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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Welcome to Romancing February's next stop:)

Good Morning and Happy Valentine's Day.

As you know, Skhye discussed the mysterious Knights Templar yesterday on her blog and offered up some wonderful prizes. If you missed this please back track a moment and take a look.

Today I'd like to talk about my Eternal Obsession , and no I don't mean my recently released erotic vamp story. I refer to a different and very real kind of love and companionship on this day of celebrated love and relationships.

Puppy love:) of the canine persuasion.

As many of you know, I recently lost my soul pet, and I would like to take this moment to thank you all for your thoughts, love, and support through a very dark time in my life. Hugs to all of you! For without you my loss and depression would have been ever strangling.

I don't know about you but my dog was my child. My mother instinct outlet as I've never had children. She was also my confidante and my shoulder to cry on when I had no other. She listened and exubed unconditional love and support always. Never tired of my rants and raves. Never walked away from my persistant mauling, which at times I'm sure was quite annoying. She always greeted me with a wide doggie smile and exuberant excitement whenever I returned home.

Love like this is worth celebrating as well as the love I have shared with my soul mate. We will be married twenty-six years on February 20th. So this is a bittersweet Valentine's Day for me.

We will adopt again though the pain of loss cuts so deeply within our hearts. So many pets are abandoned and surrendered out there these days more so with the loss of jobs and homes in our failing economy. In fact, we are working with a Sheltie rescue, Mid Florida Sheltie Rescue, at this moment and are attempting to adopt an eleven month old female named, Bea. Wish us luck.

This rescue works hard to place the dog with a family that is entirely compatible with the dog's personality and activity level. We are hoping that Bea is a good match for us. You see, when we adopted Gypsy, she too was eleven months old. Coincidence or sign? I'm hoping this is an encouraging omen:)

Tell you what. Why not tell me your pet love stories. I will draw a winner at midnight EST Sunday night and offer up a free .pdf copy of Eternal Obsession to the winner.

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Tomorrow's blog stop: www.chadmirand.net/blog

Thanks for stopping by:)

Good luck and have fun!


  1. I'm truly sorry for the passing of your beloved pet. We have several pets and I'm not quit sure what I would do without them. Each one means the world to me.

    Salt and Pepper are the two oldest cats we have in the house. There mother was our first cat, Ms. Kitty. Ms. Kitty is no longer with us. But, I see her everyday in her sons. She was the apple of my husbands eye. Ms. Kitty was his baby. She was pregnant at the time she disappeared. She was an inside/outside cat. She came and went as she pleased. One night, she just never came back. We live in the mountains so Jr, needless to say, looked the mountains over and over again to find her. We never did. It was hard there for a while, but we had Salt and Pepper to keep us company. They on the other hand are just inside cats. They have never been outside and have also been fixed. They are wonderful.

    I hope and pray the new dog that comes into your life will be everything you ever wanted and needed.

  2. Hi Dayana, I'm so sorry to hear about your beloved Gypsy. I read your previous post and it broght tears to my eyes. I know it is so horrible to have a wonderful member of your family pass away. I hope that Bea is a perfect match for you.
    My story is about Cinny our Pom mix. We have always been cat people but a year and half ago we learned about a dog that was being abused. Locked in a bathroom without food. So we took her in, she had burned paws from standing in her waste and she was so skinny. Within a month she gained 7 pounds and her paws were almost healed. Despite her terrible beginnings she is loving and sweet. I could never imagine our life without her now. She's my second daughter.

  3. Sorry about the loss of Gypsy. I read your post yesterday and sat down and cried. We love all our pets just like one of our children. We have a inside dog, one inside cat, and a bird!! The dog, Lady, I got for my husband to replace a heeler(outside dog) that was killed. She is part heeler. There was a sign at a local diner stating free blue heeler puppies. Me and my three granddaughters went to the house, and I knew they were not true heelers. Of course, they were precious. I ended up taking one. She had five brothers and sisters and I don't know for sure, but I would bet Lady is the only one alive. We have had so many skin problems with her ( I mean bad) noone seems to know exactly what it is. Well to shorten the story my husband and I listened to what every person we took her to had to say and for the past 3 years have treated her ourselves. Every now and then the skin problem will emerge and we just keep doing what we have been doing. I hate to see the day she dies, because my husband loves that dog more than I have ever seen someone love an animal, and Lady loves him the same way back.

  4. You know how my heart goes out to you, Dayana. I'll keep good thoughts that Bea is perfect for you and your soul mate.

    Our Tommy cat of 17 years died last May. We also have a little JRT who is the sweetest pup in the world. Month's ago, my daughter who works at a vet's office, started sending me pics of a baby kitten who was abused. At less than a pound, he was thrown into a dumpster head-first. His left eye was badly traumatized, would have to be removed. After incessant pleas, I opened my heart and my home to little 'Opus'. He needed lots of TLC, and the JRT adopted him. They actually hug each other. In January he had two eye bleeds, which prompted extensive surgery. At only 5 pounds, it was touchy, but last week he got his stitches out and is biting ankles once again. He's now a very intriguing orange maincoon with character!

