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Monday, January 26, 2009

My weekend adventures:)

Hi, everyone!
I know some of you have been waiting and waiting for news of the BIG visit.


Can I tell you it was fantastic! I had a wonderful time with Rhonda and Liana. I've got a few pictures of our adventures here to share as well.

It all began Saturday morning when I picked them up at a local Barnes and Noble after the cruise. We had coffee--Cafe Mocha and a slice of tasty quiche, to be specific--and gabbed about the who's who, what, where, when, etc. on the cruise, then caught up with some stuff and moved on to hang out for a while at my house.

My house.

LOL Just kidding:)

This is one of the beautiful properties along the intracoastal tour Liana and I took that I will tell you about in a bit.

We talked shop and about personal stuff and just generally hung around and got to know one another for a couple hours. Later, we ventured out and had a fabulous dinner at the Olive Garden. More talking and enjoyed each other's company.

After dinner we came back to the house. I went about my domestic bliss while Rhonda and Liana relaxed after what was a very long day for them. They'd been up since about 5AM.

Later, we had to drop Rhonda off in Deerfield Beach at a friend's condo, so we took a leisurely ride up the coast. Liana and I came home, kicked our feet up and relaxed so more. I swear the woman and I were separated at birth. We have so much in common and believe it or not we parallel each other in so many ways. It was uncanny! Funny how we meet certain people and it just seems as if you've known them forever. Rhonda and Liana were like that for me.

On Sunday, Liana and I took the world famous Jungle Queen Riverboat Tour. This is an intracoastal tour that gives you a glimpse of the houses of the rich and famous and the rich and not so famous. The house I claimed was mine is one of them. People like Sonny and Cher, Al Pacino, and many others I can't name, lived in houses along the intracostal. Many movies and TV shows were filmed in these houses. One well-known series was Miami Vice. And several other films that I don't remember the names of were mentioned by the guide.

This is Liana taking in the magnificent sights of the tour. She seemed quite taken with the ride. I had done this tour many years ago when we first visited Florida. It was nice to do it again.

The tour also stopped at a tiny island where some of Florida's wildlife is highlighted. Below are some pics from our little escapade. We wandered around and learned a bit about the Seminole Indians, native to Southern Florida. One of the things that the Seminoles are famous for is alligator wrestling. Now they have magnificent casinos. Not much need for alligator wrestling shows any more:) Thank goodness because I found it bothersome and felt sorry for the animal. But that's me.

Other animals that graced the little jungle island were monkeys, parrots and other exotic birds. We saw tons of iguanas of all sizes and colors hanging out in the trees and basking in the sun on the shoreline, as well along the river.

Monday morning it was off to the airport.

Boo hoo...hoooo

Time to say goodbye to Liana. I really hate goodbyes.

All in all it was wonderful. I had a fabulous weekend and am so glad I had the opportunity to spend time and share it with both Rhonda and Liana.

I hope I have also shared my excitement with you all.

Rhonda and Liana, I can't wait to do it again:)




  1. *clapping* It looks like you all had a fantastic time! Thanks for sharing...

  2. I'm back home, safe and sound, and it was indeed a wonderful trip. Dayana is a fabulous hostess and we were indeed separated at birth!

  3. Let me add my clapping to Catherine's. If I go to stay at someones house for the weekend, I want it to be yours. You really did a lot. They must be exhausted.
    And your separated at birth, conjoined twin, was a very lovely lady.
    I am so pleased you had a great time, and happy you got to meet them both.

  4. What fun!

    Are you going to RT in April, Dayana? I'll be there, and I'd love to hook up with you. How close are you to Orlando?


  5. It looks like you had a great time, Dayana! How neat!You had me going with that house.

  6. Oh what fun! Sounds like you had a blast. :)

  7. What a great weekend, Dayana. I know what you mean about meeting people you feel you've known forever!

    And I'm looking forward to the Feb. V-day month!

  8. wow what a great cruise. I'm glad you all had a fantastic time. Nice to put faces to names.

  9. Dyanna, I am glad Rhonda and Liana found you right away after I dropped them at Barnes & Noble. It looks like they had a great time with you. To bad you couldn't join us for the cruise. Check my blog at www.monarisk.blogspot.com for details.

    Liana, it was a pleasure to meet you on the ship.

  10. Looks like you had loads of fun...and I really love your "house". Would be a great place for a retreat, huh?

  11. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I like your space.

  12. Sounds like you all had a lot of fun!