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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Happy Saturday!

First, I'd like to thank Linda for letting Lucien come out and play:) Waves to Linda, blows kisses at Lucien

Well, it's been another productive and fun week. It's been a day of wonder today for me. I spent the day in my favorite type of weather--Thundery, dark brooding skies, and rain. Glorious! And best of all, I have been working on a new story which incidently has come from yet another old piece I had hanging around. I spent the day--are you ready for this?--WRITING! Yes, you heard right. I spent the day writing:)

I also jumped back and forth from the muse to gather some research facts on my story's antagonsit and subject matter. Low and behold, I have discovered that the title I'd chosen for the story was actually a movie on the same subject matter, LOL Back to the original title--for now.
A little background. I was born and raised in southern New Jersey not far from the Pine Barrens best known for Leed's Devil, the thirteenth child, aka, the Jersey Devil.
Well, I came across some video that brought back wonderful memories and scenery of my favorite place in the world. Bastso Village. The roots of Batsto Village can be traced back to 1766. It is a well-known historical site. We went there on a school trip when I was a child and I fell in love with the place. I went back time and time again, the last time was in the late 90's. We took my Godchild.
Why am I gabbing on and on about this? Well, the village is located in the same Pinelands that the Jersey Devil was said to dwell. As I said earlier, I was doing a bit of research and came across this video on YouTube. Check it out. Just follow the link I've created behind the following title: The 13th Child: The Legend of the Jersey Devil. Oh and thus the reason I have to nix my title which was The 13th Son, A Jersey Tale, LOL You will see a panover of the Batsto Mansion that filled my dreams as a child. I loved that house. Also I walked the very paths the characters are walking around and not so very long ago. It gave me goosebumps.

Now when you read my next book you'll have some imagery in your mind of the setting and a bit of background on me. Hey, Mickey! Wasn't it you talking about how memory plays a big part in our stories? Well, here's your proof.


Footnote: pictures courtesy of Batsto Village official website and the Pine Barren trail picture came from Brendan T Byrne State Park website.


  1. Hi Dayanna,
    I knoiw the area having grown up in Jersey. My kids were always going on about the Jersey Devil. We lived for a short time in southern Jersey. But I have never heard of Batsto. I love visiting historical places and very old. Thanks for sharing this. Look forward to reading your book.
    Carol L.

  2. Hello, Carol! If you get back to SJ please do visit Batsto. The atmosphere is so amazing because there is so much history there. I have goose bumps just writing this. I grew up loving all things with history and stories behind them. My love for the paranormal began at a very young age and my family shared so many stories. Anyway, great seeing you here and thank you for joining 'Dayana's Happenings.


  3. I've never been to Jersey but I suppose all places have their legends. Your inspiration for this story holds a lot of depth, Dayana. I can't wait to see what you do with it. Keep typing.

  4. Who needs the picture, your imagery makes it all real. Good luck Dayana~

  5. Hey Cat and Mary. Thank you for dropping in. Kinda bummed that not one else is hanging out with us. Ah well...

    I was so excited about this new story and this place I'd wanted to share it a bit wider, LOL

    Not to be dampened though. I will be hashing out more of my new WIP before I go to bed every night:)