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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Eternal Obsession release is tomorrow! And Curse of the Marhime is available in print this month!!!

I am very excited about my newest release tomorrow, Friday, December 12th, Eternal Obsession which is my debut erotic story at The Wild Rose Press' Wilder side.

Also, Curse of the Marhime is available in print this month!

And more exciting news! It's party time! Catherine Bybee has invited me over to her blog for a visit. Please drop by and check us out at http://catherinebybee.blogspot.com/. I will give away a free download of Eternal Obsession to one lucky person who drops in and comments on Catherine's blog during my visit. I will draw the winner on Sunday night.


Life is precious or so we are told. But what of love? How can one distinguish between immortal love and mortal life? Tia must discover which is more important, for her lover walks the night and has given her a choice only she can make. Will she consent to be 'turned' or will she watch her love and life walk away forever?

Andres maddened a witch long ago when he refused to return her attraction. He is now doomed to wander the night for all eternity, feeding upon the elixir of life and forever alone, that is until he finds Tia, but he will not sway his love's decision. She must consent to be his of her own accord or he will walk forever out of her life.

Is love and lust strong enough to bind them for all time or is eternal obsession all they will ever share?

Look forward to seeing you over at Catherine's blog! Don't forget that if you post a comment you are eligible to win a free download of Eternal Obsession.



  1. Looks like you are really rolling them out. I am sooooo happy for you!

  2. Congratulations on your new release!!! I love the blurb and definitely must get a copy

  3. Congratulations, Dayana! The story sounds intriguing.