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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Slipping into oblivion: How important is visibility?

We're going to leave the ghosts, asylums, and other paranormal entities behind for a bit.  I wanted to talk about something of dire importance to anyone who depends on 'visibility' to survive in this cyber world we live in.  We all know that money, for most of us, is tight and our only venue promo and advertisement is the internet.  So how to keep a consistent presence across the net is a big challenge.  I have inadvertantly tested this and found that slipping into the oblivion is so very easy to do and unfortunately, you sink fast! 

Over the last several months, I've noticed even my most dependable followers have moved on.  It is not a good feeling being alone and unheard, especially for a writer.  My views and comments on this blog have dropped drastically and are non-existent on my website. So what is the problem?

  • Updates.  This is something that is a necessessity, and I do religiously keep up with. Fresh conversation and topics draw your readers and show them you are out there. So, I know I'm okay in this department.
  • Topic/Content.  Maybe my topics are uninteresting to others?  Could be an issue but I wouldn't know that unless someone said "Hey, you're boring the bejeebers out of us, already!"
  • Visibility. Bingo! This one is a biggie.  I have been so tied up with other responsibilities that my overall visibility had dropped excessively.  What does that mean?  Well, for instance, I have not spent the time needed to visit other blogs, give interviews, hold contests, author spotlights have slimmed out, and hold the occasional give-away to drawn interest.  I have attempted to visit my favorite blogs in the last couple of weeks and comment but I suppose because I cannot do this as a daily routine my visitations may be lost in the mire.  I am only able to follow through on this on a weekly basis.
  • Loops and Blogs. Another major problem for me is finding the time needed to remain visible on the loops and blogs I belong to.  Whew! this is a major challenge for me. I have attempted to incorporate one morning a week to do this.  But again, it seems futile as I don't really see any gain from this.  Not complaining.  Will keep plugging and keep working at it. Solutions are hard won especially with life biting at your heels.  Everyone has one and all the demands that come with it, so I'm not alone. Were there an easy solution, it would be a perfect world, would it not?
  • New Material/Releases. Another huge obstacle.  I have been pulled from my personal works for sometime now.  I haven't been able to write except in limited spurts of time, nor am I the type of writer that can force the muse, so much of those times may produce nothing, nada, blank pages... I will say that I have no less than five/six projects in different stages!  I just need to sit down and get them going. More likely--get them finished!  New releases regularly are the key.  Each new project, its promo, etc. bring potential new readers and bring back your faithful followers.  Without fresh material flooding the saturated market, you are guaranteed a nosedive into oblivion.  Trust me, I know...
Well, that said, I am going to pull out one of those projects I mentioned and get to work. As Nike says: Just do it!



  1. Good morning D~
    Excellent post and advice. You haven't lost me. I am always hopping on and reading your work, and your authors who you have drop in.
    this is one of the best places to come and chat, find info, and smile.

  2. Morning, Jack! Thank you for such a high compliment. I'm off to work on something, LOL Not sure which project but I will get something going today~

    Write, write, write!


  3. Good post Dayana. I agree with everything here. And also the fact that it is hard to constantly be online promoting and having a presence. It seems true too that a following can be lost easy. But usually when you become visible again, the people return. Because I blog on a regular basis I try to hit other blogs too. I have a group of friends, but not all the blogs I follow comment on mine. I think it does all come down to being out there though.

    Since I have you on my bloglist, I always see your posts! Love coming here too.

  4. Hi, Kaye. Yes, I agree whole-heartedly about the blog hopping. I have a circle of blogs I follow and have begun to get back to that a week or so ago. Yours is one of them, *grin* In fact, I am on my way to check out my cirle of friends now. I am also trying to work on Roma Wolf Tales Book II untitled at this time. It's slow moving I must admit. Got to get the head back into the story. Might take a bit.

    Anyway, thank you for stopping by and your continued support, my friend:)


  5. I try to stop by from time to time, Dayana, but you're right...it's so easy to drop from the radar. I do enjoy your posts when I get a chance to come by.

  6. I will always check your blog. I may be a day late, but I will always get here. Unless I have no access to a computer.
    Funny thing about all of the blog stuff, is if you start to strongly work at it again, then you are right back in the thick of things.
    Like come to a meeting and see me.
    Boom, we are right back at yapping, see?

  7. Hi, Cari! So glad to see you. Yeah, we have to keep vigilant. I love writing and love that a few out there are interested in what I have to say, LOL

    I'm finally working on RWT Book II and that makes me very happy. Woo hoo!

    Thanks for dropping in.

  8. Hey, Mary! You know what, I may just crash this week's meeting. Are you going to be there? I keep trying to RSVP but I have to hit the actual loop. I'm not positive I can make it but I will try.


  9. My hubby thinks I'm a teenager with the amount of time I spend on line... I hate it when he's right! *waving

  10. Visiting other blogs is the biggie, IMHO... you get what you give. When I stopped having time to bloghop as much, my stats dropped by more than half.

    Also, I think sharing more personal things and not just industry stuff is important. You need to connect with people. Blogs that are only industry or pure promo bore me to tears. I want to get to know people -- I want to CARE. Yanno?


  11. Hi, Marianne:)

    I do agree with you. I have posted many different types of things to my blog from craft information to recipes, opinions, worries, holiday shares, issues and it seems people like the personal touch the best and the author spotlights, LOL

    Thanks for dropping in. I'll be over to visit you on the weekend, my friend:)


  12. Hi Dayana. Well talk about being a little late... Sorry. Great post and very true. I stop by and read posts, don't always comment. This subject, however, is very, uh, timely?? It's hard to juggle promo, other life, writing, added responsibilities. But I do update my web site often.

    I honestly don't know how you do all you do, but please keep on doing it! I actually needed a snow day to start writing again. Want me to send you some snow? Jersey's got tons of it!! The poor little JRT can't play with his frisbee. We'd lose him - for sure.

    Keep up the great blogs ~ Mickey