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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Whew! Is it hot out there!

Hello from overly hot and very sunny South Florida. Just a fleeting comment: to us tropical dwellers this would be our rendition of the nasty winter months of our Northern cousins. You know, the type of weather you stay indoors, or run from one air conditioner to another. The pools are not even refreshing this time of year as they are like diving into bathwater--same goes for the ocean!

Anyway, tried my hand at some outdoor stuff, you know transplanting some stuff, weeding, etc., but dove back on in the house. Found a nifty project I've been wanting to tackle for almost forever and began working on that; namely, scraped all the caulk off my bathtub, bleached the area, cleaned the tub, now waiting for it to dry out so I can recaulk it. Hah! It looks so beautiful. Who da thought, just doing something so simple can give the room a little extra pizazz and such pleasure at the accomplisment, LOL

Oh, I wanted to congratulate Michele Flagg on winning a copy of Faith V. Smith's book, Kensington's Soul, yesterday. You are going to love it, Mickey!

Next up on the guest list is Jaclyn Tracey, author of the soon to be released Eden's Black Rose at TWRP. She is doing something really special for the blog and if any of you know Jack personally, then you know it will not be without humour and belly laughs. I can't wait. Tune in on Monday, the 13th, for her antics.

Don't forget to watch for the Liberty Bell graphic to pop up within any given post during the month. List the post's author and date to qualify for your chance at the grand prize goodie basket.

Well, I'm starving, so I'm off to have some lunch and check the bathroom project progress:)

Talk to you later,



  1. You are a lot more ambitious than I am. With the house at 78 degrees I find it hard to get myself up to sweating through much more than mopping the floor.u

  2. What a courageous woman you are to brave the elements. I am very glad I won "Kensington's Soul" and already diving into it. Whoa... He's some hot vamp! And as you've guessed, instead of cleaning, my eyes are glued to a great read!

  3. LOL, I wouldn't say courageous:) A glutton for punishment maybe, Mickey. I know you are just going to love KS. Enjoy!

    Mary, most times I feel the same way. Who wants to do housework when there are so many more fun and more stimulating ways to spend one's time!

    Anyway, I'm slowly getting into some home improvement projects so this winter I can dive into some major stuff like painting and heavy duty changes, inside and out, hopefully.


  4. We're hot, too. But dry! I'll be cleaning out the 'rolling turd' and getting it ready to sell! YeeHaw... Hawaii next year! LOL