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Saturday, January 30, 2010

As I Tweeted, Facebooked, and MySpaced this evening, I sat down and watched "Paranormal Activity" alone in the dark, in my house, with my Sheltie, Bea.  Can I add anymore commas to that sentence? LOL

I thought I would have been more frightened, and I will admit to thinking that this flick was about ghosts but when I realized it was a 'demon' who haunted this poor girl, I felt a bit more uncomfortable. Demons make me nervous.

With that said, the movie was interesting, and I thought unique in the way it was done. I don't know if many of you remember "The Blair Witch Project" but that was the same type of thing. I like the questionable nature of wondering about its authenticity. But I will be honest, I'm not going to wonder overly about this one as I will admit it wasn't as terrifying as I imagined it might have been, but the ending totally freaked me out. I honestly didn't expect it. I don't want to go into too much detail here as many who read this may not have seen the flick as yet and don't want to give it away. Nor do I really want to concentrate too heavily on this one for the obvious reasons. 

By the way, anyone interested who has Comcast On Demand, they do have "The Blair Witch Project" which I am going to take advantage of and watch again. Jaclyn! I know you wanted to watch it.  Also they are running "Paranormal Activity" as well.

Well, once again my Byberry Asylum discussion has been pre-empted. Do you think it may be an omen?  Perhaps to leave well enough alone?

Sleep well...



  1. Hi Dayana,
    Missed you! Just got home.
    Paranormal, just love that word!
    Watched part of that flick, a relative had it, it was so boring in the beginning. I guess I'll have to try again. :0)

  2. Okay, was just about to rent this On Demand the other day but didn't. Phew. I'll wait for it to hit cable freebie style. It takes alot for me to be frightened by a movie nowadays. However, I enjoy a good twist for an outcome.


  3. I stopped watching scary movies a few years back -- I was alone (my DH had gone camping, it was pre-DD and it was just me and the dog) and I decided to watch "Scream" because DH didn't like horror movies and I did. It was the perfect opportunity, right?

    Oh... bad move on my part. Scared me to DEATH. I (barely) slept with the dog a HUGE knife and the phone.


    So, yeah, no "Paranormal Activity" for me, lol.

  4. I've had experience with the paranormal, and the D's, won't say the word, they freak me out.
    The last scary movie I watched was the Sixth Sense.
    After you've lived through some of the scariest things, scary movies just seem laughable.

    Ok...lets talk Ghost! lol