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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Author Spotlight and April Fools with a twist:)

As you all know April 1st is not only the kickoff of my Author Spotlight this year, it is also April Fool's Day, so I thought I would put myself in the hotseat on for this silly holiday. Foolish I know but I am opening myself up to YOUR questions. Send me a question between the dates of March 21 and 27th, and I will answer the things YOU want to know about moi:)

Almost anything is game. Let's have some fun, shall we? Best question will earn you a surprise gift. The jury's still out on what that will be but surprises are always nice, aren't they?
Send your questions to my email addie: gothscribegirl@aol.com and please put "Fool's Questions" in the subject line.  Please DONOT post questions on this blog as comments. They WILL NOT be answered.
Looking forward to receiving your questions, so think up some doosies, LOL

As promised, Jason Barrett and Debra St. John spotlight dates are Jason, April 8th and Debra, April 15th. I will also have Barbara Monajem, April 22nd.  Stay tuned for many more of your favorite authors throughout the spring and summer months.

Now I'm back to my new erotic, working title, Unchain My Mortality.



  1. Let's get her everyone. Does she have the courage to answer the difficult or embarrassing questions!!!

  2. Love the working title of your WIP!

  3. Looking forward to your spotlights, and best of luck with your WIP!

  4. Hello ladies:)

    Mary seems to have a mean streak, LOL I'm ready. Hit me with your best shot.

    Thanks Debra. I felt pretty clever coming up with that title, *grin*

    Hey, Helen. They really are a lot of fun. I'm looking forward as well.

  5. Hey, Dayana. Happy Fool's Day to you. I'm looking forward to the questions and can vouch that the wee Mary Ricksen is a mean one. LOL Congrats on your new book in progress. Great title!