A Prepublished Novel in the Process of Revisions and Rewrites

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I'm on a roll this week:)

The muse seems to be with me this week. This is a good thing because I am a writer who has to be inspired to write. I have to be in the mood. I cannot in any way, shape, or form write on demand. It just doesn't happen.

I so admire writers who can put themselves on a goal schedule and write daily. That has never worked for me. Believe me I have tried. But that's how it is and I've accepted it. When an idea hits and the muse visits, I drop everything and go with it. And it has certainly paid off this week!

I dusted off a short vampire piece I'd done for a contest back in 2003 which did win and was published in a ezine back then thinking I'd use it for a free read submission as a precursor to my new release coming up in September, The Curse of the Marhime, at The Wild Rose Press. Thought it a good idea to further get my name visible.

After taking a careful look at the story, I thought I'd expand on it a bit and spice it up as well. I did, and I sent it in but it seemed I'd overheated it for the Black Rose line requirements which is the line that bought my novel. Okay, either I toned it down or I submit it to TWRP Scarlet line.


Yep, I decided to submit it to Scarlet. The SE liked it and said she definitely would want it for the line but she wanted me to add at least another thousand words and some more heat. Since I subbed it as a possible free read, I had one question. Did she want it for a free read or a bona fide submission? She stated definitely a regular submission. Okay. I can do that. And I did. Added not a mere one thousand words, but over twenty three hundred words and a lot more heat. I resubmitted the piece and await the editor's thoughts.

Now I'd also dusted off another piece several months ago that I'd written for a contest and actually made second round with it but never got any further. This one I'd thought I would expand on as well but for a regular submission. The story was a very short piece and was one of those contests that you were given a specific line you had to use and write the story around it. It turned into a shape shifter piece when I was done so I thought hey why not give it more middle?

I began to revise the story some time ago but kept dropping it to the side. Just couldn't get the muse going and wasn't getting any good direction. I'd write a little then set it aside, and I'd pick it up once again only to set it aside. Well this has gone on for several weeks. But all of a sudden I'm inspired. I finished the vampire story so now I'm motivated to finish this one. I'd expanded the piece from maybe 1000 words to about 5000 words over the last several weeks but for some reason, today, I had a good flow going. Sat down with the story and added almost 4000 more words and finally finished it!


I typed up a nice little pitch letter with a short synopsis and submitted it as well for consideration at TWRP, Scarlet line. We'll see.

Overall, I am very excited because from nothing came two submittable stories. Do you think maybe I should dust off one of those sequel novels now and honker down?


Might be a good plan.

Wish me luck. Let's see if I can sell these stories now that I have finally finished them.



  1. So they say erotica is the way to go these days. More people are buying it than any other type of romance. Can you beat that. If only I knew more about sex. Ha.

    I am like you, I write when my muse tells me what to say. I have no control over it and can't plan to write. I write when I can. So it can't be a day job.

    I wish I'd kept some of those old writing efforts. I threw them away, it never entered my head till years of doing that. Hey, you can write, is a new one for me. I could kick myself now.

    And you're right it helps if people comment, at least you know that someone read your blog. Have a good one girl!