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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Good Morning! or is it?

I was awaken by the cell phone ringing or more like vibrating on my nightstand at 5:59AM! I answer because those type of calls are never good and lo and behold--a wrong number. Okay, it happens and I've got to get up anyway.

Then I make coffee and the coffee maker has seemed to fizzled out. It isn't doing the drip thing its supposed to do. So I stand there and pour hot water through the grounds. Okay, I'm sort of realizing this is not a stellar morning for me. LOL

Now AOL is doing it famous "not responding" thing so everything I've attempted so far has been an issue.

Let me just get to my point before something else stops me from doing what I need to do.

A.) I've found my way to Twitter. Please join me by clicking the widget on the sidebar.

B.) I've also accomplished setting up a My Space page this weekend. I'd love for you all to check it out and join me there. I have not, however figured out how to bring the link over here so if interested you can visit me at the below link:

C.) For those of you who may be straggling in late to check out Jack's blog yesterday, she will be hangin around today as well! Yay, Jack! I need your humour about right now!

Now, I'm off to get ready for the day job. Wish me luck please as it seems this morning I need it.



  1. Hey D~
    I know you want some humor, but hows 'bout misery loves company? Remember my little tale of woe about Miss Lonny--the DESTRUCTOR?
    She tore through my house again this am. Just came home to let the monster out to tinkle and low and behold I entered a war zone. Hummm. Time to take a vaca somewhere sunny and warm with drinks with little umbrellas and hot cabana boys delivering them to me. Want to join me?

    Question for the day to win a free download of EBR. Please hop over to my blog and tell me what is my favorite color.
    Sorry, couldn't resist a Holy Grail one-liner.
    Tell me what the 3 things you should look for in someone if you suspect they're having or had a stroke.It's under Strokes and Aneurisms heading. If more than one I'll toss name in a hat. My blog site is:

    D~ Hope your day improves.

  2. I hope both of your evenings turn out better. When the monster is asleep or you're done with work for the day. Take a few minutes and sit back with your feet up and daydream. You deserve it, and maybe a new story line will pop into those daydreams, you never know.

  3. Ruh Ro! Lonny at again, eh? Ho boy! So sorry you've shared a stressful beginning as well.

    The day stayed pretty much the same for me at work. I won't go into details but peers and docs alike were quite cranky. Ah well...

    At least we were all of the same mind set.

    Thanks for hanging in through today, Jack! Loved having you. Looking forward almost as much as you to EBR's release, I think:)

    Hey, Mary. Thanks for dropping by and the cheery words of advice, LOL I may just take you up on that.


  4. What? No coffee? That is a serious crime, sister.

  5. Mary,
    Hi. My thoughts shadow Dayana's. Thank you. Just got back from a nice 3 mile trek of being dragged over the mountain and through the woods. Feet are now up, a cup of tea in hand and my dogs trying to lick my toes so the teas getting sloshed around... Can't win.
    Sorry your day stayed status quo, D~. Mine definitely turned around and yes, there's a story in there for sure.
    Hope you guys enjoy the night.

  6. Tell me about it, Cathy! I once avoided a blood work up for months because I couldn't get past no coffee until after 8:30am when I get up a 6. Mind you, I realize you can have black coffee but that just doesn't do it for me. I have to have my touch of Folger's Chocolate Truffle added into the plain roast with just a touch of sugar and milk.


  7. D~
    Ah-no,no,no, no. Its all about the sugar, baby. Light and sweet. 2-3 splenda along with 1 heaping teaspoonn sugar and creammmmm.
    Although, the chocolate truffle stuff sounds amazing too!
    Ok ladies, it's lights out time. sweet dreams.

  8. I'm a hazelnut cream and whip cream on top kind a girl. lol