A Prepublished Novel in the Process of Revisions and Rewrites

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Remember that book I told you I'd pulled from the publisher and would be resubmitting to a more romance oriented venue? Namely, Dancing on the Edge? Well, I submitted a query two days ago. Fingers and toes crossed. Wish me luck:)

Donna Sundblad, nonfiction craft and fantasy author, will be dropping by to hang out tomorrow, so please put us on your calendar to check out. Donna will be talking about that thing called scene-setting.

Also, don't forget to sign up for Dayana's "Let Freedom Ring" guestblog celebration next month. It's a perfect way to promo upcoming books, events, and gab about writing in general.

See you tomorrow.



  1. Keep hope in the mail! That's my motto. Keep subbing and re-subbing. Fingers crossed for you, Dayana.

    Oh, and it's nice to see you on-line more often. Looks like that 'Time Managment' blog is working out. grin

  2. Fingers, toes and eyes crossed for you! I thought it was a great book before, did you make a lot of changes? Be well Dayana talk to you after I get back on 7/1

  3. I still can't enter on the calendar. Wonder what I'm doing wrong?
    You're still #1 on Paranormal at TWRP Yeah!! Congratulations.