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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A mind cleansing weekend...

and new projects and research on the horizon.
Dropped everything this weekend and took to the road with my sister-in-law and my furry daughter-Girls Gone Wild our theme:) A.) I needed a break and B.) I wanted to further aclimate Bea to traveling. The weekend was a success in more ways than one.

We settled in on Friday morning and lounged about just enjoying the beautiful weather and peaceful quiet. No family issues, husband catastrophes, ringing phones, pressure to get on the laptop and write or deal with email. And best of all no day job worries--you get the picture. Bea settled in like she'd been there all her life. She found the loveseat, stretched out and well...She knows how to let go and simply relax *grin*

Sis and I had quiet conversation, went to the grocery store for salad fixings and after a whopping bill of $75 of which we saved $25, came home with fixings for a nice healthy foodfest for the weekend. We traveled to the beach on Saturday, Bea in tow, and once again, Bea greeted each new experience like she'd done it all her life. We shopped in thrift and consignment shops and spent quiet evenings--Sis watching TV, me reading or working small amounts of time on my laptop. But the best part or our retreat were the ideas that slid into our relaxed mindsets.

Which brings me to another subject I'd like talk about today. The art of research. Research is a very important part of writing any story. When I was in the writing phases of Curse of the Marhime, I spent hours researching Romania, history, geographical information, peoples, climate, etc. Research is fun. I love history and learning new things so its not the tedious process that many may think it is. I have a folder three or more inches thick with information stowed within down to common phrase and actual tourbook info on the country. Over the years, I have met people directly from Romania and who have migrated to the USA who are more than happy to guide me in my desire to get facts right. Also, I was lucky enough to have a wonderful writing peer and friend, David Hayes, (author, The Bratwurst Kidnapping) who spent many years working in Romania. He shared so much with me about the daily living experience there. Believe it or not, I actually have a contact in Romania.

On to my point of research.

I am in the process of planning the next book of the Roma Wolf Tales series, untitled as yet but ideas are fresh and plentiful. As many of you know, I have a companion short releasing the end of this month(May 27th) called Bestial Cravings at the Wild Rose Press. This story introduces two new characters and book two will encompass new adventures for Pita, Niko, and Tomas.

If you've read Curse to the Marhime than you know I delved into palm reading and tealeaves. Again, much research went into that. I am now practicing the art of Tarot. So once again, I've locked down to intensive research: got my Tarot card deck and manual to study and understand the cards. I hope to have a reading day on this blog to try out my newfound gift. Wouldn't that be great fun? All you would have to do is post a question and I can do a reading based on your quesiton.

Tarot has a wonderfully colorful history. It is what you and your reader interpret. It isn't going to solve the world problems but it has been proven to work. Once again, the fruits of research can open so many doors to our information hungry minds. I've always been on my Pagan side since a very young girl. I delved and researched many aspects of the arts of witchcraft, seances, Paganism beliefs, palm, tealeaf, and Tarot reading, etc. I find the earlier interest makes further research so much easier. Anyway, I'm off to it.

Hope you all have a wonderful day. Keep an open mind and think of a question when I delve into public reads, LOL



  1. I want you to read the cards for me!
    Tell me, will I make any money on my book! (grin)
    Seriously, there are lots of things I'd like to ask.
    I am so glad your sister, you and lovely little Bea, had such a good time. Next time you have to stop by!
    When I go to NC, I am looking forward to no TV, distractions, and only a cell phone for special things. Rejuvenation at it's best.
    Back to writing.

  2. D~
    Tarot cards confuse the daylights out of me. Can they tell you things of your loved ones that have moved to higher grounds? If yes, I have questions. I'll save them for your card reading day:)

    When I first began writing EBR I wanted to research witches. Made some author some mad $$$ buying books on the craft, religion. The research was so interesting, it made writing all the more enjoyable. Went to a few Wicca classes too. Sadly, I didn't follow through with their meetings. Very different from what I expected. Learned to never walk into a room carrying preconceived notions of others.

    As for the beautiful weekend you and Bea and your sister-in-law shared, it sounded divine.
    Would love nothing more than to crash on a warm beach and listen to the gulls and waves as I read a really awesome book. I believe I have one coming to my home next week :) personally signed by a fantastic author, so I'm told.
    Sweet dreams.

  3. Ahhh the art of Tarot... My problem, and it is my problem, is that when growing up my mother spent time with many colorful people. Mona, aptly named the wicked witch of the west, was just that. Or so she thought anyway. Tarot reading was one of her many 'gifts' but all of her readings were dark, which quickly turned me off of anything mystic at that time in my life.
    I do enjoy researching the mystic and paranormal and then weaving it into my stories. We live in a very interesting world with so many more beliefs then our own.

    On a side note, it sounds like you had a wonderful sister weekend and I hope you have another one very soon.

  4. I researched Tarot for years working on my Time Guardian series. You'll appreciate Lucy Cavendish's THE ORACLE TAROT. It's by far the easiest to use out of about 15 decks I played with. Let's just say the cards are self-explanatory. I could even create my own deck after using THE ORACLE TAROT. TAROT IN TEN MINUTES is another great resource. You can decode the basic numerological symbolism in the cards with it. ;) I highly recommend you searching for a copy. Last but not least, I recommend THE FOREST OF SOULS. The author had a wonderful way of explaining the big picture of Tarot cards to me. Or I was at the right point to finally get it! :) Good luck with your research. Tarot can be overwhelming. But we have its Western symbolism on our side! Skhye

  5. Hi, Mary, Jack, Catherine and Skhye!

    Mary, I'll certainly look forward to a question from you:) Have a wonderful time in NC this summer. I'll miss you!

    Jack, I'm sure the cards will give guidance in any situation but I know you probably have a better chance of getting those sorts of answers from John Edwards than a novice Tarot card reader! But hey, let's see what comes up, hehehehe

    seems you did have quite a colorful history. I think the one mystic thing that gave me the creeps growing up was the Quiji board. That thing freaked me right out! We had all kinds of supernatural tales passed down in our family and a lot of history in older homes etc, so I like a sponge soaked in all of it. I love it. I used to chase mystery and hauntings as a teenager. We went to places legends were set like the Pine Barrens(home of the Thirteenth son better known as the Jersey Devil) in New Jersey, Byberry(sp) an old abandoned insane asylum outside of Philadephia, deserted houses. You name it. I was always in search of the sharp sense of the unexpected and the rise of gooseflesh. The woods at night were my favorite.

    and Skhye, thanks so much for the appreciated reference material. We go back full circle to the actual topic. Research! A writer's best asset and most needed task for authenticity in one's writing.

    Thank you all for popping in and posting your thoughts and ideas. Much appreciated and invaluable to me.


  6. As usual, getting here a few days late. So glad you got a chance to relax, Dayana. Also good to hear that Bea is a 'travel' dog. I love tarot readings. They're fun and very insightful.

  7. Sister or best friend time is always wonderful. So you know what's in the cards? Maybe Mary R will sell tons of books. Maybe you will sell tons of books.

  8. Sounds fascinating, Dayana! I used tarot cards for a scene in my time travel romance, so had to do a bit of research so I'd at least appear to look like I knew what I was talking about. It was really interesting to find there were a variety of decks different groups used. And the meanings behind the cards didn't always match the pictures. I could see how they could be interpreted in a variety of ways.

    Sounds like you had a lovely weekend!