    Loving pets, loving people. The world doesn't have enough of them. Here's hoping your next post includes a new family member.
    Stay well :) - Mickey

  5. Great post, Dayana. I hope you're feeling better today. Skhye

  6. D~
    Happy Valentines Day and anniversary next week. I want to share with you two of my babies. I told you about Sammy, my little siamese and Ebony, my husky last week when we talked. When Sammy was 10 my mom and I went to the Jamesway dept store, (did I just date myself?) and propped up against the wall sat a woman with a box of free seal point kittens. No words were exchanged between my mom & I. I stuck my hand in the box and this little furball with blue eyes hopped into my hand. We took her home contemplating all kinds of names for her. When I set her down in the grass she didn't saunter, didn't prowl, she hopped, everywhere. We named her Cricket. I know it's awful when people say, "Do you have a favorite child?" Cricket was mine. I loved that cat and 30 years later I still mourn her. When she meowed it sounded exactly like she said, MOM. She was my shadow. Went for car rides with me, and sat on the dash board, took showers with me, she loved water, and of course hogged the bed. I loved her and I honestly don't think I've felt pain as intense since I lost her.
    For 23 years after Cricket I had no pets but that's because I married a man who goes into anaphalactic shock seeing pictures of cats. 3 years ago I sat in my back yard eating a bowl of life cereal and from the cemetery fence this moose of a cat jumped and landed on the table, eyed my cereal and without invitation stuck his paw in and fished out a few bites. Then he plunged his fat little nose in. For a feral cat, he knew how to survive. He weighed 16 pounds and had brass kahunas (SP?) One thing led to another and he eventually became a part of our family. My husband even got allergy shots and inhalers because he loved Charlie more than me. Literally, more than me! The little cow fetched, farted and stole the show. We only had him 6 months before he was hit by a car and the SOB that hit him never stopped. My neighbor was behind the car. The next day she brought me a dozen roses and a framed poem of stray cats. It still hangs in my kitchen beside Charlie's photo. Look up Francis Witham, Stray Cat, poem on line. It's beautiful. I want to tell you and your friends I applaud all of you for taking in strays and abused animals. It takes a special person with a giant heart to do it.

  7. Pets are members of the family and it is so sad when they are no longer with us. I have two kittie sand both were adopted. ONe came to us because her owners kids developed allergies. My other kitty was feral and took a lot of time for her to be sociable. They are both wonderful kitties.

  8. I can't wait for you to post pictures of Bea and her Beau... And I've already told you all about our dog Capone... Besides I've already read and loved Eternal Obsession. For those of you out there who haven't picked up Dayana's latest... You are so missing out!

  9. Hi Dayana,
    I have had five wonderful dogs since I got married. I've loved every one of them and cried my heart out with each loss. Each one has had it's own unique personality and each one has done funny and wonderful things.

    The one that sticks out most in my mind was to do with one of our first two dogs. The female was a mutt I got at the shelter and she lived for 22 years. Honest, mutts live forever. Dusty was her name and she was one of the most affectionate animals I have ever known.

    But King, he was something else. So smart it was uncanny. We got him from the back yard of his diseased owner, where he sat sadly missing his master, with a broken toe. That first night he put his head in my lap and sighed, he had to know he was home now and safe.

    One time he saved a child's life. I never had to put a leash on King or Dustin, they would heel and never stray a foot from me. One day I took them both to the vet for their shots. As I got out of the car King jumped out and ran from me. I freaked, I yelled get back here. And as I rounded the back of the car I saw him dragging a toddle by the seat of his pants. Oh my God, I thought, law suit. So I started yelling at him, "Get back here? What are you doing? are you crazy?." I was ready to give him a real dressing down.

    The woman whose child he pulled, picked up the little girl, and said, "Don't you yell at that dog." For a minute I didn't know if she was nuts or I was. And then she gestured to the other side of her car as tears fell down her cheeks, and she hugged my dog and her little girl after falling to her knees. She couldn't even speak.
    For on the other side of her car was a large drop off at the end of the parking lot. I looked over the edge. It was at least a ten or twelve foot drop onto sharp rocks. There was a broken fence sitting at the bottom. My dog had seen the child from the car, must have sensed or seen the drop off and he saved the baby from falling.

    When I finally stopped crying and hugging King myself, she told me what happened. She didn't see the edge from her side of the car. The toddler was quick and she was not. But my dog, my wonderful dog did.
    She would not take no for an answer and King ended up with a huge bone, biscuits and chews, which he gladly shared with Dusty.
    When I looked into his smiling eyes and I got it. He knew, he really knew. And so he saved a child from surely a bad fall.

    Blackie, Nipper, Lucky and now Junior followed those two. But never has any of them showed such unbelievable intelligence in addition to the wonderful love he gave us. When he had to be put to sleep because he was paralyzed, I couldn't let him go alone. One of the hardest things I ever did was to stay with him through the gentle death which followed. I looked into his eyes and hugged him and then hugged him some more. When the light left his eyes, I cried. I cried for a long, long time. I still cry when I think of him or any of the others.Losing a dog is the saddest thing ever and you never get over the loss.

    Damn, he was some dog.