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Friday, January 23, 2009

How excited am I? Tomorrow is the BIG day:)

Woo hoooo! Rhonda and Lianna are coming!

I am really looking forward to spending the weekend with Rhonda Penders of The Wild Rose Press and Liana Laverentz, award winning author. As you all know, I had to cancel my cruise plans due to extenuating circumstances but this sure makes up for it:)

I will definitely fill you all in on what we do and where we find ourselves. What I can share now is that the Pre-Cruise party presented by the Florida Romance Writers Association was a hit. Editors and authors alike rubbed elbows at the event. It was a lot of fun. Good food, great conversation, lots of hugs, and just a great bunch of people. The list would go on forever if I named everyone but to name a few, Rhonda Penders, Co-Owner TWRP, and Liana Laverentz, author, of course, were both there. Heather Graham/Shannon Drake was in attendance along with authors: Toni Andrews, Mona Risk, Mary Ricksen, Patrice Wilton, Jiane Carlo, Lyn Armstrong, Tracie Hall and so many others! (Note: for more information on these and other FRW authors please click here)

Anyway, just thought I'd pop in and burst some of my excitement at you. Now it's back to the endless chores to ready the house and myself for the next exciting part of my weekend!


Did anyone say "Time Management?"

Talk to you all soon.



  1. Boohoo! I WANTED TO GO! :( And I have to work. Can you believe some editor is making me work this weekend. Of all the nerve!!! And I don't even get to bump elbows...

  2. Oh, that comment needs a "?" Maybe my editor should be checking my blog comments instead of shmoozing. Maybe she'd know how to spell shmoozing!!! :( Got any pictures to share? I can live vicariously through ya!

  3. Hey, Skhye:) Will have pictures after tomorrow! I will certainly post them all.

    :( so sorry your slave-driving editor is making you work, work, work!

    But on a brighter note, any time you want to venture down here to sunny South Florida, my door and house is open!


  4. It was cool wasn't it! And who was that young publisher, or was he a big time editor? He looked young enough to be my grandchild. Scary.
    I myself was doing a lot more watching than schmoozing. But I'm gonna do a blog on it too. From a different perspective.
    Well on bad thing though is they froze on the cruise. It's warm all year and the one weekend they plan a cruise, it's cold. I was in the 40's at night and low sixties in the day, and one lady named Joan from Canada, told me that the Floridians were all nuts. She was warm.

  5. I wanna schmooze! And is there really a correct way to spell schmooze? I'm green with envy, Dayana. Have a fantastic time.

  6. Well, I've spent most of the weekend trying to find a sink. We're putting in granite countertops. You have to have the new sink so they can cut the exact hole to work with the sink... UGH. Let me tell you, sink shopping totally sucks. Any news on the big shmoozing party???

  7. *tapping fingers on desk* Waiting to hear about the weekend. LOL.

    Damn... where's that patience pill again?