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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bea's first week in her forever home:)

Well, as you all know I took a much anticipated road trip last weekend. I met and brought home Miss Bea. She is everything we wanted and so much more.

My newfound friend and co-conspirator, Barb, proprietor of MidFlorida Sheltie Rescue, advised she thought Bea might be a handful. Bea displays a lot of pent up energy and needs work with leash and her commands. But to my surprise this dog is the most loving, playful, adorable lapdog you'd ever want to meet. She is a bit anxious but every day she looses a little more of her fears. She no longer has to compete with the breeder's evironment of 17 other dogs and now has all the love and attention she'll ever want or need. Thanks to Barb, her rescuer, and our ability to adopt her, she has found her love-filled, happy forever home:)

Bea is no longer petrified of the leash and walks, albeit, in a somewhat nervous fashion with me but at least she doesn't go into a stubborn sit which I had to literally drag her or lift her butt from the ground every five minutes, LOL and she is going into her backyard on her own without being carried out in a state of panic. This world is all new to her but every day she loves it a little more. Freedom! Who wouldn't love that. All her eleven previous months brought her was life in a kennel. Every noise, whether a plane overhead or birds flitting and chirping in the trees utterly startled her. Free run of the house is I think the most amazing for her. She constantly sniffs her way around, constantly checking new corners of house and yard out.

Commands are going well. Not perfect yet but she understands what is being asked of her. She is a very intelligent little girl. All in all her transition from kennel to home is going very smoothe.

Now I will get back to the craft of writing with Bea close beside me supporting my muse in quiet companionship and welcome playful breaks.



  1. What a lovely girl! I had a sheltie at one time and he was the best dog and friend! Congrats.

  2. Bea's first week in her "forever home", that is such a touching sentiment. When I got to that part of your blog. I got teary eyed.
    In case you didn't know I love animals, especially dogs. My first dog was adopted from a shelter. I fell for the sad eyes. She lived for twenty two years, imagine. The Heinz 57 dogs live much longer than pedigree dogs. She was the most affectionate dog I have ever know.
    Bea, is a lucky dog.

  3. Congratulations, Mom! Both of you are smiling. That's a good sign. Welcome, Miss Bea. You have a talented, creative new mommy. Enjoy the love.