A Prepublished Novel in the Process of Revisions and Rewrites

Sunday, August 29, 2010

No... I haven't lost my way:)

I'm here and working behind the scenes.  I am working on breaking out full throttle.  I am working at bringing Dayana back into the limelight.  I will not get lost in oblivion.  Isn't keeping yourself visible the hardest part of writing? Hmm...not sure of that.  Sometimes the entire art of being creative can cripple.  But hey, LIFE happens and talent/motivation sometimes ebbs and flows like the tides. We all must deal with the cards we're dealt, right?  Well, look out 'cause I'm shooting high and I'm going to be lighting up the internet, LOL



  1. You go for it, Dayana! I was just blogging this week about the oh so elusive muse and motivation that seems to come and go at the most unopportune times.

  2. I like your optimism! Creativity ebbs and flows, but it never goes away:)

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