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Sunday, August 8, 2010

So much going on lately!  You know about me but one of my best friend's just underwent major surgery in which they ended up taking her entire lung.  She'd been diagnosed with a nodule in one of the upper lobes of her lung and best case was just pluck the bad boy out but as with cancer diagnoses nothing ever goes as planned, so she is presently convalescing, and I am along to do whatever necessary.  She is such a motivated individual! I am so impressed with her sense of will and spiritualism.  She does have her moments as would anyone but she is doing great. Not one pain pill! Can you imagine?

Remember all my Three Dog Nights and Doggie sleepovers? Well, that friend and bestest neighbor in the world just left for Colorado yesterday.  She and I became quite close over the years, and I have to tell you it hurt to watch her go.  But such is life. People come and people go and of course all my and Bea's furry friends with her!  But the good news is, it's only temporary.  She left Florida to take care of her mom who is failing.  She will be back when... Well...
you get the point.

Writing, writing, writing...

Oh how I wish I were... But let me tell you, I certainly and collecting lots of fodder to write something!  All the recent events?  Something is bound to take hold and ramble its way onto paper.  I will be visiting some blogs this fall and getting some teasers out there as well.  My holiday(Halloween) is fast coming, and I hope to have something going on for that. Just wanted to let you all know what's happening in Dayana's world:)

As always, thanks for dropping by.



  1. So sorry about your friend's illness, but it sounds as if she is determined. I certainly couldn't do it without those blessed little white pills... or the long ones... or a blue one, heck, I'm not picky when I'm in pain.

  2. My thoughts are with your friend.

  3. You have a good heart, Dayana. My prayers are with you and yours. As for the storyteller in you, well, that kind of talent never leaves. Keep gathering the fodder. You'll have one spectacular story :)

    Stay well! ~ Mickey