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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Please welcome Linda Nightingale, Author, Paranormal Romance

Hullo, I'm Carol, and I am a Black Swan. Sounds like an addiction, doesn't it? But we don't have meetings or go on the wagon.

And we don't confess our sins!

From the trailer, you'll gather that Black Swans are treated to rather special pleasures. While Tristan is off in America trying to find himself, I'm attempting to forget him with other handsome members of his species. A girl can get spoiled to the best, and vampires are the best in every respect—sensuality and sexuality but fidelity isn't high on their list of priorities—unless you snag his heart. I really shouldn't be revealing these secrets, or breaking the Pact as they call it, but you won't tell, will you? Our story released yesterday from The Wild Rose Press. Please join me in falling in lust—and in love.

A friend who doesn't read paranormal romance, horror or fantasy asked me how I "came up with these stories." I begin with one character who then tells me his/her story, and the journey can sometimes be a wild ride. (I've thrown away a lot of pages getting to know the character). I have written four full length book manuscripts and several short stories. In each instance, it is the same. In Sinners Opera, the hero Morgan D'Arcy manifested full-blown as if I'd known him from the past. In Cardinal Desires, Katy McCaully, a forensic psychiatrist, was the first to speak then her vampire lover, Sterling Fox spoke up. Both Sinners Opera and Cardinal Desires, which was a semi-finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest and a Maggie winner, are spicy vampire novels. But in my latest effort, I, Azazel, a fallen angel decided to take center stage.

Black Swan started as two "companion" stories, Tristan's quest for self and Carol's adventures in the night. When I sent the two stories to The Wild Rose Press, the Mistress of Darkness herself, Callie Lynn Wolfe, told me that what I'd submitted was two parts to one story. She was right, of course. I combined them, added a little more love than lust (or maybe a bit more of both) and Black Swan, with Callie as midwife/editor, was born.

As if we had given birth to our stories, we love each of them, and like children, for different qualities. I love Black Swan because I enjoyed toying with the idea of a vampire being true to one woman, when the kiss is such an intimate act. If a man sets about seducing a woman in order to drain her blood, is this overstepping the bounds of fidelity? That, I suppose, would depend on whether the vampire, male or female, saw the object of bloodlust as merely food. In my mythos, the line between bloodlust and carnal lust blurs. It is difficult for my vampires to separate the two overwhelming sensations. So they face a huge problem being monogamous.

If seduction is part of the blood bargain, can a vampire be true? Any thoughts?

Contest: Answer this question from the story and win a Black Swan coffee mug. What kind of car does Tristan drive? The winner must leave an email addy so that I can contact her/him for a snail mail address.

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  1. Hi Linda! Tony-Paul de Vissage here. Great story--and glad I was there from first to its publication. Hope it sells well. All the vamps from my neck of the land between the forest send kudos. Do I get to play--or are friends of the family exempt? If not, it's fun, anyway. Tristan drives a gunmetal grey BMW roadster. Toni V.S. knows my address.

  2. Hello Linda

    For whatever reason I did not know about your books, but now that I do they have been added to my TBR list

    Had to cheat on naming the car - Tristan drives a gunmetal grey BMW roadster. (Thank you, Toni V.S.!)

  3. Toni you are the first so you are the winner of the Black Swan mug. Thanks for the kudos and I'm glad you enjoyed the story!

    Patricia, thanks for stopping by and I'm delighted you like my work! Sorry Toni beat you to the mug. Try tommorow at Mona Risk's blog!

  4. I am so proud of you I could burst. Linda you write like a pro, and the fallen angel story will be one of the best you've written, just wait and see.

  5. Hey, Linda and Toni! I know you are enjoying this time! Though I have no vampires in my books, I mentioned one of Linda's characters in my first book!

    I've known the Nightingale vampires and angels and LUc for a long time.

  6. Linda totally rocks as a swell gal and excellent writer. I don't read much dark paranormal but I love her stuff. :) I would relish a grocery list penned by her hand.

  7. Hey Beth I always said I'd listen to the phone book read by Michael York! In the same vein...ha ha

  8. Thanks Mary and Mary! MM I'm really looking forward to RT. Do you think we can get in any trouble? :-)

  9. Dayana, great interview! Linda is a fabulous writer! I love her work! I can't wait to read the rest of Black Swan, I've read the first 11 pages and will be going back to read the remainder as soon as I finish commenting here!

    Scarlet Pumpernickel of the Pinkfuzzyslipperwriters.blogspot.com

  10. I wanted to thank Dayana for allowing me to blog with her today. It has been fun, and thank you girls for dropping by!