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Monday, January 19, 2009

Time Management: Part 3 Handling the Unexpected:)

Good Morning! Are we ready to practice all the great suggestions at handling our time management whoas? I've crafted my proposed list, for the week and daily, in my day planner and already have a major crimp in my plans for the week. After nine glorious days off from the day job (taken to catch up with my real life, LOL) I have to figure that into my planner as of today. UGH! Eight hours wasted! *grin*

Here's my plan:

6-7:30AM - Read, answer email, and update blog if necessary.(daily)

8:20AM - Off to the day job (daily)

Lunchtime (whatever time that happens to be) - Feed myself, take care of my GypsyLee(she gets fed and her meds, etc.) and then let the neighbor's dogs out(part of my daily schedule until further notice)

Back to work (daily)

5:30PM - Home, repeat doggy care for mine/add a walk for Gypsy:) and let the neighbor's dogs out. Make dinner, check email while cooking. Enjoy Dinner, clean up.

8:00PM - Sit down and relax for one hour with House-one of the few TV shows I allow in my schedule. (Monday nights though I have a show on Wednesday and Thursday, as well, I watch) So proposed schedule repeats on those nights.

9:00PM - Writing or other craft related time until bedtime. I have two projects planned for completion this week. We'll see if I make my mark.

Approximately 12:00AM - Nitey nite:)

Now I have several things that will inevitabley be interrupting above plans. One a precruise get together with my RWA Chapter on Wednesday night in which I will be hanging out with...

Don't be jealous...

are you ready?

Rhonda Penders of The Wild Rose Press and Liana Laverentz twice winner of the Golden Leaf Award(Hope I've gotten this contest name correct) for both her novels, Thin Ice and Jake's Return.

And though I have tentatively planned on taking weekends off, for the most part, I do tend to do some sort of work during them. I will have Liana staying with me Saturday and Sunday. Rhonda, Liana, and I will be hanging out together Saturday, as well, when the cruise ship returns. So See? I've a full week planned. Let's see just how much I really get accomplished.

I should mention that I have some marketing plans and an interview to write up and blog about to toss into the mix:) Can't wait to begin ticking items off my very long list:)

There you have it. What about you? What is on your agendas for the week? I'd love to hear about it.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Goodness, you make me sound like a celebrity :) I'm looking forward to it! Starting to pack today. See you soon!

  2. Wow...what a list and you get to hang with other authors this week. I'm so jealous. I just get to hang with my family today. :)

    Hope you cross off lots of things.

    My list this week is short. Family time today and then I have to put out my newsletter, gather 2008 receipts for taxes, and rewrite my WIP. Just three things but they will take all week to do.

  3. First: HAVE FUN! I am jealous. If there is ever a West Coast So. California need. I'm in!

    Second: As you know... my schedule is a little dependent on when my edits come back to me. But during the time I would be working on edits I've started another book, so I'm wrapping my mind around that one.

    Third: I need to tape, edit and post my third video blog. Which I'm really enojoying!

    Forth: Exercise daily. YES DAILY.

    Fifth: Get off my e-mail... Off the internet. I should have a buzzer that cuts out on my computer. Hey... maybe if I surf around I'll find one? grin

  4. I scrubbed my stove. LOLLLLL I don't know what came over me. I managed to finish a book review. And am stuffing boxes with promo items. I have no schedule. But I've accomplished tons today. :) And of all the crazy things, my word verification code is nedibl. Does that not sound like an excellent antagonist's name???

  5. My comment disappeared. I cleaned my desk, looking for my passport. Now it's all neat and shiny and clean and ready to go upon my return.

  6. I am gonna do my best to get there Wednesday.
    Tell them about the cruise we're missing. Ha!
    I am the worst at time management. I forget I was trying to manage my time.

  7. You sound busy, but there's some excitement in there, Dayana. It's always the unexpected happenings that bring out the juggler in us all. That's when those time management skills come in handy. But don't you find that the flurry of activity makes you energized? Okay...sometimes?

    This is a mundane, gritty work week for me. 550 grades are due,
    40 undergrads to turn on to classical music, extra pieces to practice for an event on Sunday. I also fit attending a wake in there, too! Is it only Wednesday? Oh my!

    And speaking of House, my code word is 'nouse'. Thanks, Skhye for making me pay attention. Way cool! So my thought on handling the unexpected is sometimes you just have to laugh or cackle, whichever suits your mood.

    Enjoy your talented house guests, Dayana!

  8. Ohhh, Mickey... turning on the RAP generation to Classical Music??? You must be a miracle worker! LOL.