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Monday, April 20, 2009

A Winner announced and more on imagery and characterization through imagery.

Imagery is a wonderful subject in writing and so much is accomplished when taking one's time to paint a picture through the perfect combination of words. Don't you agree?

I'd like to explore using imagery to further 'show' your character's personalities and individualities. Ways of branding them so the reader knows exactly whose POV we are in without being told 'so and so' said this or constantly naming characters to 'remind' the reader who is doing what.

But before we go too far into this discussion, I'd like to announce the winner of a free .pdf copy of Curse of the Marhime from the April Blog Event, A Tisket, A Tasket, put Romance in your Basket.

And the winner is...


Congratulations, Luanne:)
Please email me at www.gothscribegirl@aol.com for your free copy of Curse of the Marhime at your convenience.

Thank you all for your wonderful comments on the subject of imagery in writing. I hope you will enjoy this next discussion, as well, and I look forward to hearing more of your comments.

Stay tuned. I will continue the above mentioned topic in my next post:)



  1. Beautiful picture, Dayana. I'm not sure if I see a wolf sitting off watching the road, or a maiden in a long white gown walking down the lane... hmmm?

  2. I love imagery.
    The picture looks like the driveway to my small lot in NC!
    Have a good one Dayana.

  3. I definitely feel characters have their own voices--bias and culture/subculture. If the POV characters read the same to me in a story, I lose interest. ;)

    Love the picture. Wish I were there... where there aren't any of those taboo diet foods... Fiddleheads couldn't ruin my diet!

  4. I tried to send you an email, but it bounced back.