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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Well, the muse still alludes me but I haven't been idle.  I took last weekend and reworked my orchid arbor.  Many of you know I am an avid gardner as well which is my other stress reliever:) So rather than brood over the inability to tap something worthy into my laptop, I began my Saturday at Home Depo and purchased my needs to begin my much needed arbor refurbish project.  I'd moved many of the plants out the week before and cleaned up the area so it would be easier to work within the space off my patio. 

I replaced the dilapidated bamboo reed fencing, cleaned plants of dead roots and leaves, etc., repotted them with new orchid media, and moved onto placing them neatly into the arbor.  Finished off with cypress mulch and my statuary and ornamentation and voila! my beautiful and peaceful escape is complete.

I love to sit on my patio and gaze at the arbor and my spacious backyard.  It is so relaxing.  The birdsong, the fresh air, blue skies, all that green!

Check out the do over:


  1. It just looks fantastic, Dayana! Now wanna come a do my back yard?
    Just kidding-- but you did do a great job. Good to have another outlet when the muse won't come around.

    RWA has now moved from Nashville to Orlando for this year's conference-- that's got to be closer to you now!

  2. Hi, Kaye! Nice to see you, LOL Sure I'll do your backyard landscaping. Fly me there, supply me, room and board and I'd be thrilled:)

    Yeah, Orlando is three, four hours northwest of me but it is soooo very pricey. Yikes! Not sure if I can manage staying somewhere an hour or so away and still afford the conference fees. Anyway, we'll see.


  3. WoW! Gorgeous pictures. What a wonderful garden spot.

    There's nothing like a trip to Home Depot to get the creative (building/fixing/gardening) juices flowing!

  4. Looks wonderful Dayana. I wish I could show you mine! I have a jungle. Those spider plants will cover the ground if you plant them. Imagine an indoor arboretum?!!!!