book also! I agree the author's job is to make readers want to keep reading and be sad when the book is finished.

    Good to see you!


  19. LOL Catherine! Bite me? I love it! I agree, our fangy heroes need to have that certain something that make our readers want to get to know them!

    Good to have you here!


  20. Vampires have always been in my nightmares. I used to think the worst thing in the world would be to get bit by one and become ugh! a vampire. But since then I have done a lot of reading and the neck thing kinda might do it for me.
    What the hey,authors have changed my mind. Might be nice to be bit on the neck...
    A good author can change your mind.

  21. I know what you mean, Mary. Gives me the creeps too unless it's in romance.

    Good to have your thoughts and good to see you here!


  22. Okay, so it's time for the prize giveaway. The winner and let's have a drum roll please...

    IS M. Flagg.


    Please email me at fvsmith1@aol.com
    so I can get you your prize.

    Thank you all so much for making this a wonderful chat for me!!!