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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Life comes at you fast...

Has anyone had one of those days you wish you never got out of bed? Yesterday was one such day for me!

I started off with an exterminator--that we cancelled service with--ringing our doorbell at just after 7AM. Is there no communication in that outfit? Then I had a planned late day to the day job due to taking my Sheltie, GypsyLee, to the vet for her dental cleaning. This is always a stressful event because she hates the vet's office and the poor thing was diagnosed with T-cell cancer of the gums and lips about four months ago so you can imagine the visits to her vet and the oncologist. Anyway, we get there.

As many of you probably have experienced a visit to the vet is no different than a visit to your regular doctor's office. You hurry up to sit and wait... and wait.

Well, they finally take her back and I get a phone call from DH who asks me none too kindly why I set the alarm which, of course, I hadn't and proceeds to not so quietly tell me he can't find his key fob and can't remember the code. I tell him the code but he's so beside himself because the police have been there and now he's concerned about the false alarm charges from the city that he just can't seem to get the alarm to shut off, thus keeping the police around and suspicious.

Exasperated, I hang up the phone, tell the receptionist I'll be back and hurry off to save the day. I get home and everything is quiet, no police, but a very frazzled DH. We yell out our frustrations then ignore one another until he heads out to work, meanwhile I am calling the alarm company to report the malfunction and the police department to beg off the charges for the false alarm. Come to find out we're okay with the city as you have four false alarms a year without getting charged and the alarm company places us back on test mode until a service tech can get out on Friday. Okay, those fires are put out.

However, my stress level is now on high. I head back to the vets thinking they've already finished with Gypsy and are wondering where I am. We get the non-anesthesia procedure which takes about twenty to thirty minutes. I arrive sick to my stomach because to this point I've eaten nothing and the beginnings of a dull headache is pounding on my brain only to be told she's not done yet. So I sit and wait... and wait some more.

Now the place is filling up with barking dogs, playful and loud kids, a couple of kittens in a cage next to me are playing a little too roughly for my taste, and I'm getting sicker and more impatient. Then I start to worry. Why is it taking so long? Did something go wrong and they don't want to tell me? After all, she is sick.

Okay, the nausea is getting worse and the pounding of the headache along with it. I wait a few more minutes and I can't stand it anymore. I get up approach the desk and wait for someone to acknowledge me. Just when the receptionist ends her phone conversation and I open my mouth to ask, the door opens and out comes my beautiful GypsyLee! My heart skips and my stress level drops to medium. My baby is okay.

Funny how you really work yourself into a disaster in such a short time. My adventure began a little after 7AM and lasted until 11AM and I hadn't even gotten to work yet!

Thanks for listening! Please feel free to share your stressfull moments. I'd love to hear them because the grass isn't always greener on the other side and stress lives in many different forms. Good thing we can vent, huh?

I'm off to work after a normal unstressed morning today:)



  1. Those days happen to me often, and you just never know when.
    One day last week I woke having to make that morning bathroom stop, urgently. I go to stand up and feel pain screeching in my knee. I look down and it's swollen like a basket ball. So I hobble around getting ready for the weekly run. I used to break it up into different days, but the cost of gas has killed me.
    As I go to the car parked in the road, because my car has no a.c. and I die in the heat. Well someone has stolen my gas. My husband starts to holler to the neighbors, several not nice words. So I drag him inside before someone calls the police. (He's still upset that our lawnmower was stolen.)So I go to the car with no a.c. and it won't start. As I sit there thinking,I hear a crunch out in the road, and look back just in time to see an old pickup truck slicing the side of the car in the road, and then driving away. Now mind you I'm still fine, calm while my husband rages in the house.
    The dryer just stopped working and he's pulling out more tools. My whole house is covered with wrenches on tables, pliers, screwdrivers, new and old car parts so he can fix the a.c. Now I tell him he's getting too old, but he still tries to fix everything. Yep, a big cut on his arm, and no car.
    Hmm. I consider letting him suffer awhile before I break out the bandages. Turns out he bled like a pig, but it wasn't deep.
    Now mind you it's 9:00am in the morning. Our motto is Murphy's Law. And I live by it. I lasted till noon before I got upset. Pretty good I beat my 11:30am record.

  2. Aw, I'm sorry about your morning...taking your furry babies to the Dr. is never fun, let alone anything else that's going on...

  3. Geez,
    And I complain because the neighbors wake me up three in the morning? Or because my BF has yet another eye infection about to render him blind, or that the drivers in Texas are the laziest,meanest most ignorant @%#$% sons of witches and, and and...

    After hearing your tale, all of my 'vents' seem trivial.
    Thanks for making me realize that EVERYONE has issues to deal with on a daily basis. It is just a matter of how we individually handle them.

    You handled everything tres' cool! (hope hubby calmed down) :-)

    Maybe you need to visit (my blog) on Poetry Sunday! Everyone walks away uplifted! (so I'm told)

    You be well and stay SANE, it's the least we can do, eh? :-)


    p.s ((((mary))))
    Dang! 'nuff said!