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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday has gone to the dogs!  I've had a great canine weekend spent with Bea(Sheltie), Scooby(Right, Charpei mix) and Frisco(left rear, golden).  Bea in front is mine, Scooby and Frisco belong to my neighbor who is hanging out in Denver for the week.  We decided to have a puppy sleepover though I am caring for two cats as well who have remained at home:)

Great practice on deciding whether or not to adopt a brother to keep Bea company.   They have all been the perfect angels. No problems here.  Great way to relax since it's too freakin' cold to go outside.  I never thought I would be saying that.  Where do I live again?  Coincidentally, the temp this morning in Denver was one degree colder than we were in South Florida which was 32 to our 33.  Again, where am I?

Anyway, one more peek at my furry kids. They will be going home on Wednesday though I wouldn't care if they never left.  It's been a wonderful experience. 


  1. Great doggie pics, and what a nice thing to do! I know it's strange for you to have lows in the 30's, but try enjoying 6 degrees and snowbound! Oh well... Hope it warms up soon for all of us. Think of it this way-- at least we aren't in the Higlands of Scotland-- right now my friend Suz says they are having -23c -- And we like those Highland warrior novels so much?

  2. Well we like Highland warriors because of what they do when it's that cold and they have to stay inside. See?

    So Dayana you truly have enjoyed a three dog night?
    For those of you who don't know, the old timers use to rate the cold jokingly as either a one, two, or three dog night. Remember the group, 'Three Dog Night'? I was in love with Michal McDonald, he's still hot today.

    Have fun with the doggies!

  3. Hi, Kaye. Thanks as always for dropping by. All I can say to your comment is brrrrrr...

    Hey, Mary! Excellent and you had me hysterical reading your comment on my Blackberry at work. Three Dog Night!!!! I loved it:) And yes, I guess you are right I can now say, "I've officially enjoyed a three dog night" Very clever, my friend.


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