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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Coming up this week...

I've got two Author Spotlight segments.  Please drop in on Tuesday and meet Karilyn Bentley one of the Got Wolf Anthology authors and then on Thursday, Beth Trissel, award winning romance author. I know you will enjoy these very animated ladies.

Tomorrow part one of my Christmas antics. Then more pics and show and tell on Wednesday. 

Hey! I've got a wonderful idea. Why not share your busy, bustling holiday season?  Shoot me pictures and a short recap of what you are up to these days. I'll put them up with your story.  I look forward to sharing the fun:)

Talk soon,



  1. Love your guest list. Beth who? Never heard of her. (JUST KIDDING)

  2. Yooouuuuu WWWWhhhoooo!
    Is that you Dayana. Sure missed you at the party. :0(

    Sorry I'm late, but I always get there.