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Friday, August 14, 2009


Happiness is the feeling I get when I do something to help someone in need and see the sheer joy of my act written all over their face.

Happiness is coming home to my Sheltie, Bea's boisterous welcome and very cute hug. Yes! She hugs me and gives Mommie kisses:) How warm is that?

Happiness is the sunroof wide-open, the windows down on a sultry Florida evening with the wind in my hair and a clear ride at 65mph(maybe just a tad faster) down I95.

Happiness is having a quiet evening at home with hubby. The type you don't need to speak. Being together is enough.

Happiness is knowing that while the wolf may be at the door, you're not the only one he's stalking.

Happiness is finding out just how many friends you really do have when times are bad.



  1. Happiness is good health...

    Happiness is a roaring fire and a good book on a cold day...

  2. Happiness is knowing you are loved and loving.
    Happiness is having enough true friends to count on one hand.
    Happiness is publishing a new book!

    (Note to Dayana, you got number one covered).

  3. Hi, Cathy, Kaye, and Mary!

    Hey, I've got some more!

    Happiness is a good book review on one's own work.

    Happiness is sitting down to write and something actually coming out and onto paper or screen.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  4. Catherine, you hit the big one -- good health. Without that, we don't have much, and it's so easy to take it for granted.

    Lovely post, Dayana!

  5. This is a beautiful post, Dayana. The add-ons here are just as heart-warming ;)

  6. Happiness is being a guest at Dayana's. Great food, excellent conversation, wonderful movies and a lovely fireplace. I still want one of those!

  7. Happiness is having Liana back for another visit so we can gab and lolligag around the trendy tourist spots in the area.

    Liana, can't wait 'til you grace my house again! We did have a wonderful time didn't we?

    Hey! Is the bathroom decor still twinning mine? LOL