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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Let's Talk Twilight

Writer to writer...

I never really had an interest in the series because I imagined it was geared toward teens, Young Adult which I typically don't read.  I listened to all the hype. I saw all the fuss. I've seen and heard a million reviews from stellar to trashing the author, the books, the editing. But I had no opinion as I had not read any of the books so why would I have an opinion.

I have to very honest here.  I admit I wondered what this author did with her story, how she made her vampires different, what the twist was that shot her to near-overnight success and movie deals! And I will also admit to being a wee bit envious.  Yet I still wasn't compelled to check it out.

Two years later, a co-worker at my day job, actually our office manager who is in her thirties, was totally drawn in and talked about nothing by Edward and Bella with pure AWE.  She was bowled over and living the story.  Mind you, this woman is NOT a reader.  She saw the movie, Twilight and liked it so much, she ran out and purchased the books--the entire series of books. To date she has read the series no less than seven times! 

Now my curiosity peaked and was getting the better of me because I wanted to know how Stephenie was able to draw someone in so deep that they didn't sleep at night because they just couldn't put the book down. She literally came into work happy, smiling and giddy(because of the books) and did I mention totally exhausted.    What is so special about this series that would drawn someone who is not a reader to such total devotion? 

I decided the only way I would find the answer is to take the time to check Ms. Meyer's work out for myself.  So the first thing I did was order the movies, "Twilight" and "New Moon" and I sat and watched both a couple of weekends ago. At first I wasn't so impressed but then something happened. I began to feel for Bella and Edward, and I fell into the story.  Actually swan dived...

The love growing between Edward and Bella was beautifully laid out and  so very tragic--a no win situation.  It just pulled you in so that you wanted the HEA so badly for them. But how can it be? How in the world can these two people so different secure any type of future together. One a mere human and one a monster--a vampire? So there you have it.  You need to keep going in order to see how poor Edward and Bella can make this work.  And it's not as simple as all that. There are so many other factors flying around this story that seem to work for and against the couple.  This author has done her job and done it very well.  Oh, and did I mention, this is not the typical YA.  This series works for any age.  It is such a wonderfully written love story full of sadness, humor, happiness, tragedy, every emotion will be tested and experienced.

Did I mention after I watched the movies, I got my hands on the books as well.  I have completed Twilight and Midnight Sun, which by the way, is a partial manuscript from Edward's POV following Twilight, that Ms. Meyer will sadly never finish because it somehow ended up published on the internet before its completion. Something we writers all fear. You can only read this draft on the website. If you would like more information on this draft please visit Stephenie Meyer's website. I do suggest you read it after your read book I because it gives you Edward's point of view and it will give you so much more insight into how much pain and confusion the brooding Edward is dealing with.

I look forward to New Moon which I will begin to read next weekend. Why you ask would I wait until next weekend to begin the next book?  Well, I read Twilight in five days(I do work a full time job) and Midnight Sun this weekend. Need I say more?  I really need to get some work done *grin*

Next question you may be wondering.  Why am I posting this?  Well, I wanted to give Stephenie Meyer kudos.  She is an exceptional writer of a genre I love, and I hope that someday my work will be accepted and loved as hers is and for good reason. 

If you are skeptical like I was because of what critics or peers are saying about this series, the only advise I have for you is to sit down and read it.  The movies are fine but they are nowhere as deep or well-rounded as the books.  As everyone knows, the books are always better.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and whether you have experienced this series.  BUT and this is a BIG but...Please donot give anything away as I am only just beginning New Moon and do not want to know anything past Twilight or Midnight Sun.  Do not ruin this for me:) My heart thanks you:)

Thank you Stephenie Meyer!



  1. Hi Dayana,

    Welcome aboard. I am a Huge "Twilight" fan! I've read the entire series, "Midnight Sun" included seven times at this point, and have seen the movies about 40 times (total, not each!)!

    As soon as I picked up the first book, I immediately fell in love with Edward. His tortured soul tugs at my heart. There is something about these books and movies that really pull me in. I am counting the days until "Eclipse" premieres in June.

    So glad you've finally "discovered" them. We'll have to chat more when you finish the series!

  2. I'll have to read one and see how I feel...
    Then I will know.

  3. Hi, Debra and Mary. Thanks for dropping by as always. Nice to know someone's listening:)

    Debra, are you sure you're not my workmate? LOL You two seem one and the same:)

    Mary, trust me, you need to check these books out. You're a writer. Aren't you curious as to why this series has become so successful? Call it research!


  4. one2hell
    I watched both movies and wasn't impressed by either. I thought the actors lacked emotion. I've heard both good and bad about the books. I have no real desire to read them. I think it's because it's geared towards teens. I like my steamy romances:)
    Just thought I'd say hi and throw in my 2 cents.
    Good night.