A Prepublished Novel in the Process of Revisions and Rewrites

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Release day has come and gone...

Believe it or not I spent the entire day yesterday down with a migraine. Never made it out of the darkened bedroom until midnight last night and finally was able to keep some soup down. Ugh!

Ah well...

Such is life. So much for enjoying the release of my new project, LOL Though a day late and a dollar short is not anything new *grin* I was thrilled to see Bestial Cravings up and available and that there seems to be some activity on it as far as purchase power. It was #2 on the Paranormal Best Sellers list this morning and #1 on Black Rose's list. Good news, I think.

Anyway, its off to the day job today since I missed yesterday. I thought I should put in an appearance though I'd love to sit here in front of this computer and put some diligent hours into working on book II of the Roma Wolf Tales.

Talk later!



  1. Congrats, Dayana! And boy, do I know about migraines. They hit at the worst time ever. I guess it's the nature of that beast! Good luck with sales!

  2. Damn Headache! Didn't it know you had a release to celebrate? Sorry about that. See ya tomorrow on my blog.

  3. Congratulations Dayana! I know you will do well with sales and reviews!
    Migraines ugh! Work ugh! Writing ahh!
    I hope you never have another migraine again!