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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Author Spotlight: Karilyn Bentley, Paranormal Fantasy Romance

Please welcome Karilyn Bentley today. Good to have you here.

Thank you for having me, Dayana. 

What inspired you to write your first book?
I was tired of working and wanted something where I could stay home. Writing immediately came to mind b/c I used to write stories as a kid and as an adult I had about 3 stories running around in my head. So I sat down and wrote one of them. It’s now hiding in a dark corner of the closet never to see the light of day, but hey, I finished it. As a bonus, I’ve since learned that writers really don’t sit at home and eat bon-bons:)

Wow, Karilyn. That is the primary dream of many writers including myself. Tell us how you are able to support yourself with your writing as your primary source of income  as many of us can't through just our writing. We maintain full-time jobs as well.
I also have to work a day job. I'm a clinical research coordinator for an oncology practice. This means that I help run cancer trials for patients in our clinic. I feel like I'm giving back to the community by working with all the brave people fighting cancer.

Ahh... I'd thought you had quit you day job, LOL I must admit I was a bit envious as that is my dream.
Someday...  *sigh* Oh but I digress.  How many books have you written?
5 books (including the above mentioned hidden one) and 1 short story. But not all of them are editor worthy!

How do you decide on their topic?
The first one I wrote was what I thought might have happened to this kid I knew in high school that had a mysterious past. Or at least I thought it mysterious:) The next two came as daydreams, striking out of the blue. Then I decided to write romance and needed a series idea so I brainstormed a whole new world. The short story that was published with The Wild Rose Press was part of the Got Wolf? contest so I wrote it specifically for that contest.

What is your favorite holiday?
Christmas! And why? This might make me greedy, but I love opening presents! Growing up, Mom used to break apart sock sets so I had more packages to open. There is something about unwrapping a gift and hearing the paper crinkle that I love. You can give me bubble gum, just wrap it really good and I’ll be happy! Plus I love to give gifts. And see all the lights and decorations. And listen to the music, especially the real Christmas carols sung at church with an organ that vibrates through your feet and into your soul. I just love Christmas!

Christmas is one of my favorites as well. I love the festive atmosphere most of all.  I just spent this last week or so decorating my home. I so love the lights, holly, pine, everything...

What type of stories do you like to write and why?
I love to write paranormal/fantasy. Probably b/c that’s what I love to read. Reading is an escape to another world, so I like to write about those other worlds. Plus, how cool would it be to have magical powers and be able to kick the bad guys’ butts all over creation? Sign me up!

Where do you write?
Started off writing with my laptop on the bed:) Now I’ve moved to the living room. Plop down on the floor, stick a pillow behind my back, lean up against the wall or sofa and write away. All the research books are upstairs so I can think I’m getting exercise hauling it up and down the stairs:)

LOL very resilient of you.  Running up and down stairs is said be a good workout. Do you put pieces of yourself or your life in your stories?
I did in my earlier novels. Now, not so much. Usually the characters speak to me and I write ‘em as they come.

Yeah, you know? I can relate to that.  I'm about the same and I'll tell you sometimes the new interrupt the ones in process! How long did you write seriously before your first book was published?
Probably about 4 years.

Why do you write?
Because the stories are there yelling to get out. I can’t write fast enough for them all, so I have to pick and choose. But the writing itself is like a catharsis, and it feels so good to finish a story.

Do you have an upcoming release?
Yeah me! I’m one of the Got Wolf? authors and am so excited about it! The story is in Taming of the Wolf and my story is Werewolves in London. It’s out now and available from The Wild Rose Press and Amazon and other online stores. Check it out! I’m really excited, can you tell?? *grinning from ear to ear*

I have to tell you, Karilyn, I have both anthologies and have read all the stories in the stories. They are all wonderful and I will be the first to say, if you haven't read Karilyn's and the other stories in these collections you need to run right out and get them. 

Tell us about your Hero.
Tom is a rancher and single father whose herd is being gnawed on by a wolf. When his daughter is kidnapped he must rely on Vonda to help save her. In the process he discovers a secret about himself. Do you have a favorite, if you’ve written multiple books? Since Werewolves in London is my only published story, Tom is currently the fav.

Tell us about your Heroine.
Vonda is dog trainer who loves steak tartare fresh off the bone. When she sees Tom’s daughter being kidnapped, she had to help save the girl. But she and Tom got more than they bargained for in the rescue. Do you have a favorite? Like Tom, Vonda is my only published heroine. So of course I love her! :)

Are any of your characters modeled after people you know?
Well, the first story I ever wrote (the one currently in hiding) featured someone I used to know. Other than that, nope. All characters are figments of my imagination. Unless you consider the dog. Sam, the dog in Werewolves in London is modeled after one of my psycho pups. My Sam has obeying issues. Anyone know how to get Cesar Milan to pay us a visit?

Short bio:

By day, Karilyn works in the research department of an oncology clinic. By night, she tells the stories of her imaginary friends. Karilyn and her most wonderful, ever patient husband share their home in the great state of Texas with two partially psycho dogs and a couple of colorful fish.

Visit me at my blog:

or email me: karilyn@karilynbentley.com

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    Wanted to pop in and say "Hey!" Karilyn:) Have fun today. I'll stop back later.


  2. Hi! Your story sounds great! I won a copy from somebody... But I haven't had a moment to read. :( So much for ho ho ho. Moms have to make the season merry. Can't wait to read your book, Karilyn. If my vault of research books was upstairs, I wouldn't have to use my elliptical. ;)

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  3. Hi Dayana and Skhye,
    It's so nice to see you both on here! Thank you for letting me stop by. I'll come back later. :)

  4. As an author in the Got Wolf? anthology, I can also echo Dayana's glow of the anthology. All the stories were fabulous!

    I'd love to stay home and write all day, too. Alas...maybe someday!

  5. Great interview, ladies. Karen, I'm really looking forward to reading your debut! (Great cover, btw!! )

  6. Thank you all for stopping by and chatting with me! Hope your holidays are wonderful!

  7. If you have to work, Karilyn, at least you have a rewarding job. I hated my job, but I made good money. Now that I think back, I should have taken less money. (grin)
    I love the anthology. Short and quick reads, but lots of them.