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Monday, March 9, 2009

Ugh! The Blasted Spring ahead time change once again!

I don't know about you, but I really hate the time change. Why do we even have to deal with it? Some states don't even acknowledge it! Even some towns in my own state ignore it. I say, let's petition to abolish the darned thing!



I feel better now:) Though I'm still half asleep.

Stepping down off the soapbox and wanted to thank Linda Nightingale for dropping in to talk about her newest release, Black Swan. I wish her all the best with it. Thank you, Linda!

Also, I wanted to put one last call out for Dana. Does anyone know her? She won a free download of Eternal Obsession and never checked in with her email address. If Dana doesn't claim her winnings by this coming weekend, I'll draw another winner from the comments of my blog posted on Valentine's Day, February 14th.

One more announcement I'd like to make this morning. My very good friend, Michele Flagg has just released her book, Retribution! this weekend at The Wild Rose Press. It is a wonderful first book to a planned series, The Champion Chronicles. By all means, check it out! Michael is so hot:)

Hey! Do you think we can get Michele over hear to talk about her new release? I think I'm going to work on that. I'll keep you posted.

Off to the day job now.

Talk to you later.



  1. Yes! Get Michele over here!!! I hate the time change too. I finally get my 3 yr old adjusted to the time change and, bam, the time changes again. The good thing is she's into spring-fall time more than winter time. But I'm going to have a few looong weeks...

  2. D~
    Happy Monday, if there is such a thing! Hey, I read all aboutMiss Bea. She's beautiful. I wish you years of unconditional love and joy with your new companion. When you're done training her would you come to Delaware and train Damon???? Please? Our 85 pound lap dog just doesn't get he's squashing everyone. And dear God, as far as a leash goes? I have picked him up, dragged him and used one too many curse words in the process of walking him or should I say him walking me?

    I'm with you on the entire clock/time thing.It's a waste of time... literally.

    Hey, noticed you're doing a book signing in West Palm Beach? When and where? I'll send my mother-in-law over to buy a book from you:)
    Good Luck with it. Hope you sell out. Have a good week. Gotta do something that actually constitutes work now.

  3. Tell Mickey Jenn said she better get over here! lol

  4. Yes tell us about that interesting book signing in West Palm Beach. I hear it's gonna be fabulous.

    Wait, what time change you mean we had a time change?

    Hug Bea for me.

  5. I'll sign it! Twice... once with my real name... once with my pen name. LOL. I love author interviews so by all means, bring Michele over and lets all chat!

  6. Hey D~
    Me again. Maybe monday's aren't so bad. After a year of ups and downs I finally got my web site live. Check it out if ya get some time:)

    Oh, and bring an extra book for at your signing. I'm sending my mom-in-law $$$ so I can get a signed copy for me:) Thank you ahead of time.

  7. Hi Dayana. Just popped over to hear more Miss Bea news and imagine my surprise... That shameless plug puts a smile on my face!

    This time change is certainly a pain. I'm with all of you there. Didn't quite trust my alarm this morning, being a Virgo and all.

    Best of luck at that book signing. I hope you sell out and then some!

    And yes, I'm still a few feet off the ground over my first release :)