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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Hope your Easter Sunday is full of bunnies, colorful eggs, lots of chocolate, and sunshine. This is such a beautiful time of year. Being from the Northeast I loved Springtime when everything was new and fresh. Warm sunshine, the trees laced with brilliant greens of new growth, crocus, forsyntia, cherry blossoms, tulips, and so many beautiful flowers smiling their colorburst faces. The birdsong and all the activity of nesting going on.

I would venture outside and breathe a heady breath of clean fresh air and smile, face turned upward allowing the sun to caress winter-pale skin. How great is that?

Now, LOL, I have spring/summer all year round except on occasion when a strong front ventures all the way south. I'm spoiled but nothing ever could take the place of the great Northeast and the change of seasons deep within my heart.

I truly miss it, but I opt to stay in my tropical paradise to avoid the long hard winters, even though, those too hold a certain beauty of their own. And Christmas is quite weird down here in Florida. Down here over twenty years and still yearn for the traditional white Christmas. Though, I have to say putting up the outdoor decorations is a lot more comfortable down here:)

Well, just wanted to drop in and wish you all a wonderful holiday weekend and remind you to keep your eyes open for the April Blog event which I am hosting on April 16th. If you haven't already been actively following the event, please scroll down to, I believe, my post on March 30th for all pertinant information and for bunnie's sake get caught up! Lots of wonderful prizes to be had.



  1. I miss spring and the other change of seasons. And for me the long winters would be hard to take too.
    But maybe I'll eventually live somewhere in the middle and still have both my seasons and no five months of winter.
    Happy Easter Dayana and don't forget, pinkies up!

  2. Easter was a bit blustery here in NJ. Cool winds whipping everything in sight, but at least the sun came out and the birds are singing up a storm. Warm sun/warm air would feel good right about now!
    Happy Spring, Dayana.

  3. LOL... Spring in So. California sounds like Florida. We have two seasons here - Fire and No Fire season.
    ohhh wait, we also have Rattlesnake and no rattlesnake season. Does that make four seasons? Hmmm... don't think so. Enjoy the flowers, Dayana.