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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tis the season...Ho! Ho! Ho! and all that...


That's what life is for all of us this time of year. However, money is tight, bills keep coming, and life moves on at mindblowing regularity, don't you think?

I'm taking a small respite from the hustle and bustle to sit down and update you on my newest release. I had a blast over at Catherine Bybee's blog the other day and gave a way a free download of Eternal Obsession. Thank you if you dropped in to hang out with us. I also have been blessed with a beautiful review over at The Wild Rose Press! Here's what the reader had to say:

"You can't choose who you fall in love with, even if it's a vampire. Eternal Obsession embodies what love is. It is the giving up of yourself to become one with someone else. Ms. Knight has wrapped her pen around this age old idea, twisted it with vampire lore, and delivered one amazing read."
Date Added: 12/15/2008 by Catherine Kimmer

Now here's an idea for an interesting contest. This is actually the first review I've gotten that was placed on The Wild Rose Press review board. So here's what I propose:

Anyone who reads or has read either Curse of the Marhime or Eternal Obsession and puts up a review for said book over the next few weeks, I will enter into a drawing for a grab bag of goodies. How's that for a promo? Ask anyone who's received one of my grab bags just how much fun they are:) I will draw a winner on my birthday, Monday, January 12th.

One major stipulation: I expect honesty. Of course if you totally hate it, don't be nasty about it, LOL

On that note, have a wonderful day! It's off to the day job for me.

Oh and don't forget about the Christmas Sleigh Ride Contest going on as we speak! For more information on this contest just scroll down the blog entries or visit my website.

Talk to you later,



  1. What a great idea for a contest. And a fantastic way to tell everyone when your birthday is. grin. I worked with a Dr. once who told every medic who walked in the ER that it was her birthday. After 12 hours she had three dozen roses, two boxes of candy and a date. Smart Woman!

  2. that never worked for me Catherine, she must have been exceptionally pretty or rich.
    I really hate having a birthday at this time of year. Mine is 12/25, can you imagine. My mother said the doctor had to postpone his dinner and told her he was charging her double.
    Did you ever have a birthday party Dayana?
    I think your contest idea is great!

  3. Wonderful review! And Mary... OMG! Are you saying you never had a birthday party? :( Mary that sucks. I'm off to find your email and send you a birthday greeting...

  4. LOL, Catherine. It was just the first date that came into my mind:) Though, there may be some advantages to divulging the date, *grin*

    Birthday parties, many as any other kid growing up but one year my husband and girlfriend did put together a surprise party for me. It was fun. One thing I hate though is when you got to a restaurant and someone tells the server it's your birthday and they come to the table clapping and singing. Yikes! I told my husband he'd be in deep doo doo if he ever even thought of doing that!


  5. Dayana,

    Several years ago, I turned off my new email notification. It was the best move I've ever made. I now read email when I start my work day, and at the end of it.

    My productivity jumped exponentially when I did this, so I turned my attention to my cell phone.I now answer calls at four pre-determined times every day.

    Try it, it makes a huge difference to actually meeting your goals.

    My son's birthday is 12/29, and I vowed the day he was born that he would always have a HUGE birthday party. I informed my family that if anyone, anyone at all, dared combine birthday and Christmas gifts for him, they would have to deal with my wrath. He's twenty-two now, and to this day, we go all out for his birthday! Never will he be denied celebrating the day he came into this world!

    And Mary, why didn't you tell me? Okay that's it- Dayana, Mary- we have a belated lunch date on me.

    Jianne Carlo

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